Class Sizes at Montpelier High School

by Ben Huffman Many classes at Montpelier High School are smaller than the school’s own class size policy guidelines. The school offers classes in a broad range of subjects. But declining student numbers have made compliance with the school’s class size policy impossible in many of these classes. And since teachers and other staff are […]

OPINION: Vermont Human Rights Council Calls for an Equitable Budget

Organizations affiliated with the Vermont Human Rights Council, a coalition of disability rights, climate justice, and workers’ rights organizations, released the following statement in response to Governor Shumlin’s budget address: “The purpose of our state budget is to address the fundamental needs of all residents, and to advance dignity and equity. These are common-sense goals […]

OPINION: Racial Tension is Not Disappearing Into the Past

by Baron Wormser In late 2013 my novel about race in Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1962-63 was published. I worked on “Teach Us That Peace” for five years. I wrote the book for a fairly simple reason: If you grow up somewhere in this country where race is an active, day-to-day issue and you are a […]

OPINION: Fairpoint Fails: No Phone at Home for Weeks

by Mason Singer I lost FairPoint Communications administered phone service on Dec. 16 and have had no phone at my home since then — more than three weeks and counting. It appears that I am far from alone and that a significant but unknown number of others have the same trouble. Calling FairPoint’s repair line elicits […]

OPINION: Vermonters Need Universal Health Care

by Peter Sterling The governor shocked the political world by announcing his administration is no longer supporting a tax package to publicly finance health care. The plan had been to eliminate insurance companies and the roughly $3 billion we Vermonters pay them each year in the form of deductibles, premiums, co-pays, and the like with […]

OPINION: Proposed Dog License Fees Too High

by Cindra Conison, owner of The Quirky Pet Montpelier’s (dog license) fees are on the high end of fees in New England but also higher than other major cities. Chicago, IL $5.00 Boston, MA $6.00 New York City, NY $8.50 Montpelier Present $10.00 San Diego, CA $15.00 Phoenix, AZ $16.00 MONTPELIER PROPOSED $22.00 Dog tagging […]

OPINION: Learn from the Past: Many Cases When Governor’s Race Had No Majority Lieutenant Governor Silas Jenison Named Acting Governor

by Sen. Bill Doyle From the 1830s until the Civil War, there was a high degree of political instability in Vermont. There were many cases during this period when no candidate for governor was able to gain a statewide majority and the decision fell to the legislature. The ultimate of political instability was reached in […]

OPINION: Second Place Doesn’t Make You Governor

Candidate Scott Milne, who finished a close second to Peter Shumlin in the 2014 Vermont gubernatorial race, announced today (Dec. 8)  that he will ask state legislators to elect him when they take office in January. Milne finished with 45.1 percent of the vote, compared with Shumlin’s 46.4 percent. Vermont’s Constitution requires legislators to choose […]

OPINION: Group Condemns Cost-Shift to Workers and Patients

The Health Care is a Human Right Campaign released the following statement today in response to recent information concerning Gov. Peter Shumlin’s proposal to finance Green Mountain Care: “The Health Care is a Human Right Campaign urges the Governor to refrain from financing health care reform through a massive cost-shift to workers and patients. Vermont […]

OPINION: What Happened to Peter Shumlin in the Governor’s Race

by David Kelley Columnists, historians and sociologists lead easy lives. They are beachcombers who dally in the shallows. They never venture very far from land, but they get to sit in judgment of those who do. Politicians are a different breed. In Marge Piercy’s words, “They strain in the mud and the muck to move […]