LETTERS: 8.17.17

Ag Agency Needs To Up Efforts Toward Dairy Animals Editor: I have a few comments about this recent story that appeared in The Bridge. (Editor’s Note: The story referred to appeared in the August 3 issue of The Bridge by Will Kyle about Anson Tebbetts speaking to the Montpelier Rotary Club.) To quote: “Tebbetts spoke […]

LETTERS: 8.3.17

Seeking Donations For Literacy Editor: For the third year, I will be hiking up Mt. Mansfield (via the steep and winding Toll Road) in the Race to the Top of Vermont for Everybody Wins. For those of you new to the story, Everybody Wins is a reading/mentoring program in schools throughout Vermont. Adults from the […]

LETTERS: 7.20.17

Central Vermont Council on Aging Grateful to “Age Out Loud” Community Partners Editor: On Friday, June 9, the Central Vermont Council on Aging held its first major fundraiser at the Barre Opera House.  “Age Out Loud” was an evening of personal comedic storytelling and music created around humorous themes involving aging and families.  This event […]

LETTER: Being Gubernatorial

Editor: Unless there is some special exception to the state law requiring the wearing of a proper helmet when operating a motorcycle within Vermont, one wonders why Governor Phil Scott was not wearing a motorcycle helmet when he was riding the vintage WWII military motorcycle during the Montpelier July 3rd parade? Either way, it sets […]

LETTERS: 6.15.17

Vermonters Lack Access to Affordable Health Care Editor: I am a nurse who directly sees the current health care crisis playing out each day in the lives of Vermonters. People are not getting their health care concerns addressed initially due to the lack of access and affordability. As a result, individuals are often times waiting […]

LETTERS: 6.1.17

Affordable Care Act Inadequate Editor: I have witnessed and felt the impacts of the healthcare system’s many manifestations over the course of my lifetime. My parents spent nearly two decades paying off medical bills from my younger brothers’ stints in the hospital with infant asthma. I was forced to put off graduate school for several […]

OPINION: Student Voices: Gender Inequality

Montpelier High School Social Studies Teacher Heather McLane assigned her students to write paragraphs sharing their opinion about an issue that they have studied, support their opinion with a bit of evidence and include a call to action. Below are some of the results.   Olivia Hennessey Gender equality is a huge issue in our […]

LETTERS: 5.18.17

Nuclear Power Better Than Wind Turbine Development Editor: Thank you for the moving and visually powerful Mountain Manifesto spread. I think that, ironically, the ridgeline wind turbines dominating some Vermont landscapes were brought here by some of the same activists now protesting them. As one who has cherished, hiked and respectfully utilized Vermont woodland for […]

LETTERS: 5.4.17

Councilor Hogs Parking with Porsches, Van and Volvo Editor: No wonder there are parking problems in Montpelier which are to be discussed in the upcoming council meeting. A good example of this is an owner of a five-apartment building. The landlord has two drivers. However, owns a large van, a Volvo and two, yes, two, […]

LETTERS: 4.20.17

Let’s Get Health Care For All Editor: At this present time there is on the books in Vermont a law (Act 48) that says in 2017 the state will have in place a universal, single payer, “Medicare for All” health care system in Vermont. However this is not happening today because in 2015 the governor […]