OPINION: Stop Spraying Herbicides Along Train Tracks

by John Snell, Montpelier MONTPELIER — Over a year ago a small group of us got wind that the stretch of railroad tracks that runs through Montpelier was about to be sprayed with herbicides to control the vegetation.  I’d seen this happen in the past, an annual event, but had never known it was coming […]

OPINION: Vermont Does Right By Women

by Angela Smith, Happiness Resources Manager at SunCommon Vermont is a great place to live and work. The state receives numerous accolades each year. WalletHub recently released a study which names Vermont the best state for working moms. The study included an analysis of 12 key metrics, including accessibility and affordability of reliable child care, […]

OPINION: City Should Proceed Cautiously on Downtown Smoking Ban

by John Hollar, Mayor, City of Montpelier- The Montpelier City Council has been asked to adopt a ban on smoking in our downtown. Having spent a large portion of my career working on anti-tobacco causes, my bias on this issue is to support all reasonable steps to discourage smoking and protect nonsmokers. As a congressional […]

OPINION: Happiness, Sharing and Possessions

by Constancia Gomez- Amazing! It is  really amazing to me, every day I hear the news and I feel the unhappiness. We should be happy! When I think about how many pairs of sneakers I had when I was young, I laugh. At some point I had two: A blue pair and a green pair. […]

OPINION: Carbon Tax Should be Implemented

by Christina Tang and Mariah Gomes, Montpelier High School Students- We are two students from Montpelier High School studying the costs and benefits of a carbon tax in our economics class. We believe a carbon tax should be implemented into the lives of Vermonters. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, “In Vermont, […]

OPINION: Reflections on the 2015 Legislative Session

by Rep. Mary Hooper, D-Montpelier- Dear Friends, I sit here trying to sum up the legislative session, without much success. I was pretty glum about the whole session, until the last day when it became clear that we would begin down the road of making the income tax structure somewhat more progressive. A minimum tax […]

OPINION: Is Growth Always Good?

by George Webb, retired UVM professor   When population increases, development increases: More commercial buildings, houses, apartments, schools, and more and wider roads. My personal experience has been that not all of these changes are good. I moved to Vermont in 1966 when the population was about 423,000. Now it is about 625,000. In 1966 […]

OPINION: Stop Workplace Bullying Now

by Sherrill Gilbert, State coordinator for the Healthy Workplace Bill   The fight for human rights continues. There is a war going on and like every war there are casualties. In this country the numbers continue to grow each day. Workers in the workplace are targeted. The numbers of families that have been impacted by […]

Support the Ice Rink

by Kim McKee, Nate Hausman and Mariah Quinn, Montpelier   Picture this: An ice rink sparkling under the January sky. Skaters practicing figure eights and small children slowly finding their skating legs, wobbly but happy. Couples bundled up in the cold, thrilled to be outside enjoying the conviviality. After they finish skating, they stay downtown […]

OPINION: Precious Lives are No Laughing Matter

by Morgan W. Brown, Montpelier   Apparently there are those who appear to continue to believe that it is perfectly alright to jest about taking one’s own life or otherwise suicide in general. Sadly, up until only recently, Gov. Peter Shumlin had been among those repeatedly doing so. For those of us who have lost […]