OPINION: A Call For Civil Discourse in Education

by Nicole Mace, executive director, Vermont School Boards Association As leaders in education, it is our obligation to model civil discourse. When faced with conflict or opposing priorities, do we want future generations to approach a situation with humility and a commitment to understanding, or do we want them to draw a line in the […]

OPINION: Trump Dumping and Liberal Amnesia

by Gerard Renfro, Montpelier “You deserve the king you get” — Thomas Jefferson As much as I dislike Trump as a public official, I cannot agree with the rash of hysteria and doomsday prophecies such as those printed in the Jan. 5 Bridge. Has no one noticed that this hysteria is exactly what happened with […]

OPINION: The Rising Costs of Climate Denial

by Michael Cody, Hardwick When it comes to the increasingly pressing environmental issue of global warming/climate change, the short-sighted, deceitful, tactics of the fossil fuel industry and their institutional puppets are hardly surprising. But the continued refusal to understand and accept what far too many experts now recognize as a very grave, and immediate, threat […]

OPINION: Montpelier’s Experiment in Land Use Regulation

by Paul Gillies Hearing, Montpelier Planning Commission Final Draft, Bylaws Monday, 5:30 to 7 p.m. City Council Chambers Next Monday night, January 5, the Montpelier Planning Commission holds its first hearing on its final draft of the bylaws. They are available at the city website, and invite thoughts about what has been proposed. Respect the […]

OPINION: New Year’s Predictions

by Morgan Brown, Montpelier In 2017 and beyond, after he is officially sworn into office, the following is predicted to occur under President Donald Trump’s administration: President Trump’s Treasury Secretary will replace existing United States currency of all denominations, both coin and paper bills, with ones bearing the image as well as the name of […]

OPINION: Imagining Donald Trump

by Jules Rabin, Plainfield Last Friday, President Barack Obama held an urgent press conference to address evidence of Russian “Tampering-by-Internet” with our country’s recent election. Listening to Obama’s responses to reporters, I was struck by the consecutiveness and thoughtfulness of his replies. You could sense him thinking on his feet … thinking twice, perhaps, to […]

Speaking Out On Morality Of Politics In Montpelier

by John Odum, Montpelier City Clerk It’s been a while since I’ve written for The Bridge. In fact, the last time I did was nearly five years ago when I served as News Editor. When Carla asked me to write something about the concerns I expressed in the December 14 issue of the Times Argus […]

OPINION: The Other Day at State And Main

by Jules Rabin What have any of us got to do with the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, who have been struggling for months, in all kinds of weather, to protect the source of their drinking water from the oil pipeline burrowing its way across their ancestral lands, where it […]

OPINION: On and Off the Floor

by Roger Cranse In June, 1963, I landed a job working the 4:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. shift at National Can Corporation in Edison, New Jersey. The factory was enormous. When all the beer and soda lines were working the sound on the floor was deafening. You had to shout in a person’s ear to […]

OPINION: Wind Turbines Won’t Cure Climate Change

by Suzanne Seymour, Fairfield Listening to the drone of a plane flying overhead as I begin renovations on my cabin on Fairfield Pond, I’m struck by just how quiet it is here. Usually, just the sound of the loons, waves lapping on the rocks and children laughing are the things that stand out here on […]