Q & A with Michael Martin, Director of Curriculum and Technology, Montpelier Public Schools

The Bridge: Tell us a bit about yourself. Michael Martin: I’m a multi-generational Vermonter and graduated from Essex High School.  I was a French-English major at UVM, and spent my junior year in Nice on the French Riviera.  That was a good year.  As soon as I had the chance, I returned to France to […]

EDITORIAL: A Salute to Spaulding High School 9.11.14

by Nat Frothingham At a recent breakfast meeting in Barre with Ed Rousse and Norma Malone, I developed a solid respect for what Spaulding High School has been able to do and achieve–which could well be an example for other high schools across Vermont. Ed Rousse, a Barre native, graduated from SHS in 1979. He […]

OPINION: How I Survived My Colonoscopy

By C.B. Hall- Two Decembers ago, before the advent of Obamacare, I purchased a health insurance-policy from a company called Assurant. The firm’s flurry of “welcoming” materials gave two different dates for the commencement of my coverage. I called the toll-free number and determined which date was correct, but sensed the flub-up would prove a […]

LETTER: Applause for Barre Clinic

To the editor: I recently attended the 20th-anniversary celebration and fundraiser for the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic (PHWC) in Barre. For 20 years, the clinic has provided primary health care and wellness education for uninsured and underinsured central Vermont residents who cannot otherwise afford these services. It is a free clinic: PHWC charges nothing […]

LETTER: An Open Letter to the Mayor, City Council and City Manager of Montpelier

I am disappointed in the reaction from Montpelier City Hall in regards to the recent Department of Environmental Conservation decision regarding Berlin Pond that I have read about in The Times Argus and VTDigger. The scientists at DEC are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. They also live in Montpelier and drink […]

LETTER: An Open Letter to Mayor Hollar and the Montpelier City Council

Dear Mayor Hollar and councilors: Keck Circle, the 19th roundabout built in the United States, represents a modern technology introduced in 1966 in the U.K., but composed of stone-age materials. It is noteworthy that the design costs for the $64,000, entirely city-funded project were $2,300.  Pinkham Engineering of Burling-ton, later merged into Summit Engineering, handled […]

The Well-Nigh Irreplaceable Carolyn Grodinsky

By Nat Frothingham- Is there anyone who is truly irreplaceable? In the abstract I would say, “No, no one is irreplaceable. But Carolyn Grodinsky, our key ad sales rep over the past five or so years–Carolyn comes as close to irreplaceable as anyone I can imagine. Carolyn, who is leaving to follow a career dream […]

OPINION: A Political System that Needs Fixing 8.28.14

By Nat Frothingham- There’s something badly wrong with Vermont’s primary election system: almost no one votes, since  there’s no one to vote for. And when it’s that thin and non-competitive in the primary,  it’s thin on the November ballot as well. The day after the August 26 primary election, I phoned city clerk John Odum […]

EDITORIAL: Water and Militancy 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. I’m not quite an anarchist–not yet–but I have anarchist leanings. I don’t like paying taxes. As a class–with rare exceptions–I distrust politicians. I hate being told what I can and cannot do. That’s my confession. But having confessed, let me now turn around and contradict myself. Although I hate organized authority, I […]

EDITORIAL: The Play’s the Thing 8.7.14

By Nat Frothingham. We’ve got two stories here. Our first story chronicles the birth, development and magnificent overall achievement of Lost Nation Theater. Lost Nation was founded in Bristol, Vt., in 1977. In 1989, the company opened its first season at City Hall in Montpelier. Today Lost Nation is in its 26th year at City […]