An Open Letter from Nat Frothingham to Readers and Friends of The Bridge

Dear Friend of The Bridge, As a kid growing up I don’t think I ever imagined I would ever want to raise money for anything. But then — later on — I discovered a few enthusiasms and these enthusiasms took hold of me. Discovering Shakespeare One of my early and continuous enthusiasms has been theater […]

EDITORIAL: The City and Montpelier Discount Beverage: Hammering Out a Needed Compromise

by Nat Frothingham Here is my thinking about the proposed bike and walking path and the City of Montpelier’s just-begun action to exercise its power of eminent domain and take the private property occupied right now by Montpelier Discount Beverage and owned by the Mowatt Trust. First, yes — I do see a public benefit […]

EDITORIAL: Helping Young Adults Learn Money Management

by Nat Frothingham Help appears to be on the way for schoolchildren, college students and young adults struggling to manage their money. During the last session of the Vermont Legislature a bill was passed in both House and Senate and signed into law by Gov. Shumlin to establish a Vermont Financial Literacy Commission. “Why yet […]

Nat Frothingham Writes an Open Letter to Friends of The Bridge: Please Consider a Contribution to our Fall 2015 Campaign to Help The Bridge.

Dear Friend of The Bridge, Mid-October — and at The Bridge we are reaching out to readers and friends to seek financial help both to strengthen the paper and make it possible for us to continue to publish. This has been both a tough and also a very good year at The Bridge and there […]

EDITORIAL: Design Review: It’s Broken, Please Fix it

by Nat Frothingham Clarity is a wonderful thing. In a recent phone conversation with City of Montpelier Planning and Development Director Mike Miller (who came aboard in this post in May 2014), Mike gave me a very clear explanation of the Montpelier Planning Commission, the Montpelier Development Review Board and the city’s Design Review Committee. […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Ward Joyce and Many Others for the Main Street Pocket Park

by Nat Frothingham Coming up on Saturday, October 3 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the pocket park on Main Street is what looks like a community party. According to architect Ward Joyce, he and others will be offering beverages and cake to thank people who worked together this spring and summer to create a […]

EDITORIAL: Write for Publication by Joining Us at “Saturday Scribes”

by Nat Frothingham Since our beginnings 22 years ago one of our most ardent beliefs has been that almost anyone who can talk can also write. Over and over again, we have discovered a more than modest writing talent — sometimes a powerful writing talent — coming from teens, elders, adults, from people whose first […]

EDITORIAL: Cars — oh dear!

by Nat Frothingham Back in my in my 20s I was a participant in the Teachers for East Africa Program along with 150 or so other Americans. And, I had a little baby blue Morris Minor (soft-top) convertible. We were young and foolhardy. But I don’t know which of those qualities was in the ascendant. […]

EDITORIAL: Honoring Intern Lindsey Grutchfield and All Those Who Contributed to The Breeze

by Nat Frothingham What about yesterday’s (August 17) three-hour “farewell lunch” for Lindsey Grutchfield with attendance from 20 to 30 people of all ages? Lindsey was listed in our July 2015 issue as managing editor of The Breeze but that only partly describes her role. She was really the organizing genius and sparkplug of a […]

EDITORIAL: Please Don’t Destroy the Planet to Save the Planet

by Carla Occaso I am not a biologist, ecologist or scientist, but neither are the members of the Solar Siting Task Force. The task force was formed at the end of the legislative session to figure out where to put all the solar plants in order to achieve the aggressive increase of renewable energy mandated by […]