EDITORIAL: Affordable Housing: A Challenge Facing Us

by Nat Frothingham Editor’s note:  Here is a lightly edited email exchange on the subject of affordable housing in Montpelier between Nat Frothingham at The Bridge and Kevin Casey, community development specialist at the city’s Planning & Development office. Frothingham:  I’m aware that finding affordable housing, particularly for young adults in Montpelier is a problem. […]

EDITORIAL: The Bridge Answers to the People, So Let the Voters Decide

by Nat Frothingham In the several weeks  since Jan. 1, friends of The Bridge have gathered close to 700 signatures in a petition drive to seek financial help for the paper from Montpelier voters on Town Meeting Day March 3. Here are the chief things I have learned from this drive: Many people in Montpelier […]

EDITORIAL: Gathering Signatures in Montpelier to Get on the Ballot

by Nat Frothingham From now until January 22 – friends of The Bridge will be circulating petitions with the aim of gathering 600-plus signatures from registered voters in Montpelier so that The Bridge can request an appropriation of $27,254 at this year’s Montpelier City Meeting on Tuesday, March 3. For the past 21 years, The […]

IN MEMORIUM: Charles Hoffman, 1927–2014

A little over a week ago I talked by phone with Nelson Hoffman who told me that his father, Charles Hoffman, had died Dec. 3. Charles Hoffman and I have been friends over the past few years.  We shared an enthusiasm for writing, poetry and storytelling.  From time to time in good weather we sat out […]

EDITORIAL: Elect Scott Milne

by Nat Frothingham If I were writing a letter to members of the Vermont House and Senate who will gather in Joint Assembly in the day or two after the Legislature convenes in January, my message would be painfully clear: Please read the Vermont Constitution. If you were the candidate for governor who got the […]

Remembering Lea Wood

Remembering Lea Wood

by Irina Markova OCTOBER I watch the colors rise on the mountain’s flank until tapestried to tree line in muted golds and bits of scarlet. October…..most favorite time of year. After summer’s heat and bugs the air’s like wine. The rain-bright leaves look sunstruck under clouded skies. My spirit flies high, kindred to the sky-travelers […]

EDITORIAL: Reviving a Neighborhood, One Corner at a Time 9.25.14

by Nat Frothingham   In this issue of The Bridge we’re running a centerfold spread that celebrates the seventh anniversary of the Uncommon Market, a pretty remarkable store at the corner of Elm and School streets in Montpelier. What makes Uncommon pretty remarkable is the many faces it turns to the world. Uncommon is many […]

EDITORIAL: A Salute to Spaulding High School 9.11.14

by Nat Frothingham At a recent breakfast meeting in Barre with Ed Rousse and Norma Malone, I developed a solid respect for what Spaulding High School has been able to do and achieve–which could well be an example for other high schools across Vermont. Ed Rousse, a Barre native, graduated from SHS in 1979. He […]

EDITORIAL: Water and Militancy 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. I’m not quite an anarchist–not yet–but I have anarchist leanings. I don’t like paying taxes. As a class–with rare exceptions–I distrust politicians. I hate being told what I can and cannot do. That’s my confession. But having confessed, let me now turn around and contradict myself. Although I hate organized authority, I […]

EDITORIAL: The Play’s the Thing 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. We’ve got two stories here. Our first story chronicles the birth, development and magnificent overall achievement of Lost Nation Theater. Lost Nation was founded in Bristol, Vt., in 1977. In 1989, the company opened its first season at City Hall in Montpelier. Today Lost Nation is in its 26th year at City […]