OPINION: How I Survived My Colonoscopy

By C.B. Hall- Two Decembers ago, before the advent of Obamacare, I purchased a health insurance-policy from a company called Assurant. The firm’s flurry of “welcoming” materials gave two different dates for the commencement of my coverage. I called the toll-free number and determined which date was correct, but sensed the flub-up would prove a […]

The Well-Nigh Irreplaceable Carolyn Grodinsky

By Nat Frothingham- Is there anyone who is truly irreplaceable? In the abstract I would say, “No, no one is irreplaceable. But Carolyn Grodinsky, our key ad sales rep over the past five or so years–Carolyn comes as close to irreplaceable as anyone I can imagine. Carolyn, who is leaving to follow a career dream […]

OPINION: A Political System that Needs Fixing 8.28.14

By Nat Frothingham- There’s something badly wrong with Vermont’s primary election system: almost no one votes, since  there’s no one to vote for. And when it’s that thin and non-competitive in the primary,  it’s thin on the November ballot as well. The day after the August 26 primary election, I phoned city clerk John Odum […]

OPINION: A Healing Walk for First Nations Impacted by Tar Sands Mining

by K.C. Whiteley In late June I traveled to Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta, for the fifth Healing Walk organized by Keepers of the Athabasca—an alliance of First Nations, environmental groups, Metis, and other citizens working to protect the Athabasca River watershed from tar sands mining. The Alberta tar sands are the world’s second-largest oil […]

OPINION: Blanchard Park Development: Another View

In our last issue, Montpelier city councilman Thierry Guerlain presented a proposal for the development of a parking garage and housing in the Blanchard Park neighborhood of the city, in back of the Pitkin Building. Below, Calais resident and Montpelier property owner Mason Singer presents an opposing viewpoint. I read Thierry Guerlain’s 6/26–7/16, 2014, op-ed […]

OPINION: A Call for Comments: Newspaper Cooperative as Community-spirited Journalism

by C.B. Hall Hear the word co-op and you’ll likely think of a food co-op. That’s natural enough: Washington County has three active food co-ops, and the state has 14 of them, with 4 more forming. But Vermont also has cooperative creameries, an energy cooperative, a workers’ cooperative, and cooperative credit unions. It has a […]

OPINION: Meditation Tradition Continues at Christ Church

by Rev. Regis Cummings The first gathering of the Christian Meditation Group at Christ Episcopal Church on State Street in Montpelier was on July 10, 1989. Twenty-five years later, we are still meeting Mondays from 12 noon until 1 p.m. Many individuals from various faith visions have graced our gatherings, meditating in silence. The rediscovery […]

OPINION: Open Up Berlin Pond

by Eddie Dew Recent letters to this and several other newspapers have raised the issue of access to Berlin Pond for various recreational purposes. Most of the comments in these letters are massively overstated or imply the potential for greatly exaggerated health issues from even the mildest form of access. To keep from getting into […]

OPINION: Annual VbC Event Focuses on Strengthening Community Bonds

by Heidi White June 21 and 22 will be the sixth annual Village-building Convergence (VbC) at AllTogetherNow! on 170 Cherry Tree Hill Road in East Montpelier. The project comes out of Transition Town Montpelier’s focus on building community and bringing people together through free skill-share workshops. It is based on a model that was initiated […]

OPINION: Getting on the American Roundabout

by Joanne Garton Cars are great for getaways, but not just from bank heists or bad dates. In our cars, we retreat from the world. Windows closed and radio on, we motor forward, following only the rules of the road. To drive is to be free, and as Americans, sometimes that’s all we really want […]