OPINION: The Walking City

by Michael Badamo, Montpelier In 1910 Montpelier actually was a walking city, a description today’s planners and developers claim as a goal. In 1910 horses still plodded down State Street, while a few automobiles edged slowly through pedestrians who walked freely just about everywhere. A small trolley loop ran around town. But mostly people walked […]

OPINION: Make Montpelier A Coherent, Uncluttered Community

by Brenda Thow, Montpelier The last issue’s opinion piece on “Place Making” by Ward Joyce was very informative. It has given me the opportunity to express ideas I’ve had for a long time about Montpelier. Ward relates how Montpelier wants to test ways to “make Montpelier a better city to live in, make it more […]

OPINION: Student Voices

Montpelier High School Social Studies Teacher Heather McLane assigned her students to write paragraphs sharing their opinion about an issue that they have studied, support their opinion with a bit of evidence and include a call to action. Below are some of the results. ON CLIMATE CHANGE: by Grace Valentine Our climate is suffering. Oceans […]

OPINION: Three Menus and a Maybe: Comparing Film Festival Documentaries

by Gerard Renfro There are two laws that must be obeyed: that of nature and that of human dignity — Vandana Shiva (paraphrased). As always the Green Mountian Film Festival  had some great documentaries. Three that I watched were “Seeds: The Untold Story,” “Tomorrow,” and “Food Evolution.” “Seeds: The Untold Story” and “Tomorrow” discussed a […]

OPINION: It’s Time for ‘Green Burials’ in Vermont

by Claudia Ines Pringles, attorney, Montpelier Did you know that Tony Soprano has a better chance at a green burial than we do here in Vermont? It’s time for Vermont to catch up to New Jersey on the issue of environmentally conscience burials, and, as has been evident with recent legislation, Vermont proponents of eco-friendly […]

OPINION: Conserve Upper Sabin’s Pasture

by Carolyn Grodinsky, member of the Parks Commission and former member of the Planning Commission. Leigh Seddon, former chairman of the Parks Commission. Montpelier City Council is reviewing and taking public comments about the zoning updates. The first hearing will be on April 12. While there are many changes, the concern we would like to […]

OPINION: Release Tax Returns: For God and Country … and Clarity’s Sake

by Steve May, Richmond Bob Dole, Mitt Romney, George H. W. Bush, hell … even Nixon and Goldwater did it. They all released a financial disclosure of one kind or another when they ran for President. That’s not to say that all of the disclosures were the same, because frankly — they weren’t. But that’s […]

OPINION: Streams of Justice

OPINION: Streams of Justice

by Margaret Blanchard Like folks flowing from every direction into Montpelier for the Women’s March, a web of visionary/moral/environmental/educational strands is manifesting in Central Vermont around issues of housing, jobs, energy. If cultivated, this weave holds potential for Washington County, at the heart of our state, to become a hub of innovation, a national model […]

OPINION: Zoning on Steroids

by Joe Castellano, Montpelier The planning commission has been working on adopting a new zoning proposal that will affect every neighborhood in Montpelier. While we understand that this has been a lengthy process that has taken quite a few years, we feel that the result is extreme and far too drastic. On March 22, city […]

OPINION: Extend the Right to a Free Press to Student Journalists

by Robbie Maher, St. Albans The rights of a free press are questioned daily in tweets and from the podium in the White House briefing room. Concern about First Amendment rights is nothing new inside the halls of public high schools. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that various constitutional rights give way […]