Opinion: Sounding the Alarm — Agencies Must Have Sustainable Funding Now

by Mary Moulton from Washington County Mental Health Services and Bill Ashe from Upper Valley Services During this legislative session, attention has been given to the need for an increase in the Medicaid rates being paid to the non-profit designated and specialized service agencies that support many of Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens, because these agencies […]

OPINION: Vote for Bernie

by Thomas Mulholland, Worcester Bernie Sanders keeps saying, “This campaign is not just about nominating a candidate for president. It’s about a political revolution.” At the core of this revolution is the manner in which a presidential campaign is financed; that is, a refusal to accept money from super-PACS, Wall Street banks, lobbyists, etc., and […]

OPINION: Good Government Solutions and Earned Trust

by Secretary of State Jim Condos Smart, focused and efficient government helps Vermonters, so why does it seem that levels of frustration and distrust are at an all-time high? I believe that listening to your customers, cutting red tape, finding efficiencies and increasing transparency are all keys to earning that trust. At the Secretary of […]

OPINION: Good Neighbors Don’t Trespass

by Paul Brouha It is there as day breaks on a still spring morning when I am outside listening for a wild turkey’s gobble. It is there when I cross the yard to work in my garden. When I go out for a walk with the dogs it comes along. I feel its vibrations while […]

OPINION: Exercise Should Be Fun, Not Enslaving

by Hannah Eschelbach Being ‘healthy’ is such a relative term that it doesn’t even seem to have a meaning. A definition on Medical News Today, an online resource, states, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” But what exactly is the barometer […]

OPINION: Act 46 Causes Loss Of Community Investment

by Jennifer Marckres (Craftsbury School Board Member) Craftsbury Schools is a PK-12 system serving the town of Craftsbury and tuition students from several neighboring communities. We are very proud that our Academy is the oldest and smallest high school in the state of Vermont, but that moniker does not keep us from looking forward. Over […]

OPINION: Health Agency, School Leaders Are Wrong On Pot Issue

by Stuart Friedman, Middlesex Last issue’s editorial about cannabis regulation “Slow Down, Answer the Questions — It’s about Children and Youth” lacked balance and research. The author, having had conversations with three school-related associations and taking selective quotes from the Health Department’s “Health Impact Assessment” can hardly be described as extensive or balanced. The health […]

OPINION: Fund Parent Child Centers: Prevention Invests In Our Children’s Future

by Claire Kendall, Moretown The ripples and shockwaves from the tragic shooting events that occurred in our community last August can still be felt throughout the state. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of the victims who are our neighbors. At the heart of our response to this tragedy is our need to […]

OPINION: Lights Out

by Art Chickering, East Montpelier Ted Koppell’s Lights Out — A Cyber Attack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath, calls for local, state, regional and federal responses. For some time he was the TV host of “Nightline” and is a well recognized reporter/journalist. This powerful, thoroughly researched book, makes the following general points: Our electric […]

OPINION: Worth a Taste

by Jeremy Hansen Not long ago, many people believed that tomatoes were poisonous since they were in the same family as nightshade. If the “common sense” is that something is harmful, most people will not be willing to challenge that and find out for themselves. After all, a bite of that juicy fruit could mean getting […]