OPINION: Streams of Justice

OPINION: Streams of Justice

by Margaret Blanchard Like folks flowing from every direction into Montpelier for the Women’s March, a web of visionary/moral/environmental/educational strands is manifesting in Central Vermont around issues of housing, jobs, energy. If cultivated, this weave holds potential for Washington County, at the heart of our state, to become a hub of innovation, a national model […]

OPINION: Zoning on Steroids

by Joe Castellano, Montpelier The planning commission has been working on adopting a new zoning proposal that will affect every neighborhood in Montpelier. While we understand that this has been a lengthy process that has taken quite a few years, we feel that the result is extreme and far too drastic. On March 22, city […]

EDITORIAL: A $50,000 NEA “Our Town” Grant to Montpelier Making an Extraordinary City — More Extraordinary

by Nat Frothingham For 200-plus years the City of Montpelier has been the capital and nerve center of Vermont state government — a hot spot for law and policy making, pressure groups and lobbying, political maneuvering and intrigue, protests, marches and parades. But the city’s role as a government center is only part of what’s […]

OPINION: Extend the Right to a Free Press to Student Journalists

by Robbie Maher, St. Albans The rights of a free press are questioned daily in tweets and from the podium in the White House briefing room. Concern about First Amendment rights is nothing new inside the halls of public high schools. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that various constitutional rights give way […]

OPINION: Racial Justice

by Madeline Sharrow, Northfield Central Vermont chapter of the national group, Showing Up for Racial Justice came out in support this week of new racial justice reform bills H.492 and S.116. Showing Up for Racial Justice Central Vermont is a local racial justice community organization and has signed onto the H.492 and S.116 bill in […]

LETTERS: 3.16.17

Zoning Proposals Bad For Montpelier Editor: Returning to Montpelier after several years abroad, I was dismayed by the Planning Commission’s city-wide zoning proposals. If implemented, they would dramatically alter the historic character of our neighborhoods and make Montpelier unrecognizable. The proposals call for too much density, in too short a time, in too many places, […]

CORRECTION: Remarks Wrongly Attributed to Montpelier Planning Chief Mike Miller

As part of an editorial statement on pages 22 and 23 of the February 16 (2017) issue of The Bridge entitled “A Taxpayer’s Message to City Hall: Clean Up the Econo Lodge Mess,” writer Nat Frothingham wrongly attributed remarks to Montpelier Planning Chief Mike Miller. These remarks or the sense of these remarks were actually […]

OPINION: Mayor Clarifies Council Process on Manager’s Contract

by Mayor John Hollar, Montpelier There appears to be a great deal of misunderstanding about the Montpelier City Council’s deliberations regarding the city manager’s employment contract. I have been reluctant to comment in detail, since issues related to the manager’s performance are fundamentally a personnel matter. The role of the City Council is to set […]

LETTERS: 3.2.17

Wind Power Too Loud To the Vermont Public Interest Research Group: You asked for comments on the wind sound rules you would like to see in place. Since this is such a important issue to all Vermonters and your website wouldn’t receive comments, I had to seek other avenues to comment. These are statements you […]

OPINION: Strengthen The Local Economy with Time Banking

by Dan Towle and Edisa Muller Onion River Exchange, Central Vermont’s community timebank, is ready for the tumultuous times ahead. What is a timebank? It’s a complementary currency in which the currency is time. It’s a currency that everyone possesses. Timebank members earn time-credit for the skills, services and talents they offer to others. They […]