OPINION: To Mayor John Hollar and the City Council Member

by Joe Castellano, Montpelier I’m writing this letter to both you and the city councilors to express my dismay after attending last Wednesday night’s (July 12) lengthy city council meeting. Over the past several city council meetings, it seems like the clearest and strongest arguments have been advanced by a number of Montpelier residents, including […]

OPINION: Quibble With ‘Con With The Wind’

by Andy Leader, North Middlesex I won’t argue pro or con with David Kelley’s opinion piece, “Con With The Wind” (June 15), but I do have some quibbles. First, his comment that Vermont was “blessed to be bypassed by the industrial revolution” is only partly true. In fact, Windsor County and other Vermont manufacturing centers were, […]

OPINION: Opening the Doors of Government: Vermont Needs an Ombudsman

by Jim Condos, Vermont’s Secretary of State I take my role in state government seriously. I am honored to have been elected by Vermonters to serve as Secretary of State. Since taking office in 2011, I have worked hard to improve how our government serves the public by increasing transparency, efficiency and productivity. I value […]

OPINION: 12 Facts You Need to Know Before You Vote on the Proposed Montpelier-Roxbury School Merger

by Tim Sinnott, resident of Montpelier I am a Montpelier resident, the parent of two small children headed for the Montpelier Public Schools, and an unwavering believer in the power and importance of high quality education for the future success of our young people, our communities, and our state.  I also believe economics must play […]

OPINION: Vote “yes” on Article 3

by The Montpelier Development Corporation Vote “yes” on Article 3 at Montpelier’s special town meeting on June 20. Article 3 relates to Montpelier’s tax stabilization policy. A “yes” vote on Article 3 will make that policy a more effective means for encouraging economic development and job creation within the city. Tax stabilization is a “smart […]

OPINION: Con With The Wind

by David Kelley, Greensboro The big industrial wind developers who are ripping up mountain ridge lines in Vermont’s national forest remind me of the U.S. Army officer who, after we had bombed the Vietnamese town of Ben Tre into oblivion, told Associated Press correspondent Peter Arnett that the U.S. “had to destroy the village in […]

OPINION: Let’s Let The Dog’s Out!

by Marilyn Mode, Danis Regal, Robert Kest, John Akielaszek, Friends of the Dogs of Hubbard Park Once again the issue of dogs in Hubbard Park has become a prickly topic of discussion in our community. Unfortunately, as in the past, the discussion is laced with incivility, punctuated by hateful letters threatening violence against dogs. Alas, […]

OPINION: Student Voices

Montpelier High School Social Studies Teacher Heather McLane assigned her students to write paragraphs sharing their opinion about an issue that they have studied, support their opinion with a bit of evidence and include a call to action. Below is one of the results. by Max Griefen Animals I believe that dogs should be able to […]

OPINION: Should School Boards or Government Control Teachers’ Health Care?

by Rep. Mary Hooper Late on the night of May 18, the Legislature passed an extraordinary budget. It made historic investments in housing for working Vermonters. It made significant investments to help Vermonters suffering in emergency rooms from lack of mental health care, for Vermonters who want to work but can’t afford child care, for […]

OPINION: Sisterhood Lives

by Judith Hinds In 2015, the Green Mountain Film Festival screened a documentary called “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” about the birth and growing pains of the modern women’s movement in the late sixties and early seventies. It released a flood of memories. During the ‘60s, I made my way through high school and college […]