OPINION: Fond Memories of Paper Papers

by Walt Amses Although dismayed by the announcement that the Times Argus and Rutland Herald would cut back production of their paper editions to four a week, (publishing online seven days a week), I realized that I’m a component of this vicious cycle, preferring my information instantaneously like most everyone else. Coupled with the Hardwick […]

OPINION: Prevent Child Abuse

by Linda Johnson, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Two newspapers have published a major investigation related to USA Gymnastics regarding failure of USA Gymnastics to report suspicion of child sexual abuse by many different coaches over many years. Their failure has resulted in the abuse of some victims over many years as well […]

OPINION: Teachers Unions — Myth Busting

by Walt Amses With the culture’s ascension to post-factual political discourse, it becomes vital to clarify myths masquerading as truth because when they go unchallenged, or are endlessly repeated, an inordinate number of people believe they’re true. One such fantasy is the conservative-fueled assertion that teacher’s unions protect bad teachers, consequently lowering the quality of […]

OPINION: How Do You Foster Peace?

by Richard Czaplinski, Warren I’m a veteran with nearly six years of service (1964 to 1969). I’m also a member of the Will Miller Green Mountain Veterans for Peace, Chapter 57. As an organization we try to foster peace. Over the years I must admit that I have been more than a bit frustrated as […]

OPINION: By Shipping Groundwater, Vermont Yankee Takes the High Road

by Guy Page It rains in Vermont. It rains a lot. And rain contributes to groundwater. Everywhere else in Vermont, groundwater moves subsurface into nearby rivers or lakes, usually with little or no treatment. But Vermont Yankee is not “everywhere else.” After examining groundwater that had intruded into the lower basements of the facility, Vermont […]

OPINION: ‘Herd’ on the Street: GMO Labeling and Betrayal

by Gerard Renfro “For the times they are a changing … back” — (from the movie ‘Bob Roberts’) I am one of those protesters who stand in front of the post office each Friday denouncing state-sanctioned murder. We hold our protest signs facing the street. Sometimes we get gratitude, sometimes we get attitude. On July […]

OPINION: Act 46: Big Rewards for Thinking Inside the Box

by David Kelley, Greensboro The authors of Act 46 said their goals were: 1. educational equity, 2. academic excellence, 3. efficiency and 4. transparency. Only the Grinch who stole Christmas would oppose those goals. But there is a serious disconnect between those goals and what Act 46 actually does. Act 46 does not reward equity. […]

OPINION: Why Bike Markings on the Street?

by Suzanne Eikenberry Judging by Front Porch Forum conversations, many Montpelier residents and visitors have been perplexed by the new road markings that popped up around town this June. Main, State, Elm and Barre Streets now have “sharrows,” a picture of the bicyclist with two arrows at the top painted in the center of a […]

OPINION: On Zoning: Reduce Certain Areas, Revise Density Changes and Keep Hearings Open

by Steve Sease Presented to the City Council June 15, 2016 To: Mayor Hollar and Montpelier City Council Re: Section 2 of Proposed Zoning Bylaws Summary: I would like to suggest the following: 1. Reduce the geographic extent of the Mixed Use Residential zone. 2. Reduce the geographic extent of the Urban Center zone. 3. […]

OPINION: Dallas Destroys National Rifle Association “Good Guy” Fantasy

by Walt Amses Along with the usual bizarre right-wing responses to the tragedy in Dallas, came the conspicuous absence of the usual call for more guns that generally follows mass shootings in this country before the bodies are even cold.  Even the bottom feeders at the National Rifle Association were silent regarding the circumstances surrounding the […]