LETTERS: 2.4.16

I Oppose The Proposed Legalization of Marijuana Editor: The significant difference between second-hand smoke from marijuana vs. cigarettes (though some may consider this a benefit) is the high incurred from smoking marijuana can also be obtained from inhaling the smoke. Aside from the possible health concerns to second-hand smoke in general, as is known to […]

LETTERS: 1.21.16

Support Local Option Tax Editor: As a 30-year resident of Montpelier I write in support of the 1 percent local option meals, rooms and alcohol tax proposal. From 1981 to 1986 I lived 100 feet from the Montpelier City border, in East Montpelier only three miles from downtown. I used everything that Montpelier had to […]

LETTERS: 1.7.16

Fire Department Deserves Thanks Editor: Thank you for your excellent article on the Montpelier Fire Department. I was honored to work with many of the firefighters working today. The community gets an extremely high quality of service because of the quality of persons selected to provide that service. Thank you for thanking them! Gesualdo Schneider, […]

LETTERS: 12.17.15

Wind Turbines Too Loud To Sleep Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep. You can find me on Georgia Mountain in Vermont, 3,800-feet from the Georgia Mountain Wind project. I’ve tried to be a good little neighbor and not complain every time that I can’t sleep because the turbines are […]

LETTERS: 12.3.15

What Do You Think? Read something that you would like to respond to? We welcome your letters and opinion pieces. Letters must be fewer than 300 words. Opinion pieces should not exceed 600 words. The Bridge reserves the right to edit and cut pieces. Send your piece to: editorial@montpelierbridge.com. Deadline for the next issue is December […]

OPINION: What’s Happening To Berlin Pond, Anyway?

by Jed and Page Guertin What’s changed now that people are swimming, boating, fishing and hunting on our drinking water source, Berlin Pond? The obvious change is an increase in turbidity — suspended particles kicked up by people launching boats at the south end of the pond and boating in the shallows. This requires Montpelier’s […]

LETTERS: 11.19.15

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders Editor: As an American and a Vermonter, I am aware of the local politics as the foreground of the humanitarian movement as an intrinsic backbone of our politics. Vermont was instrumental in the movement to abolish slavery, and Vermont has always served as an example to the country […]

LETTERS: 11.5.15

Attend Member-Owner Meeting Editor: The council of the Hunger Mountain Cooperative would like to invite all member-owners to the co-op’s annual meeting Sunday, November 15. At this meeting, member-owners will vote on a proposed change to the co-op’s bylaws. By a 5 to 4 vote, the co-op council recommends a change to bylaws that will […]

LETTERS: 10.15.15

Another Great Year for Theater at Lost Nation Editor: Whether you occasionally attend a performance at Lost Nation Theater, or whether you’re one of those folks who’ve thought about attending but hasn’t yet, there’s no better time to treat yourself to some of the best professional theater Vermont has to offer. To balance our books […]

LETTERS: 10.1.15

LETTERS: 10.1.15

Montpelier ‘Bike’ Path? Editor: I was reading the article on the Montpelier Discount Beverage and the ‘bike path.’ Do we really have a bike path in Montpelier? You can find it in name but that is about all. To me there three sections of bike path, all used differently. Department Of Labor/Bailey Avenue section seems […]