EDITORIAL: Design Review: It’s Broken, Please Fix it

by Nat Frothingham Clarity is a wonderful thing. In a recent phone conversation with City of Montpelier Planning and Development Director Mike Miller (who came aboard in this post in May 2014), Mike gave me a very clear explanation of the Montpelier Planning Commission, the Montpelier Development Review Board and the city’s Design Review Committee. […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Ward Joyce and Many Others for the Main Street Pocket Park

by Nat Frothingham Coming up on Saturday, October 3 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the pocket park on Main Street is what looks like a community party. According to architect Ward Joyce, he and others will be offering beverages and cake to thank people who worked together this spring and summer to create a […]

EDITORIAL: Write for Publication by Joining Us at “Saturday Scribes”

by Nat Frothingham Since our beginnings 22 years ago one of our most ardent beliefs has been that almost anyone who can talk can also write. Over and over again, we have discovered a more than modest writing talent — sometimes a powerful writing talent — coming from teens, elders, adults, from people whose first […]

EDITORIAL: Cars — oh dear!

by Nat Frothingham Back in my in my 20s I was a participant in the Teachers for East Africa Program along with 150 or so other Americans. And, I had a little baby blue Morris Minor (soft-top) convertible. We were young and foolhardy. But I don’t know which of those qualities was in the ascendant. […]

EDITORIAL: Honoring Intern Lindsey Grutchfield and All Those Who Contributed to The Breeze

by Nat Frothingham What about yesterday’s (August 17) three-hour “farewell lunch” for Lindsey Grutchfield with attendance from 20 to 30 people of all ages? Lindsey was listed in our July 2015 issue as managing editor of The Breeze but that only partly describes her role. She was really the organizing genius and sparkplug of a […]

EDITORIAL: Please Don’t Destroy the Planet to Save the Planet

by Carla Occaso I am not a biologist, ecologist or scientist, but neither are the members of the Solar Siting Task Force. The task force was formed at the end of the legislative session to figure out where to put all the solar plants in order to achieve the aggressive increase of renewable energy mandated by […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Our Many Friends

by Nat Frothingham I am writing this note on behalf of our staff and board of directors at The Bridge to express our thanks to the many people who came together to give us a great benefit shindig at the world famous Charlie O’s in downtown Montpelier on July 10. Charlie O’s is a place where […]

EDITORIAL: More Housing Now!

by Nat Frothingham Is there ever general agreement on anything in Montpelier? Not often — because Montpelier is a state capital and a very political town. That being the case, I was astonished after talking with four local housing experts to discover a general agreement about the housing situation in Montpelier. Last week, I talked […]

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

by Nat Frothingham One of the surprising outcomes of our fabulously successful (February to March) 30 day-Kickstarter campaign that raised an essential $12,000+ to benefit The Bridge was the Internet itself and the range of old and sometimes distant friends who saw the campaign online. Some responded with donations. Others phoned with excitement. I was […]

EDITORIAL: Treasure Hunting For Our Next Smashing Fundraiser

by Carla Occaso- One special surprise we got during the Kickstarter campaign for The Bridge was a phone call from Jeff Jacobs, owner of the establishment Charlie O’s World Famous. For those who don’t know Montpelier, this is a bar whose motto is “good drinks and bad company.” Jeff was calling Nat with an offer […]