OPINION: Equifax Security Breach

by Peggy Munro You may be aware that Equifax, one of the three major credit monitoring companies, publicly announced on September 7 that there was a cybersecurity breach of their data effecting approximately 143 million U.S. consumers dating back to May (2017). This breach was discovered by them late in July. Among the information accessed by […]

OPINION: Carbon Pollution Solution

by Tom Hughes of Energy Independent Vermont This year Governor Phil Scott took another step towards real climate action. He signed an executive order creating a Vermont Climate Action Commission and reaffirmed the climate and clean energy goals in the 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan. In this era of federal backsliding, Scott has sided with the […]

OPINION: The Season To Use Reason: How the Grinch Steals Christmas

by Gerard Renfro, Montpelier “I want to borrow 20. You gave 15. You owe me five.”— Abbott and Costello routine As Montpelier enters another season of consumer gluttony, I would like to review a few ways the town cheats itself when it fails to recognize its economic problems. There is the old issue of inadequate […]

OPINION: Carve Sabin’s Pasture Into More Zoning Districts

by Joe Castellano, Montpelier I would like to weigh in on my thoughts regarding Sabin’s Pasture. I agree with a number of people who I have been in touch with that Sabin’s should be divided into two, if not more, different zoning districts. Realizing that zoning is just one tool in the city’s arsenal to encourage […]

OPINION: The Civil War Isn’t Over. It Isn’t Even Civil.

by  Roberta Harold “…history is literally present in all that we do.” 1 —James Baldwin   What African-Americans have known forever is now becoming crystal-clear to the rest of us: a lot of people, and their descendants, never really got over the loss of their slaves. Or at least of the benefits and privileges that […]

OPINION: A Need for New Thinking

by Wavell Cowan The daily headlines are telling us something that we ignore at our peril. From the Big Bang onward, evolution has proceeded in a scientifically understandable manner to create and populate at least one planet in one solar system in an immense universe of such systems, with us — a unique species, homo sapiens. […]

OPINION: Remembering Howard Frank Mosher — On Tour

OPINION: Remembering Howard Frank Mosher — On Tour

by Jay Craven Vermont novelist Howard Frank Mosher died on January 29 this year. As a filmmaker,  I worked closely with the Northeast Kingdom writer since 1985, making five films based on his stories. I will be on tour this summer, presenting reflections on my  28-year collaboration with Mosher and a screening my first Mosher feature […]

OPINION: Giving Thanks For Nazi Protest

by  Jules Rabin, Plainfield Herewith a letter of thanks to my friend and neighbor, Joseph Gainza, for helping to organize a prompt response in Montpelier to the Nazi violence of the day before in Charlottesville, Virginia. The protest took place on the State House steps and lawn, beauty all around, in the late Sunday afternoon […]

OPINION: Curbing Distracted Driving is a Year-long Effort

by Patricia Jacobs, president, AT&T New England As we approach the busy summer travel months, it’s important to remember that our efforts to make our roads and highways safer must continue. AT&T launched its “It Can Wait” distracted driving campaign back in 2010. Since then, they’ve had the opportunity to host dozens of school assemblies […]

OPINION: Marijuana Not Safe

by Martha Hafner, Randolph Center Are Vermonters a breed worth fighting for? Should we simply stand by and watch as marijuana and other addictive drugs steal the hearts and minds of our people, especially our young? Should we allow legislators to legalize marijuana and add to the already slippery slopes of drug addiction issues we […]