Opinion – Leave the Chains Unbroken

by Larry Floersch As part of immigration reform, there’s a push to ban “chain migration.” According to the Washington Post, Trump has said ending “horrible chain migration” will be a condition of any deal that may protect those facing deportation after the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program expires. According to the White House, […]

Opinion – The Tiny State with a Big Heart

by Mary Alice Proffitt Every day when I wake up and look out my window, I feel grateful that I live in Vermont. Not only do I love the landscape here, the rural way of life, and the old-fashioned, common sense values, I truly feel inspired by the kindness of the people I meet out […]

Opinion – Restore Cooperative Principles at Hunger Mountain

by Billy Donovan A recent article in The Bridge about the Hunger Mountain Co-op connected the challenges of being a modern co-op, with member criticism of the co-op’s leadership over the past few years. The extent and severity of the problems are complex and difficult to succinctly convey, but this overview of the basics is […]

Opinion – On Healing

by Dr. Brian Ricca, Montpelier Superintendent of Schools It was a tremendously difficult week in Montpelier Public Schools. A life was lost on the campus of Montpelier High School. Nate Giffin was a student in our school system and his mother and father are established members of the Montpelier and greater Vermont community. Many in […]

Opinion – Super Risky Bowl

by Walt Amses While the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have been practicing for a game that may very well eventually kill them, millions of Americans have been preparing to consume enough calories, cholesterol, sodium, and alcohol to contribute to their own untimely deaths as well. Fair is fair after all, and it’s heartening […]

OPINION – Psychiatrists and Their Guild Seek to Block Access to Mental Health

by Dr. Rick Barnett “Psychiatrists in Windsor County are like unicorns, they only exist in our imagination!” proclaimed a mental health provider in that region. The number of psychiatrists is declining across the country, making recruitment of new psychiatrists to Vermont both difficult and expensive. Why then, does the Vermont Psychiatric Association, in partnership with […]

Opinion	 Montpelier Meets Senegal

Opinion Montpelier Meets Senegal

by Adam Blachly When we first drove into the village of Temento Samba, in southern Senegal, in our two cramped station wagons, a parade of kids ran behind us as we were jostled around on the rutted, dusty, one-laned road. The village was picturesque: round-thatched huts, farm animals roaming everywhere, cook-fires outside, and all around, […]

OPINION: We Must Unite Against Abuse

by Lt. Governor David Zuckerman Public revelations of sexual assault and misconduct against women and children, such as those making headlines over the past few months, are deeply disturbing. How can anyone think such actions are okay? My hope is that we are leaving behind a time of impunity for abusers, who believed their actions […]

OPINION: Hearts of Darkness

by David F. Kelley Trapping season started in Vermont this past Saturday (October 27). It runs through March 31, 2018. Most Vermonters don’t pay much attention to trapping season unless their dog or cat is one of the non-targeted animals that gets injured or killed by a leghold trap.  But those of us who live […]

OPINION: Repeal Vermont’s Certificate of Need Law

by Rob Roper Kevin Mullin, chairman of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB), appeared on the WDEV radio program “Open Mike” (10/11/17) to discuss Certificate of Need (CON) laws in the wake of a controversy regarding Copley Hospital and their highly successful orthopedic surgery center. Copley is, apparently, generating too much revenue as the result […]