A Message to Our Readers from Nat Frothingham: Calendar Listings in The Bridge: In Print or Online?

Some 22 years ago when we started publishing The Bridge — we felt our first obligation was to tell our readers the news, to tell them what was happening in Montpelier. It soon became clear that the phrase “what was happening in Montpelier” included a lot more than we reckoned at first. Our readers wanted […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Community Service Officer and Policeman Richard Shaw

EDITORIAL: Thanking Community Service Officer and Policeman Richard Shaw

by Nat Frothingham Here’s a note about Richard Shaw who had an early career for 28 years in various posts with the State of Vermont that ended when he was a Parole & Probation officer with the Department of Corrections. But here, in this note, let’s remember Richard Shaw for his work in both in […]

EDITORIAL: A Tale of City and Town Manager Employment Contracts

by Carla Occaso Our Montpelier city manager, William Fraser, made the news for a subject most of us would prefer remain nobody’s business: his employment contract. Problem is, because his salary is paid for with tax dollars, it is everybody’s business. Even mine. Recent public scrutiny both at city council meetings — where Montpelier resident […]

EDITORIAL: A Request to City Voters: Pay Attention to Proposed New Regulations

by Nat Frothingham Let me encourage Montpelier residents and voters to pay very close attention to a couple of packages of regulations that will begin to come before the city council for review beginning with the council’s May 11 meeting. Sizeable Proposed Regulations One package of proposed regulations is the “River Hazard Regulations” that runs […]

EDITORIAL: The Birth of “Chat With Nat”

by Nat Frothingham Let me brag a little about our Managing Editor Carla Occaso. In addition to her writing career as a reporter for the daily Caledonian Record in St. Johnsbury and as a staff writer for the Times-Argus (and she has an impressive list of other writing credits as well) — Carla has a […]

EDITORIAL: Melinda Vieux: The Spirited Woman Who ‘Dug In’ on Green Up Day

EDITORIAL: Melinda Vieux: The Spirited Woman Who ‘Dug In’ on Green Up Day

by Nat Frothingham In America as the troubled decade of the 1960s turned into the early years of the 1970s, there was a rising tide of public awareness at the pollution that was threatening the country’s air, water and land. In the news were stories about oil spills, acid rain and bodies of water on […]

EDITORIAL: Protect Montpelier’s Drinking Water Supply

by Nat Frothingham As part of City Meeting on Tuesday, March 1 — citizens in Montpelier voted overwhelmingly (2,791 to 455) to support a proposed city charter change that would give the City of Montpelier authority to regulate and protect the city’s drinking water source at Berlin Pond. These are the exact words of the […]

EDITORIAL: About the Fast Track Push to Legalize Marijuana… “Slow Down, Answer the Questions — It’s About Children and Youth”

by Nat Frothingham I invite readers of The Bridge to pay close attention to a fast-track bill to legalize marijuana. That bill has already been approved by the Vermont Senate. Now it has moved over to the Vermont House for consideration and possible action. Over the past few days I’ve talked by phone with the heads […]

EDITORIAL: A Great Big ‘Thank You’ To All Involved With The Follies

EDITORIAL: A Great Big ‘Thank You’ To All Involved With The Follies

by Nat Frothingham Here’s a note to thank everyone whose talent, energy and generosity gave us a successful variety show and a wonderful benefit for The Bridge as part of our Mid-Winter Follies at the Capitol Plaza Hotel on Saturday evening, February 6. What made the evening the special moment that it was? The early […]

EDITORIAL: Come To The Mid-Winter Follies!

by Nat Frothingham About four or five weeks ago my longtime friend Ann O’Brien walked into my office at The Bridge and presented me with a sign that says: “Work on Wonderful.” What the devil does “Work on Wonderful” mean? Well, I’m not sure. But here let me try. My best reading is this. Things […]