OPINION: U-32 Budget Up Slightly, Staff Reductions Planned

by Kari Bradley, vice-chair of the board The challenge of operating schools these days is encapsulated in the budgeting process. In these times of declining enrollment, rising property taxes and an ever-expanding list of expectations for our schools, achieving the proper balance between our educational responsibility to our students and our fiscal responsibility to our […]

LETTERS: 2.19.15

Loved the Wig Goddess Story Editor: I loved your Valentine’s issue, most especially the cover article about the wig goddess. Thanks for a newspaper we can all be proud of and learn from. Rebecca Riley   Support the Carbon Pollution Tax Bill Editor: I am an about-to-be grandmother looking forward to lots of play time outside […]

OPINION: Why We Should Fix the Medicaid Cost Shift

by Gov. Peter Shumlin It wouldn’t make much sense if you were charged $1.40 for a cup of coffee only to find the person in line behind you was charged 60 cents for the same order. Yet that’s how medical services are paid for in Vermont and around the country. It’s not only nonsensical; it’s […]

EDITORIAL: Affordable Housing: A Challenge Facing Us

by Nat Frothingham Editor’s note:  Here is a lightly edited email exchange on the subject of affordable housing in Montpelier between Nat Frothingham at The Bridge and Kevin Casey, community development specialist at the city’s Planning & Development office. Frothingham:  I’m aware that finding affordable housing, particularly for young adults in Montpelier is a problem. […]

OPINION: Introducing Hempfully Green Sanctuaries

by Emily Peyton, gubernatorial candidate 2014 There is a team of local and national professionals working on a vision that is very exciting for Vermont. Hempfully Green campus sanctuaries are places designed to attract new young adults to the state and to offer a means of land security and increased food independence for host communities. […]

OPINION: Montpelier Senior Activity Center Serves All Seniors

by Janna Clar, director, MSAC Montpelier Senior Activity Center serves over 1,000 central Vermont seniors annually. Many people are aware of our fee-based classes and activities that require membership, but we also offer groups, meals, presentations and activities open to all seniors at no cost, regardless of membership. In fact, on average, we have over […]

OPINION: Housing is Fundamental to Affordability

by Jennifer Hollar, deputy commissioner of housing and community development and chair of the Vermont Housing Council As too many Vermonters struggle to make ends meet, affordability has rightly taken its place at the center of public debate. Often missing from the discussion, however, has been the cost of housing. If we are to succeed […]

OPINION: Working Together to Clean Up Vermont’s Waters

by Deb Markowitz, secretary, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources This past month, Gov. Peter Shumlin opened the legislative session with an unprecedented focus on the environment. Understanding that global climate change threatens our way of life, the governor announced new initiatives aimed at continuing to expand our renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors; creating jobs, […]

LETTERS: 2.5.15

Fund Our Schools Editor: Montpelier is a great city with a tradition of vibrant and inclusive public debate. And this is a very healthy thing for a community. But there has been a very vocal minority putting forth that the “problem” with our school budget is that we are spending too much to educate our […]

Class Sizes at Montpelier High School

by Ben Huffman Many classes at Montpelier High School are smaller than the school’s own class size policy guidelines. The school offers classes in a broad range of subjects. But declining student numbers have made compliance with the school’s class size policy impossible in many of these classes. And since teachers and other staff are […]