OPINION: Fossil Fuel Investments Too Risky

by Maeve McBride, Coordinator of 350Vermont I’m struck by the strange pace of life under the golden dome in Montpelier. On one hand, policy-making seems to progress at a glacial pace. On the other hand, the pace can be so fast, if you’re not watching carefully, you’ll miss the grand slam moment. One of those […]

EDITORIAL: Come To The Mid-Winter Follies!

by Nat Frothingham About four or five weeks ago my longtime friend Ann O’Brien walked into my office at The Bridge and presented me with a sign that says: “Work on Wonderful.” What the devil does “Work on Wonderful” mean? Well, I’m not sure. But here let me try. My best reading is this. Things […]

LETTERS: 2.4.16

I Oppose The Proposed Legalization of Marijuana Editor: The significant difference between second-hand smoke from marijuana vs. cigarettes (though some may consider this a benefit) is the high incurred from smoking marijuana can also be obtained from inhaling the smoke. Aside from the possible health concerns to second-hand smoke in general, as is known to […]

OPINION: Educational Reform: Another Brick In the Wall?

“Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone” — Pink Floyd by Gerard Renfro The Act 46 forum at the Kellogg Hubbard Library was a refreshing change to the usual debate and I definitely appreciated Dave Kelley’s caution that theory is no substitute for reality. Even so, focusing only on the details of legislation is not adequate […]

OPINION: Entrepreneur Asks Economic Questions

by Wavell Cowan A widely acknowledged economic “problem” of this political year is the increasing gap in wealth between the so-called 1 percent and the rest of us. Economic inequality was recently explored in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Foreign Affairs. In one of the essays the author quoted the so-called Bossuet paradox – “God laughs […]

EDITORIAL: Pot: Should Vermont Race to Legalize, Regulate and Tax It?

by Nat Frothingham The legislature appears to be moving swiftly to consider a number of bills  that could have the practical result of making Vermont the first state in the Northeast to legalize marijuana and then regulate it, grow it, manufacture it, sell it and tax it. We’re not talking “small potatoes” here. In writing […]

LETTERS: 1.21.16

Support Local Option Tax Editor: As a 30-year resident of Montpelier I write in support of the 1 percent local option meals, rooms and alcohol tax proposal. From 1981 to 1986 I lived 100 feet from the Montpelier City border, in East Montpelier only three miles from downtown. I used everything that Montpelier had to […]

OPINION: Industrial Wind Turbines Jeopardize Air Travel Safety

by Brian Dubie, Chair, Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association It was my honor to serve as Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor for eight years. While I was in office, I was invited to tour the site of a proposed industrial wind turbine complex in Ira. My tour guide, a commercial pilot, explained his concerns about the project’s […]

LETTERS: 1.7.16

Fire Department Deserves Thanks Editor: Thank you for your excellent article on the Montpelier Fire Department. I was honored to work with many of the firefighters working today. The community gets an extremely high quality of service because of the quality of persons selected to provide that service. Thank you for thanking them! Gesualdo Schneider, […]

OPINION: Zero-Sort (of) Recycling

by Cassandra Hemenway In the last issue of The Bridge, Larry Floersch provided a bit of entertainment with his tongue-in-cheek analysis of “Zero-Sort” recycling in “A State of Mind: Zero-Sort Recycling?” Recycling nerds like me can use a shot of humor about a subject we occasionally take too seriously, so I’m not knocking it. But […]