OPINION: In Defense of Parents Who Vaccinate Their Children

by Ashley Shelby In an opinion published in The Bridge’s March 5 edition, anti-vaccine activist and homeopath Charlotte Gilruth makes false and defamatory accusations about the parent-led vaccine organization Voices for Vaccines, for which I volunteer as co-director. The other director, Karen Ernst, is a military wife and mother of three. Neither she nor I […]

OPINION: Cool The Arctic, Save The World

by Cody Michaels So it’s official:  The National Academy of Sciences recently announced that we are in fact in a climate crisis of our own making due to our failure to get off fossil fuels when we should have done that back in the 1970s and ’80s. The academy is now calling for dramatic reductions […]

OPINION: Dancing and Singing is Fun and Healthy

by Constancia Gomez I have been lucky enough to dance and sing with many kids around the state since I stopped teaching Spanish full time in a school. I really think that kids learn best when they are happy, and singing is a great tool for teaching. I have been singing Spanish songs with kids, with […]

OPINION: Being Spanish In Vermont

by Constancia Gomez WARREN — I am so lucky that I live in Vermont. I love my family; I love my diverse group of friends and  I love Vermont, but I also love Argentina and my life there. When I think about my childhood and all the possibilities that I have in Buenos Aires, growing […]

OPINION: Save Vermont’s “Blue Gold”

by Dot Helling It is time for Vermonters to take charge and prioritize the security of our drinking water. Clean, safe drinking water sources are threatened; some are already contaminated. Contamination comes most notably from agricultural runoff, but it also comes from recreational uses. Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, D-Montpelier, has said, “Vermont stands alone in its […]

OPINION: Reality Bites (the Dust)

by Walt Amses The snow is so deep and powdery that it has a flow,  like wading through three feet of water without resistance as my snowshoes seem to glide — like walking on a cloud.  By any measure, it’s bitterly cold but it doesn’t seem to matter this day.  Abundant sunshine and no wind […]

OPINION: Protecting Our Drinking Water

by Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, D-Montpelier Beginning with the governor’s state of the state message, much attention has been paid to the issue of clean water. That’s a good thing, because the governor has admitted that we are  losing the fight for clean water. Of course, much of the attention has been focused on the  “crown […]

OPINION: Return of the Vaccine Juggernaut

by Charlotte Gilruth “Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship.” —Noam Chomsky Early in 2012, the Department of Health falsely claimed a dangerous decline in Vermont’s vaccination rates. Media buzzed with the manufactured crisis, inciting fear of imminent epidemics in the minds of legislators and the public. Bills were introduced in the legislature […]

OPINION: U-32 Budget Up Slightly, Staff Reductions Planned

by Kari Bradley, vice-chair of the board The challenge of operating schools these days is encapsulated in the budgeting process. In these times of declining enrollment, rising property taxes and an ever-expanding list of expectations for our schools, achieving the proper balance between our educational responsibility to our students and our fiscal responsibility to our […]

OPINION: Why We Should Fix the Medicaid Cost Shift

by Gov. Peter Shumlin It wouldn’t make much sense if you were charged $1.40 for a cup of coffee only to find the person in line behind you was charged 60 cents for the same order. Yet that’s how medical services are paid for in Vermont and around the country. It’s not only nonsensical; it’s […]