LETTERS: 3.19.15

LETTERS: 3.19.15

Cringed at the Term “Women Wannabes” Editor: While I appreciate The Bridge’s profiles of interesting (and fabulous) local businesses, I have a few language issues with your story on the Wig Goddess, Feb. 5. The correct, broad term for folks whose gender identity is different than the one assigned to them at birth is transgender (or […]

Letters: 3.5.15

  Bring Our Prisoners Home Editor: Since 2004, when Vermont contracted with the Corrections Corporation of America to house 700 prisoners out of state, hundreds of Vermont inmates have been shipped to Kentucky prisons, where conditions are often substandard, and inmates report neglect or abuse at the hands of guards. In Kentucky, inmates who’d had […]

LETTERS: 2.19.15

Loved the Wig Goddess Story Editor: I loved your Valentine’s issue, most especially the cover article about the wig goddess. Thanks for a newspaper we can all be proud of and learn from. Rebecca Riley   Support the Carbon Pollution Tax Bill Editor: I am an about-to-be grandmother looking forward to lots of play time outside […]

LETTERS: 2.5.15

Fund Our Schools Editor: Montpelier is a great city with a tradition of vibrant and inclusive public debate. And this is a very healthy thing for a community. But there has been a very vocal minority putting forth that the “problem” with our school budget is that we are spending too much to educate our […]

OPINION: Surprised and Appalled by Budget Request

Dear Editor, the Montpelier Bridge Upon reading the Jan. 8 Montpelier Bridge editorial announcing that it was seeking petition signatures to put a budget request for $27,254 on the city meeting ballot and explaining the reasons for doing so, I found myself surprised and appalled by this particular initiative. Not having quite formulated my thoughts […]

LETTERS: 1.22.15

The Bridge Presents Both Sides Editor: I wanted to say that the Montpelier Bridge paper seems to be fair and balanced in their interviews. Both parties are covered fairly equally at the state house. It’s refreshing to have a paper that that is middle ground and not far left. I’m for more balance in Montpelier […]

LETTERS 12.18.14

Honoring Caregivers — Our Silent Army Editor: Every day, a remarkable group of Vermonters performs a great labor of love: caring for aging parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends so they can remain in their homes. They are on duty 24/7, and often cannot take a break. Yet they wouldn’t have it any other […]

Support Our Community; Contribute to The Bridge

by John Hollar, Mayor of Montpelier Nat Frothingham and Jake Brown could scarcely have imagined the changes that were about to begin in the world of communication when they created The Bridge 21 years ago.  Soon after their first publication came an explosion of media outlets on cable and the Internet, and not long thereafter […]

Letters – 12.4.14

Mayor Hollar: Gimme Shelter! Dear Mayor Hollar: Today is not too bad a day to be outdoors waiting for the bus. The past week, though, with rain, snow, wind … who would not appreciate having some shelter from all of it? Please discuss the temporary two-year shelter for those poor people shivering on the cold […]

LETTERS: 11.20.14

Cemetery Commission Seeks Candidate to Fill Vacancy Dear Editor, We are lucky to have such an engaged, community-spirited population in Montpelier. Those of us serving on the Green Mount Cemetery Commission hope we can tap into that energy. The commission is seeking a Montpelier resident to fill a vacancy. The appointed individual would serve until March […]