Op-ed: Vermont Co-ops Helping to Grow Local Food Systems

By Kari Bradley One of Vermont’s great success stories over the past decade has been the growth of local foods. Recently, I had the opportunity to testify for the House Agriculture Committee regarding food co-ops and how we support our state’s local food system. They wanted to hear from a co-op, I believe, because of […]

Op-ed: Please Vote on School Budget

By Jim Murphy It is important that residents of Montpelier and Roxbury vote on the 2020 Montpelier-Roxbury Public Schools budget on Town Meeting Day, March 5, 2019. This budget is the first proposed since our new district has been up and operating. It’s been an exciting new year as we have put the merger in […]

Op-ed: A City Defined by Its Art

By Glen Coburn Hutcheson As a community, how do we show others who we are? How do we know ourselves? Public art! Well-chosen, well-placed artwork communicates a place’s character better than anything else—think of the Statue of Liberty. If we define art to include buildings that aren’t strictly necessary, then think of the Egyptian pyramids […]

Pride in Barre’s Heritage, Fun in Barre’s Heritage Festival

Pride in Barre’s Heritage, Fun in Barre’s Heritage Festival

by Lucas Herring Summers aren’t long in Vermont, and many of us have just finished celebrating a great historical moment—the birth of our nation on Independence Day. In Barre, summer also means that we are gearing up to celebrate the city’s history and culture with the annual Barre Heritage Festival. Over the years, the festival […]

The Community Honors Nat Frothingham and Kicks off Bridge to the Future Fundraising Campaign

The Community Honors Nat Frothingham and Kicks off Bridge to the Future Fundraising Campaign

The Friends of The Bridge, a new 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, kicked off its Bridge to the Future fundraising campaign with a community celebration on June 6 at the College Hall Gallery of The Vermont College of Fine Arts. The event, which drew more than 100 people, honored the contribution and service of retiring editor and […]

Helping Friends and Family with Suicidal Thoughts

by Karen Kurle I have had the humble privilege of working in mental health emergency services for 20 years.  People frequently ask me, “How do you continue to do that work?  It must be so hard and sad.”  The truth is, sometimes it is hard and sad, but it is also filled with true hope.  […]

A Letter to Gov. Scott from COVE

Dear Governor Scott, On behalf of the Community of Vermont Elders (COVE), we write to encourage you to sign the Fiscal Year 2019 budget the Legislature has set forth during the special session. While COVE is not directly engaged in the discussions related to the tax bill and property tax rates, we firmly believe that […]

Why I Love My (Reel) Mower

by Charles W. Johnson Now that it’s getting close to the dreaded mowing season, when folks spend much precious free time tending their patch of lawn, I’d like to pass on some thoughts about the benefit and joy (well, maybe not “joy” exactly, let’s say “satisfaction”) of using an old-fashioned reel mower—you know, the one […]

Advice from Dad to a Grad

by Kenneth Jones I graduated high school a long time ago. When I graduated, there was no Internet, no cell phones, and not even cable television. Cars were just transitioning to unleaded gasoline and climate change not yet to be a public policy discussion. My son, Henry, will graduate next week, and if I were clever […]

Disturbances on Scribner Street

Disturbances on Scribner Street

by Maggie Neale How can the actual length of a street in Montpelier that has brought me home for 23 years and been maintained by the city suddenly be in question, with the suggestion by the Montpelier Director of Public Works that the portion of the city street ends before my driveway entrance? What? How […]