Letters to the Editor: 8.7.14

Jump Right In To the editor: This weekend I spent a couple of lovely days at my favorite Vermont beach, Wrightsville Reservoir. For 25 years, I’ve loved jumping in my car and heading just a few miles up the road from Montpelier to a spot where I can swim long-distance, paddle my kayak and lounge […]

Letters to the Editor 7.17.14

An Open Letter to Montpelier Mayor Hollar: As a Calais resident who regularly bikes in Montpelier, I was dismayed to learn that despite their best efforts, the Montpelier Bicycle Advisory Committee was unable to persuade the city to adopt a bike-friendly plan for the roadway in front of our state capitol building. The current plan, […]

Letters to the Editor: 6.26.14

To the Editor, I like the parklet in concept, but not in its execution by the State Street (Rialto) Bridge. I don’t bemoan the loss of parking there so much. If a public project attracts people to a town like ours, people will walk a short distance to available parking. I wish the city could […]

EDITORIAL: Open Letter from Rep. Warren Kitzmiller to Friends and Constituents

Montpelier’s Water Source is in Danger.  I Need Your Immediate Help. Dear Friends & Constituents, 100 Years of Full Protection For over 100 years the water of Berlin Pond, Montpelier’s drinking water source, was fully protected. The filtration plant, built in 1998, was designed to filter water from a fully protected pond. That water treatment […]

Letters 5.15.14

An Invitation from Bill Kelly To the Editor: “I lost my youngest brother, Jerry, at age 30 to suicide 23 years ago. He had struggled valiantly with varying degrees of success, for six years after his first episode of bipolar mania and hospitalization. Despite our awareness of his challenges, his death shocked all who knew him. He was […]

Letters 5.1.14

Letter Carriers’ Food Drive To the Editor: As Saturday, May 10, draws closer, letter carriers in more than 1,200 branches nationwide are full-steam ahead to get ready for the 22nd annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive. Last year, with the help of thousands of volunteers, letter carriers all across America collected more than 74.4 million pounds […]

Letters 4.17.14

Campaign Finance Reform? To the Editor: The much anticipated US Supreme Court decision in the pivotal campaign finance case, McCutcheon v. FEC, was issued earlier this month, and once again the court ruled on the side of big money in knocking down aggregate campaign contribution limits. The case challenged the limits on the total contributions […]

Letters 4.3.14

Sidewalk Maintenance a Slippery Slope To the Editor: We like to think of Montpelier as a pedestrian-friendly city. Real estate ads, including for our Bailey Avenue house when we bought it, speak glowingly of the “walk to downtown.” We encourage people to walk for health reasons, to reduce fossil fuel consumption and to limit traffic […]

Letters 3.20.14

To the Montpelier School Board To the Editor: It is impossible to believe that there is a movement in Montpelier to encourage the School Board to resubmit the budget that was recently voted down. How can this be? We sincerely hope the School Board is not listening to these people. Joanna and I are retired […]

Letters: 2-20-14

More Transparency Needed on City Charter Revisions To the Editor: On March 4, Montpelier residents will vote on whether to adopt comprehensive changes to the Montpelier city charter, as approved by City Council on January 23, 2014. Most of the proposed charter revisions, recommended by the Charter Revision Committee, are clarifying edits, additions, deletions and […]