LETTERS: 11.20.14

Cemetery Commission Seeks Candidate to Fill Vacancy Dear Editor, We are lucky to have such an engaged, community-spirited population in Montpelier. Those of us serving on the Green Mount Cemetery Commission hope we can tap into that energy. The commission is seeking a Montpelier resident to fill a vacancy. The appointed individual would serve until March […]

Letters – 11.6.14

In Remembrance of Joey M. Laquerre  November 26, 1996 – October 25, 2014 Thank You The Laquerre and Garand family has been deeply touched by the outpouring of love, support and kindness from so many people in Vermont and beyond, during this time of our loss. We want to thank everyone who embraced Lil Joey […]

Letters to the Editor – 10.23.14

Goddard’s Choice an Act of Courage To the editor: As a WGDR programmer at Goddard College, I would like to comment on my community’s intentions. Hosting Mumia Abu-Jamal as a speaker on behalf of the 2014 graduating class has little to do with the Daniel Faulkner murder case and more to do with incarcerated citizens having […]

The Latest Letters to The Bridge

The Bridge welcomes your letters. Address them to editorial@montpelierbridge.com. Please keep them under 300 words and include your town or city of residence. We reserve the right to edit letters prior to publication.   A Thank You and a Plea To the editor: I’d like to thank the Montpelier Park Commission, the Montpelier Bicycle Advisory Committee […]

LETTER: Applause for Barre Clinic

To the editor: I recently attended the 20th-anniversary celebration and fundraiser for the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC) in Barre. For 20 years, the clinic has provided primary health care and wellness education for uninsured and underinsured central Vermont residents who cannot otherwise afford these services. It is a free clinic: PHWC charges nothing […]

LETTER: An Open Letter to the Mayor, City Council and City Manager of Montpelier

I am disappointed in the reaction from Montpelier City Hall in regards to the recent Department of Environmental Conservation decision regarding Berlin Pond that I have read about in The Times Argus and VTDigger. The scientists at DEC are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. They also live in Montpelier and drink […]

LETTER: An Open Letter to Mayor Hollar and the Montpelier City Council

Dear Mayor Hollar and councilors: Keck Circle, the 19th roundabout built in the United States, represents a modern technology introduced in 1966 in the U.K., but composed of stone-age materials. It is noteworthy that the design costs for the $64,000, entirely city-funded project were $2,300.  Pinkham Engineering of Burling-ton, later merged into Summit Engineering, handled […]

Letters to the Editor: 8.7.14

Jump Right In To the editor: This weekend I spent a couple of lovely days at my favorite Vermont beach, Wrightsville Reservoir. For 25 years, I’ve loved jumping in my car and heading just a few miles up the road from Montpelier to a spot where I can swim long-distance, paddle my kayak and lounge […]

Letters to the Editor 7.17.14

An Open Letter to Montpelier Mayor Hollar: As a Calais resident who regularly bikes in Montpelier, I was dismayed to learn that despite their best efforts, the Montpelier Bicycle Advisory Committee was unable to persuade the city to adopt a bike-friendly plan for the roadway in front of our state capitol building. The current plan, […]

Letters to the Editor: 6.26.14

To the Editor, I like the parklet in concept, but not in its execution by the State Street (Rialto) Bridge. I don’t bemoan the loss of parking there so much. If a public project attracts people to a town like ours, people will walk a short distance to available parking. I wish the city could […]