OPINION: Where the Flowers Bloom

by Susan D. Auld My garden on Wood Road in Shady Rill in Middlesex, the Vermont State House and the flowers lining the granite walkway of Christ Church Memorial Garden all serve as favorite places of greens and vibrant flowers. My legislative friend, Lixi Fortna of Warren, grew lush clematis vines on her trellis. Each […]

OPINION: Many Face of War

by J. M. Turner First and foremost, I offer my greatest condolences to the family members of those who were a part of the tragedy at Fort Hood this past week, including Ivan Lopez. As a two-time veteran of the Iraq War in 2005 and 2006, as an infantryman with the marines, as being a […]


by Marge Garfield For many years, all I read in The Bridge were articles about the terrible lack of parking in downtown Montpelier. This problem has never been solved. And yet, the town “fathers” are now somehow fixated on whether there should be a hotel in the new transportation complex planned for the Carr lot, […]

OPINION: The Coming of Green

by Daniel A. Neary Jr. Between the whites of the melting snows and the whites of blooming apple blossoms, the green comes to Vermont. Usually in late April and early May, it rolls northward and upward, saturating the fields, bushes and trees with verdure. Naturalist Edwin Way Teale says spring creeps northward at the average […]

OPINION: What now for Montpelier’s Schools?

by Ben Huffman Was this year’s voter rejection of Montpelier’s school budget a fluke? Baby boomers – that outsized cohort born from 1946 through 1964 – have continually reshaped American society. They moved to Vermont in large numbers during the 1960′s and early ’70′s.  This influx plus Vermont’s home grown boomers brought about the creation […]

OPINION: GMO Labels Needed for Informed Food Choice

by Kari Bradley, General Manager, Hunger Mountain Coop As the general manager of a natural foods cooperative with more than 7,000 owners, I express my support for H.112, the GMO labeling legislation currently under consideration in the Senate. Our customers have always taken food seriously, wanting to know the full story behind the products they […]

OPINION: Invest in Education, Citizens and our Community

by Nathan Suter Everyone who lives in Montpelier cares about the future of our special city. One of the most important investments we can make together is in our public schools. A strong public education system is the very foundation of civil society and determines everything from learning opportunities for our children and how they […]

OPINION: The Local Joke? Hunger Games in a Neighborly Economy

by Gerard Renfro “You live in a world of illusion where everything’s peaches and cream” – Steve Miller What we consider “local” is actually a tangle of competitive politics and personal indulgence. For this year’s April Fools’ joke, I submit the following because it represents one crazy view on this tangle of interrelated issues that make […]

OPINION: Knowledge Is Power: Providing Access to Knowledge Is Essential in Fighting Poverty

by Morgan W. Brown Several years ago I advocated that courses in the humanities be offered and taught to those within Vermont who might have otherwise gone without the opportunities and benefits of these. For example: people living in poverty; people living homeless; persons incarcerated in jails, prisons or other institutions; and people living in […]

OPINION: 21st Century Education: “It Still Takes a Village”

by Luke Foley, 2014 Vermont Teacher of the Year How often in your educational experience did you wonder, “When am I ever going to use this?” As an educator, this is the dreaded question. It questions the relevance of what we do, challenging us to identify how our teaching is preparing our students for their […]