OPINION: The Quiet Revolution in Our School House

Part One of a Two-Part Series by David Kelley It was a Vermonter, John Dewey, who helped usher in the educational reforms necessary to sustain the growth and development of a robust middle class and a civil society through the upheavals of the industrial revolution and the Great Depression. Today other, less well known Vermonters, […]

OPINION: ‘Healthcare is a Human Right’ Campaign Condemns 2016 Insurance Rate Hikes

by Keith Brunner The Green Mountain Care Board approved 5.9 percent and 2.4 percent average annual rate hikes for 2016 Vermont Health Connect plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP, respectively. While these numbers are lower than the staggering 8.6 percent increase initially proposed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, they represent a failure by […]

OPINION: Rift Growing Between Hunger Mountain Coop Staff, Management

by Ellie Bayer We are proud to work at Hunger Mountain Cooperative — a business that defines itself as “a member-owned, community based natural market, committed to building a dynamic community of healthy individuals, sustainable local food systems, and thriving cooperative commerce.” Hunger Mountain is a cooperative business — a co-operation — a coming together […]

OPINION: The Grange Can Help Berlin and Berlin Can Help the Grange!

by Jeremy Hansen Starting on Town Meeting Day, I conducted a survey of Berlin residents using Internet and paper surveys. I received 29 responses to a variety of questions, such as residents’ thoughts about the quality of life in Berlin (90 percent rated it as “good” or “excellent”), the town’s overall reputation (55 percent “good” […]

OPINION: Whistleblower: Center For Disease Control Data Linking Vaccines and Autism Destroyed

by Jennifer Stella Leaked scientific data has been disclosed showing that links between autism and vaccines were covered up by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the nation’s leading public health agency. In his July 29 statement on the House floor, Congressman Bill Posey, R-Florida, reported that CDC vaccine safety researcher […]

OPINION: Fix Social Security With A Carbon Tax

by Phil Dodd Perhaps because I am now a few years past my 60th birthday, I’m a little more aware of the looming problems of social security. But social security’s long-term financial problems should be of concern to all of us. Unless something changes, anyone under 50 won’t be receiving full benefits when they are […]

OPINION: Laudato Si’: “On Care for Our Common Home”

by John Elder At over 180 pages, the encyclical presented by Pope Francis on June 18 calls for study and reflection. The pope’s stature has meant that his discussion of human-caused climate change — as both an ecological crisis and a moral scandal — has immediately been hailed as a statement of global significance. Scrolling […]

OPINION: Rape Policy Needs Revamping

by Laura Cassetty In the four years I was in high school, Montpelier High School has grown so much. The school community has come so far in acknowledging rape culture. When I was a freshman, rape culture meant the boys in your classes felt the right to reach under the table and grab your leg. […]

OPINION: The Breeze Newspaper’s Puzzling Publication

by Ron Merkin Is it not blatantly ironic? Montpelier High School students recently wrote and with the cooperation of The Bridge published a special one time issue of a newspaper called The Breeze. In their Opinion column an ex-high school teacher speculated that knowingly or not MHS teachers and administrators may “discriminate against males and reward […]

OPINION: Net Zero Montpelier after the First Year

by Dan Jones It’s now been a year since the Montpelier City Council made the unanimous commitment for the city to become “net zero” in fossil fuel use by 2030. This big goal — to meet all of the energy needs of the city and its residents through renewable supplies in 15 years — is […]