EDITORIAL: A Taxpayer’s Message to City Hall “Clean Up the Econo Lodge Mess”

EDITORIAL: A Taxpayer’s Message to City Hall “Clean Up the Econo Lodge Mess”

by Nat Frothingham; photos by Michael Jermyn Now that the City of Montpelier is getting ready — this spring — to launch a $3.9 million road, sidewalk, bike land, sewer and water improvement project on Northfield Street — it’s way past time to encourage, even demand, that City and State officials work together and cut […]

OPINION: The Great Saturday That Was

by Jules Rabin, Plainfield There was a 17-year-old high school kid at the table last night, along with half a dozen of us from the larger family; some young, some wizened. It was the kid’s birthday, and we had come together to celebrate him. The kid was the only one of our little party who […]

Comments on the Definition of ‘Independent Contractor’

by Pat McDonald, Barre The problem stems from the lack of a clear definition of independent contractor and employee. And while this is not a headline grabbing issue, it has an impact on unemployment insurance and workers compensation, Vermont’s economy and you — the consumer. There is a test called the ABC test which the […]

OPINION: What is Sanctuary?

by Margaret Blanchard, Montpelier Now that Montpelier is a Sanctuary City, it seems like a good time for us to reflect together on what “sanctuary” means to us. The legal and moral issues involved are being thoroughly investigated through media, government, and support organizations, but the emotional, symbolic, and historic dimensions of this designation are […]

LETTERS: 2.16.17

Central Vermont Good on Food Scrap Diversion Editor: Grow Compost of Vermont’s piece on diverting food scraps was written for a statewide audience. It noted that “Efforts to reduce waste have largely focused on glass, plastic, and paper, yet, food waste make up 28 percent of trash Vermonters throw away.” Grow Compost of Vermont however […]

LETTERS: 2.2.17

Should Say “Choice At End Of Life,” Not “Assisted Suicide” Editor: In these times, I’m sure you will agree, that fact-checking is more important than ever. I will limit myself to Question#4 of the horrible “pro-Life” insert in your recent edition. As it relates to Vermont’s Act 39: It is quite definitely not a “Physician […]

OPINION: Composting Protects The Environment

by Lisa Ransom, Waterbury As Grow Compost heads into 2017, it is focusing on helping businesses meet requirements of Act 148, the universal recycling law — diverting liquid organic wastes from breweries and distilleries, diverting food scraps from businesses and helping businesses cut the amount of food scraps they throw away. Grow Compost’s expansion plan […]

OPINION: Defend Sanctuary Cities

by R.D. Eno, Cabot As many as 20,000 people joined the Montpelier Women’s March on Jan. 21 to affirm a shared system of values expressed succinctly in such familiar slogans as “A Woman’s Right to Choose,” “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege.” These and other […]

OPINION: A Call For Civil Discourse in Education

by Nicole Mace, executive director, Vermont School Boards Association As leaders in education, it is our obligation to model civil discourse. When faced with conflict or opposing priorities, do we want future generations to approach a situation with humility and a commitment to understanding, or do we want them to draw a line in the […]

OPINION: Trump Dumping and Liberal Amnesia

by Gerard Renfro, Montpelier “You deserve the king you get” — Thomas Jefferson As much as I dislike Trump as a public official, I cannot agree with the rash of hysteria and doomsday prophecies such as those printed in the Jan. 5 Bridge. Has no one noticed that this hysteria is exactly what happened with […]