LETTERS: 5.19.16

Circus Outdated and Cruel Editor: In a 21st century society, the circus is an outdated and cruel source of entertainment. In most circuses, wild animals are stolen from their natural habitats, kept in cages and chains, and ‘trained’ to perform painful, tiring and unnatural ‘tricks’ as well as being forced to live in a highly […]

LETTERS: 5.5.16

Eat Sustainably Editor: With the 47th annual observance of Earth Day just past, this is a great time to explore more effective ways of slowing climate change and conserving Earth’s natural resources for future generations. A 2010 United Nations report charged animal agriculture with 19 percent of man-made greenhouse gases — more than all transport […]

LETTERS: 4.21.16

LETTERS: 4.21.16

People Need Rec Center Editor: Forgive me if I missed any article mentioning the fact that the city is planning on selling the recreation facility on Barre Street. I recently began exercising there several times a week at a very reasonable fee. I believe that a fair amount of people use that facility for a […]

LETTERS: 4.7.16

Don’t Wait For Details To Legalize Pot Editor: I heartily disagree with the letter “Urge Your Reps To Vote ‘No’ on Legalizing Pot in the March 17, Montpelier Bridge. The letter says, “we just don’t have enough details yet, so why the rush?” This is the standard caveat employed to shelve any kind of progress. […]

LETTERS: 3.17.16

The GOP Cannot Remain Neutral Editor: Make America hate again! That is the platform and rallying cry of the new Republican party. When challenged about this, the GOP claimed neutrality during the primary process. Not the Democratic party. It still believes and endorses inclusion and unification. Until the GOP distances itself from this divisive rhetoric, […]

LETTERS: 3.3.16

Civil Disobedience at the Public Service Board Editor: Approximately 70 people turned out February 19 for a morning of defiant song at the Vermont Public Service Board. We were all there (stuffed into the room, many in the hallway) to show our support for landowners, Mr. and Mrs. Cuneo, whose Williston property is under siege […]

LETTERS: 2.18.16

Washington County Families Deserve Better Editor: The Senate recently passed H. 187, a bill providing paid sick leave to nearly 60,000 Vermont workers.  Senator Brian Campion, D-Bennington, introduced an amendment to H. 187 that would exempt Vermont employers with five or fewer employees from providing paid sick time to employees.  The day after voting in favor […]

LETTERS: 2.4.16

I Oppose The Proposed Legalization of Marijuana Editor: The significant difference between second-hand smoke from marijuana vs. cigarettes (though some may consider this a benefit) is the high incurred from smoking marijuana can also be obtained from inhaling the smoke. Aside from the possible health concerns to second-hand smoke in general, as is known to […]

LETTERS: 1.21.16

Support Local Option Tax Editor: As a 30-year resident of Montpelier I write in support of the 1 percent local option meals, rooms and alcohol tax proposal. From 1981 to 1986 I lived 100 feet from the Montpelier City border, in East Montpelier only three miles from downtown. I used everything that Montpelier had to […]

LETTERS: 1.7.16

Fire Department Deserves Thanks Editor: Thank you for your excellent article on the Montpelier Fire Department. I was honored to work with many of the firefighters working today. The community gets an extremely high quality of service because of the quality of persons selected to provide that service. Thank you for thanking them! Gesualdo Schneider, […]