Opinion – Super Risky Bowl

by Walt Amses While the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have been practicing for a game that may very well eventually kill them, millions of Americans have been preparing to consume enough calories, cholesterol, sodium, and alcohol to contribute to their own untimely deaths as well. Fair is fair after all, and it’s heartening […]

OPINION – Psychiatrists and Their Guild Seek to Block Access to Mental Health

by Dr. Rick Barnett “Psychiatrists in Windsor County are like unicorns, they only exist in our imagination!” proclaimed a mental health provider in that region. The number of psychiatrists is declining across the country, making recruitment of new psychiatrists to Vermont both difficult and expensive. Why then, does the Vermont Psychiatric Association, in partnership with […]

Opinion	 Montpelier Meets Senegal

Opinion Montpelier Meets Senegal

by Adam Blachly When we first drove into the village of Temento Samba, in southern Senegal, in our two cramped station wagons, a parade of kids ran behind us as we were jostled around on the rutted, dusty, one-laned road. The village was picturesque: round-thatched huts, farm animals roaming everywhere, cook-fires outside, and all around, […]

OPINION: We Must Unite Against Abuse

by Lt. Governor David Zuckerman Public revelations of sexual assault and misconduct against women and children, such as those making headlines over the past few months, are deeply disturbing. How can anyone think such actions are okay? My hope is that we are leaving behind a time of impunity for abusers, who believed their actions […]

OPINION: Hearts of Darkness

by David F. Kelley Trapping season started in Vermont this past Saturday (October 27). It runs through March 31, 2018. Most Vermonters don’t pay much attention to trapping season unless their dog or cat is one of the non-targeted animals that gets injured or killed by a leghold trap.  But those of us who live […]

OPINION: Repeal Vermont’s Certificate of Need Law

by Rob Roper Kevin Mullin, chairman of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB), appeared on the WDEV radio program “Open Mike” (10/11/17) to discuss Certificate of Need (CON) laws in the wake of a controversy regarding Copley Hospital and their highly successful orthopedic surgery center. Copley is, apparently, generating too much revenue as the result […]

OPINION: Support a Carbon Pollution Tax in Vermont

by William C. Thwing My name is Bill Thwing, I live in Bennington, where I am a member of Bennington Climate Advocates, which is a node of 350.org.  I am also a member of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. We want to thank Governor Scott and the members of the Climate Action Commission for having come […]

OPINION: Shooting Down From Very High Places

by Jules Rabin The shock of the Las Vegas shootings has dominated our attention for days. Anonymous terror from out of the sky, resulting in 58 deaths and an additional 489 wounded. How — HOW? — could such a thing occur?  What under heaven could have motivated the perpetrator, the man with the fanatical passion […]

OPINION: Questions About Jump-and-Splash RFP

by Richard Sheir Last week the Montpelier City Council voted to spend $30,000 to study the feasibility of constructing a clone of Claremont, New Hampshire’s Claremont Savings Bank Community Center. The Council should have saved the $30,000 and instead judge whether constructing a $10 million dollar public health club in a town of 7,500 is […]

OPINION: Don’t Blame Local School Boards for Health Insurance Increases

by Martha Allen Facts matter. As a 30-year school teacher, I could spot a mile away the students who didn’t do their homework despite the availability of resources they could have used to prove their points. Sadly, I can now spot politicians and others who obviously didn’t do their homework when they assert that proposed […]