OPINION: Dual Enrollment Raises College Aspiration

by Stephan Morse Several years ago, a Middlebury student was struggling in high school, unsure of her future. No one in her family had ever attended college. With encouragement, she took English composition at the Community College of Vermont during her senior year of high school. The dual enrollment course, for which she received both […]

EDITORIAL: Upending Conventional Wisdom

by Nat Frothingham According to conventional wisdom — it’s not a good idea to seek financial help for any cause, organization or project —however worthy — in January or February. You wouldn’t want to ask anyone for help after the gift-giving and partying of the December holiday season. Nor would you appeal for help in […]

LETTERS: 4.16.15

Don’t Blame the NRA for Water Bill Blockage From The Bridge’s Facebook page: Editor: Paul Perley: The National Rifle Association is the “boogeyman” for all kinds of radical “fascists.” Now the clean water folks are blaming the NRA influence for the failure of H.33 to gain traction in the House. They refuse to accept that […]

Senior Activity Center Thanks Voters

by Janna Clar, director of the Montpelier Senior Activity Center Thank you to voters in the towns of Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Moretown (new!), and Worcester for your support at town meeting.  In the new fiscal year, seniors (age 50+) from these supporting towns will enjoy lower membership dues than non-supporting towns as well […]

In Memorium: In Memory of Our Neighbor Gene McCourt

by Jean and George Olson This is to remember our neighbor of many years, perhaps the 30 years we have lived on First Avenue.  Gene lived across Hubbard Street with a bird’s eye view of our backyard. He would sit on his small porch, happy with a cigar and ear buds listening to every Red […]

OPINION: On Writing: A Passion for History as It Happens

by Lindsey Grutchfield I have been passionate about writing since I first learned to put pencil to paper. My bookshelf is full of notebooks from my childhood stuffed with stories and journal entries, some in cipher, some not. As I grew older, I retained this love of the written word, and I intend to carry it […]

OPINION: Clean Water Advocate: Shumlin’s NRA Ties Prompt Him To Block Bill

by Paul Perley It seems more than strange that H.33 can’t seem to find traction in the legislature. The bill is very simple. It would give municipalities the authority to control the use of their drinking water source, if they so chose, provided the source was a lake or pond. It would affect at most […]

LETTERS: 4.2.15

Film Festival a Wonderful Experience Editor: Like the shepherds in “Winter Nomads,” Rachelle Murphy and Eric Reynolds start each year with a large herd of films (this is the 18th year of the Green Mountain Film Festival and there were 2,400 films from 92 countries) and winnow them down to 60 films and four presentations of […]

OPINION: In Defense of Parents Who Vaccinate Their Children

by Ashley Shelby In an opinion published in The Bridge’s March 5 edition, anti-vaccine activist and homeopath Charlotte Gilruth makes false and defamatory accusations about the parent-led vaccine organization Voices for Vaccines, for which I volunteer as co-director. The other director, Karen Ernst, is a military wife and mother of three. Neither she nor I […]

OPINION: Cool The Arctic, Save The World

by Cody Michaels So it’s official:  The National Academy of Sciences recently announced that we are in fact in a climate crisis of our own making due to our failure to get off fossil fuels when we should have done that back in the 1970s and ’80s. The academy is now calling for dramatic reductions […]