Cultivating Gardens, Family, and Community in Montpelier

by Melisa Oliva I was born in El Salvador, Central America. After I started to travel, I learned that I could not go back to live in El Salvador and adapt myself again to the social paranoia, which one has to normalize when you live amidst violence, extreme poverty, and a macho culture that can […]

North Branch Nature Center Expands Programs

by Sean Beckett The warm spring winds mark the return of eastern bluebirds, the emergence of spring wildflowers, and exciting new growth at the North Branch Nature Center. Since the unveiling of our new community room in October, the Nature Center has already become a regional hub for dozens of partner organizations and a place […]

OPINION: PoemCity 2018: Celebrating Aprill, Shoures Soute, and Poetry

by Tom McKone One summer afternoon a few years ago, while I was standing in line at the creemee stand, I heard from behind me: “Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soute/ the droghte of March hath perced to the roote…” It was a former student of mine who greeted me by reciting the opening […]

OPINION: These Kids Today

by Brian Ricca These kids today are continuing to impress and inspire me more and more. This week my fifth grade son came home on Tuesday and shared that he volunteered to be a part of a conversation at his school about safety issues. I was awed. I remember fifth grade at Pennington-Grimes Elementary School […]

OPINION: Are Film Festivals Still Relevant in an On-Demand World?

by Karen Dillon, executive director of the Green Mountain Film Festival As the new Executive Director of the Green Mountain Film Festival (GMFF) I am often asked, “Why do we need a film festival in Montpelier?” I am willing to earnestly contemplate this question and argue against the implication of irrelevance, because I believe Central […]

OPINION: In the Name of “Recreation”

by David Kelley A recent poll conducted by the Center for Rural Studies in Vermont revealed that 75 percent of Vermonters oppose leghold and body-gripping traps. The good sense of Vermonters is that we should make these traps illegal. If not statewide, they should at least be illegal on the public lands that are owned […]

OPINION: Hunger Mountain Coop Reaches New Milestone

by Kari Bradley Last month our cooperative reached a new milestone: we now have over 8,800 member-owners, 8,801 to be exact, continuing a pace of nearly doubling our membership over the past decade. That means we are serving one out of every seven people in Washington County. Together we own and successfully operate a modern, […]

OPINION: Greetings from the New Executive Director of Montpelier Alive

by Dan Groberg Dear Neighbors, Growing up in suburban Connecticut, a dinner out meant piling into the car for a drive. The same was true for a trip to the grocery store, while clothes shopping meant an even longer drive to the nearest shopping mall. Montpelier is certainly a refreshing change of pace. Having now […]

OPINION: Support the School Budget and Bond

by Jim Murphy – member of Montpelier-Roxbury School Board We urge you to vote for the school budget and bond on Town Meeting Day.  Both are critical to providing an excellent and equitable education for our district’s growing student population. Strong public schools, which have needed upgrades to buildings and public spaces, benefit our city […]

Opinion – Higher Education: A Necessity Not a Privilege

by Joyce Judy, President of (CCV) the Community College of Vermont In this time of heightened dialogue about the future of higher education in Vermont, I am compelled to reflect on the narratives that inform and affect our students and their families. I am reminded that our responsibility to Vermont’s students is a collective one, […]