EDITORIAL: Thanking Our Many Friends

by Nat Frothingham I am writing this note on behalf of our staff and board of directors at The Bridge to express our thanks to the many people who came together to give us a great benefit shindig at the world famous Charlie O’s in downtown Montpelier on July 10. Charlie O’s is a place where […]

EDITORIAL: More Housing Now!

by Nat Frothingham Is there ever general agreement on anything in Montpelier? Not often — because Montpelier is a state capital and a very political town. That being the case, I was astonished after talking with four local housing experts to discover a general agreement about the housing situation in Montpelier. Last week, I talked […]

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

by Nat Frothingham One of the surprising outcomes of our fabulously successful (February to March) 30 day-Kickstarter campaign that raised an essential $12,000+ to benefit The Bridge was the Internet itself and the range of old and sometimes distant friends who saw the campaign online. Some responded with donations. Others phoned with excitement. I was […]

EDITORIAL: Treasure Hunting For Our Next Smashing Fundraiser

by Carla Occaso- One special surprise we got during the Kickstarter campaign for The Bridge was a phone call from Jeff Jacobs, owner of the establishment Charlie O’s World Famous. For those who don’t know Montpelier, this is a bar whose motto is “good drinks and bad company.” Jeff was calling Nat with an offer […]

EDITORIAL: Preserve Parental Right to Choose

by Nat Frothingham Author, activist and attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visited the Vermont State House on May 5 and gave testimony on the current Vermont vaccination debate in a packed hearing room before the House Committee on Health Care. Kennedy is widely recognized by many Americans being the son of his namesake father, the […]

EDITORIAL: Upending Conventional Wisdom

EDITORIAL: Upending Conventional Wisdom

by Nat Frothingham According to conventional wisdom — it’s not a good idea to seek financial help for any cause, organization or project —however worthy — in January or February. You wouldn’t want to ask anyone for help after the gift-giving and partying of the December holiday season. Nor would you appeal for help in […]

EDITORIAL: “Over the Top” Kickstarter Campaign to Benefit The Bridge

by Nat Frothingham “Humbled, Grateful, Overwhelmed” – these were among the many reactions at The Bridge office on Thursday afternoon, March 12 to news that a Kickstarter Campaign to support the paper had gone over the top. When the Kickstarter campaign began on Friday, Feb. 13, the dollar goal was set at $10,000, but when […]

EDITORIAL: The Bridge on Kickstarter

by Nat Frothingham The Bridge is on Kickstarter with a fundraising campaign.  Our goal is $10,000. Already we’re up and over $3,000 in pledges but we’re in the countdown at the end of a 30-day drive. We put The Bridge on Kickstarter to reach out to old and new friends who want to support the […]

EDITORIAL: Affordable Housing: A Challenge Facing Us

by Nat Frothingham Editor’s note:  Here is a lightly edited email exchange on the subject of affordable housing in Montpelier between Nat Frothingham at The Bridge and Kevin Casey, community development specialist at the city’s Planning & Development office. Frothingham:  I’m aware that finding affordable housing, particularly for young adults in Montpelier is a problem. […]

EDITORIAL: The Bridge Answers to the People, So Let the Voters Decide

by Nat Frothingham In the several weeks  since Jan. 1, friends of The Bridge have gathered close to 700 signatures in a petition drive to seek financial help for the paper from Montpelier voters on Town Meeting Day March 3. Here are the chief things I have learned from this drive: Many people in Montpelier […]