OPINION: Your Drinking Water: Managing the Risk of Recreation on the Source

Protection of drinking water sources is serious business in most New England states and New York. The laws may be administered by the state, community or water utility, but almost every state prohibits or restricts swimming and body contact in water supply sources. Other recreation is banned or limited largely depending on the size of […]

OPINION: Industrial Wind Farm Would Pollute Water

FAIRFIELD — My husband Bruce and I have lived on Fairfield Pond, in Fairfield for 16 years. We’ve run the Fairfield Pond Recreation Association for 14 of those years. Water quality issues have been at the forefront of our efforts.  My previous career at Vermont Local Roads was a federal/state program providing training and technical […]

OPINION: Education Quality Reviews: The Whole Picture

by Emily Fowler   Current models of federal accountability have focused on English/language arts, mathematics and student test results. As a result, school systems across the nation have distorted educational practice, winnowing school goals and discounting other learning, which is valuable for a well-rounded citizen. In 2013, the Vermont State Board of Education adopted the […]

EDITORIAL: Design Review: It’s Broken, Please Fix it

by Nat Frothingham Clarity is a wonderful thing. In a recent phone conversation with City of Montpelier Planning and Development Director Mike Miller (who came aboard in this post in May 2014), Mike gave me a very clear explanation of the Montpelier Planning Commission, the Montpelier Development Review Board and the city’s Design Review Committee. […]

LETTERS: 10.1.15

LETTERS: 10.1.15

Montpelier ‘Bike’ Path? Editor: I was reading the article on the Montpelier Discount Beverage and the ‘bike path.’ Do we really have a bike path in Montpelier? You can find it in name but that is about all. To me there three sections of bike path, all used differently. Department Of Labor/Bailey Avenue section seems […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Ward Joyce and Many Others for the Main Street Pocket Park

by Nat Frothingham Coming up on Saturday, October 3 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the pocket park on Main Street is what looks like a community party. According to architect Ward Joyce, he and others will be offering beverages and cake to thank people who worked together this spring and summer to create a […]

OPINION: Stop Industrial Wind Development — We Must Protect Our Ridgelines, Lakes and Streams

by Brian Dubie In 2009, when I was serving as lieutenant governor, I was invited to the Bolton Valley Ski Area resort for the commissioning of a wind turbine manufactured by Barre workers. Its blade height was a very modest 120-feet, and the tower was on a scale to fit in with the ski resort […]

OPINION: Reduce Lawn Size to Save the Environment, Time and Money

by George Plumb Deborah Markowitz, writing as secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources and as a Jew, recently wrote about the spiritual responsibility of dealing with climate change. In it, she stated “And with each of us doing ‘something’ we can change the world.” As a Unitarian Universalist I also try to practice our […]

EDITORIAL: Write for Publication by Joining Us at “Saturday Scribes”

by Nat Frothingham Since our beginnings 22 years ago one of our most ardent beliefs has been that almost anyone who can talk can also write. Over and over again, we have discovered a more than modest writing talent — sometimes a powerful writing talent — coming from teens, elders, adults, from people whose first […]

LETTERS: 9.17.15

McDonald’s Egg Pledge Is a Small Step Editor: McDonald’s pledge last week to start using cage-free eggs is only a small step in preventing staggering suffering endured by millions of birds. Hatcheries that annually supply 200 million female hens for U.S. egg production, including cage-free, also kill the same number of male chicks at birth […]