Letters 4.17.14

Campaign Finance Reform? To the Editor: The much anticipated US Supreme Court decision in the pivotal campaign finance case, McCutcheon v. FEC, was issued earlier this month, and once again the court ruled on the side of big money in knocking down aggregate campaign contribution limits. The case challenged the limits on the total contributions […]

Letters 4.3.14

Sidewalk Maintenance a Slippery Slope To the Editor: We like to think of Montpelier as a pedestrian-friendly city. Real estate ads, including for our Bailey Avenue house when we bought it, speak glowingly of the “walk to downtown.” We encourage people to walk for health reasons, to reduce fossil fuel consumption and to limit traffic […]

Letters 3.20.14

To the Montpelier School Board To the Editor: It is impossible to believe that there is a movement in Montpelier to encourage the School Board to resubmit the budget that was recently voted down. How can this be? We sincerely hope the School Board is not listening to these people. Joanna and I are retired […]

Letters: 2-20-14

More Transparency Needed on City Charter Revisions To the Editor: On March 4, Montpelier residents will vote on whether to adopt comprehensive changes to the Montpelier city charter, as approved by City Council on January 23, 2014. Most of the proposed charter revisions, recommended by the Charter Revision Committee, are clarifying edits, additions, deletions and […]

Letters: February 6- February 20, 2014

School Board Can’t Distinguish Needs from Wants To the Editor: The members of the Montpelier school board have apparently forgotten they have a responsibility to two constituencies: the students on the one hand and the taxpayers who supply the money on the other. Recently some students requested formation of a school debate team, and the […]

LETTERS January 23-February 5, 2014

Let’s Save Community Connections To the Editor: I am writing to share my concern about the potential loss of Community Connections (CC). I have a 7-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter at Union Elementary School. They access CC two days a week for  after-school care and have attended CC vacation camps and summer programs. CC […]

Letters 12.12.13

Education Spending Is Beyond Our Means   To the Editor: In the Vermont School Boards Association’s October 2013 newsletter, Paul Cillo claimed that “Vermont is getting its money’s worth” in education, based on the 2012 Picus report. While our system does work well at many levels, I strongly disagree that the money we are spending […]


Support Downtown Businesses To the Editor: As construction for the Montpelier biomass heat distribution system comes to a close, I want to acknowledge the significant economic impact this project has had on many of our downtown merchants and to ask our residents to make an extra effort to shop locally during the holiday season. The […]


Montpelier City Council Support Mayor and City Manager   To Editor: The Montpelier City Council expresses its unanimous and unequivocal support for Mayor John Hollar and City Manager Bill Fraser.  As the elected representatives of our community, we consistently work to provide the most ethical, effective and efficient government possible. The council believes the ethics […]


Taxpayers Blindsided by Rule Changes   To the Editor: Regarding your article “Deadline for Declaring Homesteads Looms,” the reason “rule changes have spread consternation” is the utter abdication of responsibility on the part of the Vermont Department of Taxes to formally notify taxpayers of the new rules. Rule changes accompanied by financial penalties, without so […]