OPINION: No Wonder We’re Cranky!  “Period Tax” Unfair to Menstruating Women

OPINION: No Wonder We’re Cranky! “Period Tax” Unfair to Menstruating Women

From The Breeze by Sam Murray, Callie Dalley, Kaitlyn O’Reilly and Izzy Banse Feminine hygiene products have been taxed since 1973, making anyone with a period pay extra for their monthly necessities. Following a successful campaign in 2000, the tax was lowered considerably, but women still pay tax on tampons and pads. This is unfair […]

OPINION: What Does Money Have to do with Music?

OPINION: What Does Money Have to do with Music?

From The Breeze by Hannah Eschelbach Even if more money doesn’t equal more power, there’s still the idea that the rich are more cultured and more easily immersed in what are known as ‘high-class’  activities. The reason for this isn’t that they are all snobs, it’s just that they can afford to be thus immersed. […]

OPINION: Mentors Help Students Succeed

by Wendy Freundlich, Girls/Boyz First Mentoring Marie Russ, a Worcester student, graduated from U-32 High School at the top of the class of 2016. Russ has been in the Girls/Boyz First Mentoring program for eight years and her mentor is Judy Copa. She has been accepted at UVM with a very generous scholarship. At age […]

OPINION: Zoning Ordinance Changes Happening Now

Let Your Voice Be Heard by Michael and Nancy Read, Montpelier The Montpelier Planning Commission has submitted parts of its plan to the City Council for approval. It is my observation that very few Montpelier residents are aware of the extent of the proposed rezoning and the fact that it could dramatically alter their neighborhoods. […]

NEWS & VIEWS: Revised Fowl Ordinance Goes Into Effect: No Ducks Allowed

by Hannah Eschelbach BARRE CITY — “We have no intention of going out and becoming the duck police,” said Barre City Clerk and Treasurer Carol Dawes by telephone to The Bridge. Dawes was referring to a part of the completely revised “Animals and Fowl” section of the Barre City ordinances, which does not allow the […]

OPINION: A Flawed Economy and Why It Will Continue

by Wavell Cowan, Montpelier The fact of the 2008 financial collapse into the great recession and the subsequent uneven, snail-paced economic recovery are contemporary concerns. Thomas Piketty’s recent book on the growth of wealth and income inequality has become a best seller. Foreign Affairs magazine in recent issues has featured articles on these aspects of […]

OPINION: City Manager’s Contract Terms Should Be Rewritten

by Richard Sheir In the last issue of The Bridge there was a sentence in the Heard On The Street column stating that the Montpelier City Council and William Fraser, the Montpelier City Manager, would have no comment about the protracted negotiations that resulted in the last contract being extended for another year. This issue […]

OPINION: The Real Meaning of Mother’s Day

by Elisabeth Hebert, Northfield Ithought it would be nice to remind people what Mother’s Day really is. What do you think of printing this declaration: Please share this with every Mother you know. Although this was written in 1870 this proclamation rings just as true today. Woman is a channel to bring forth life into […]

Opinion: Sounding the Alarm — Agencies Must Have Sustainable Funding Now

by Mary Moulton from Washington County Mental Health Services and Bill Ashe from Upper Valley Services During this legislative session, attention has been given to the need for an increase in the Medicaid rates being paid to the non-profit designated and specialized service agencies that support many of Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens, because these agencies […]

OPINION: Vote for Bernie

by Thomas Mulholland, Worcester Bernie Sanders keeps saying, “This campaign is not just about nominating a candidate for president. It’s about a political revolution.” At the core of this revolution is the manner in which a presidential campaign is financed; that is, a refusal to accept money from super-PACS, Wall Street banks, lobbyists, etc., and […]