EDITORIAL: Water and Militancy 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. I’m not quite an anarchist–not yet–but I have anarchist leanings. I don’t like paying taxes. As a class–with rare exceptions–I distrust politicians. I hate being told what I can and cannot do. That’s my confession. But having confessed, let me now turn around and contradict myself. Although I hate organized authority, I […]

EDITORIAL: The Play’s the Thing 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. We’ve got two stories here. Our first story chronicles the birth, development and magnificent overall achievement of Lost Nation Theater. Lost Nation was founded in Bristol, Vt., in 1977. In 1989, the company opened its first season at City Hall in Montpelier. Today Lost Nation is in its 26th year at City […]

Letters to the Editor: 8.7.14

Jump Right In To the editor: This weekend I spent a couple of lovely days at my favorite Vermont beach, Wrightsville Reservoir. For 25 years, I’ve loved jumping in my car and heading just a few miles up the road from Montpelier to a spot where I can swim long-distance, paddle my kayak and lounge […]

Letters to the Editor 7.17.14

An Open Letter to Montpelier Mayor Hollar: As a Calais resident who regularly bikes in Montpelier, I was dismayed to learn that despite their best efforts, the Montpelier Bicycle Advisory Committee was unable to persuade the city to adopt a bike-friendly plan for the roadway in front of our state capitol building. The current plan, […]

EDITORIAL: A Bridge to Barre

by Nat Frothingham With this issue, we present ourselves to Barre readers in the thoroughest way: as an introductory gesture, a copy of The Bridge is being mailed to every address and post office box in the Granite City. The timing is right, with the Barre Heritage Festival—see our centerfold—coming up July 23-27, and with […]

OPINION: A Healing Walk for First Nations Impacted by Tar Sands Mining

by K.C. Whiteley In late June I traveled to Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta, for the fifth Healing Walk organized by Keepers of the Athabasca—an alliance of First Nations, environmental groups, Metis, and other citizens working to protect the Athabasca River watershed from tar sands mining. The Alberta tar sands are the world’s second-largest oil […]

OPINION: Blanchard Park Development: Another View

In our last issue, Montpelier city councilman Thierry Guerlain presented a proposal for the development of a parking garage and housing in the Blanchard Park neighborhood of the city, in back of the Pitkin Building. Below, Calais resident and Montpelier property owner Mason Singer presents an opposing viewpoint. I read Thierry Guerlain’s 6/26–7/16, 2014, op-ed […]

OPINION: A Call for Comments: Newspaper Cooperative as Community-spirited Journalism

by C.B. Hall Hear the word co-op and you’ll likely think of a food co-op. That’s natural enough: Washington County has three active food co-ops, and the state has 14 of them, with 4 more forming. But Vermont also has cooperative creameries, an energy cooperative, a workers’ cooperative, and cooperative credit unions. It has a […]

OPINION: Meditation Tradition Continues at Christ Church

by Rev. Regis Cummings The first gathering of the Christian Meditation Group at Christ Episcopal Church on State Street in Montpelier was on July 10, 1989. Twenty-five years later, we are still meeting Mondays from 12 noon until 1 p.m. Many individuals from various faith visions have graced our gatherings, meditating in silence. The rediscovery […]

Letters to the Editor: 6.26.14

To the Editor, I like the parklet in concept, but not in its execution by the State Street (Rialto) Bridge. I don’t bemoan the loss of parking there so much. If a public project attracts people to a town like ours, people will walk a short distance to available parking. I wish the city could […]