A Year With No Garden

A Year With No Garden

by Mimi Clark Gardens are what transform houses into homes. Homes have gardens. Gardens announce the presence of a homemaker. Homemaking is the art of creating an escape from the complexities, the chaos, and the noise of the rest of the world, a lost art form that traditionally has been reserved for women. The Betty […]

Green Bag and Pointed Stick

by Jules Rabin Besides the mighty changes going on in the country now that keep some of us tuned in as never before to the daily news, I can testify to a small change on our road in Marshfield. Yesterday, my wife and I went out on our quiet, unpaved road in observance of Green […]

A Step Forward for Food Recovery and Security  for Our Region

A Step Forward for Food Recovery and Security for Our Region

by Allison Levin Did you know that every season about one million pounds of food is grown on farms in Washington County that never gets to our kitchens and dining room tables? Despite the fact that the need for that food has never been greater, food insecurity continues to be a major issue for too […]

Hunger Mountain Co-op Council to Host Annual Dinner and Discussion

by Scott Hess    Sometime this month, Hunger Mountain Co-op will welcome its 9,000th member-owner. Given there are less than 60,000 people in Washington County (where most of our customers live), this is a significant portion of the local population who are owners of our natural and local foods cooperative. This milestone is a great […]

by Glen Coburn Hutcheson My best ideas come from conversations over food. That may be because most of my meal conversation is with my partner Kate Stephenson, who’s smart and generous with her thoughts. But I choose to believe that talking while eating always leads to better ideas no matter who I’m with, because like […]

A Spring Memory

by Walt Amses  Were the vernal equinox afflicted with a human frailty, it would likely have multiple personality disorder, particularly in Central Vermont, where spring is inhabited by psychotic swings of personality—a series of ripping nor’easters or summer-like warmth and sunshine, depending on the year or the week. Our oxymoronic fall-back position goes something like […]

Recollections of a Dairy Farm Wife

by Mimi Clark Fifty years ago, my father was a career soldier in the US Army, and when he left for Vietnam, we moved to Vermont. Back then there were more cows than people living in the Fourteenth Star, and most of those cows were black and white. Green is the midpoint on the light […]

Cultivating Gardens, Family, and Community in Montpelier

by Melisa Oliva I was born in El Salvador, Central America. After I started to travel, I learned that I could not go back to live in El Salvador and adapt myself again to the social paranoia, which one has to normalize when you live amidst violence, extreme poverty, and a macho culture that can […]

North Branch Nature Center Expands Programs

by Sean Beckett The warm spring winds mark the return of eastern bluebirds, the emergence of spring wildflowers, and exciting new growth at the North Branch Nature Center. Since the unveiling of our new community room in October, the Nature Center has already become a regional hub for dozens of partner organizations and a place […]

OPINION: PoemCity 2018: Celebrating Aprill, Shoures Soute, and Poetry

by Tom McKone One summer afternoon a few years ago, while I was standing in line at the creemee stand, I heard from behind me: “Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soute/ the droghte of March hath perced to the roote…” It was a former student of mine who greeted me by reciting the opening […]