EDITORIAL: Twenty-Seven Design Ideas for a Net Zero Montpelier

by Nat Frothingham Because of efforts by the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee with full support from the Montpelier City Council, Montpelier has set a goal of “Net Zero Energy” in less than 15 years by 2030. At The Bridge we support this difficult, but achievable, objective. To be more specific about Net Zero Energy — […]

LETTERS: 9.15.16

Thank You For Participating  In Movie Event Editor: A big thank you to everyone who attended the Movie on the State House Lawn: “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” We were so pleased with the turn out and hope everyone had a wonderful night! Thanks to Ben and Jerry’s for the ice cream, and to Montpelier […]

OPINION: Fond Memories of Paper Papers

by Walt Amses Although dismayed by the announcement that the Times Argus and Rutland Herald would cut back production of their paper editions to four a week, (publishing online seven days a week), I realized that I’m a component of this vicious cycle, preferring my information instantaneously like most everyone else. Coupled with the Hardwick […]

EDITORIAL: A Message of Thanks to the Friends of the Winooski a and to Friends of Those Valued Friends

by Nat Frothingham Over the past few weeks with ever-growing intensity, The Bridge has been working in partnership with Ann Smith and other stalwarts at the not-for-profit Friends of the Winooski River organization to put together the spread you now have in your hands — celebrating a theme of water and rivers and community solidarity. […]

LETTERS: 9.1.16

LETTERS: 9.1.16

Save The Ridgelines: Support Phil Scott Editor: Phil Scott believes renewable energy is critical to our future and the future of our planet. But Vermont’s current energy policies are doing damage to our environment and to our economy. Today we are destroying Vermont’s ridgelines and landscape by building helter skelter industrial wind projects so that […]

LETTER: We Love ‘em to Death

Editor: Today’s 10 highest grossing box office releases are about animals,including: “Finding Dory,” “The Jungle Book,” “Zootopia,” “The SecretLife of Pets” and “Kung Fu Panda.” Nearly half of our households include a dog and nearly 40 percent have a cat. Two thirds of us view them as family members and cherish them accordingly. We love […]

OPINION: Prevent Child Abuse

by Linda Johnson, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Two newspapers have published a major investigation related to USA Gymnastics regarding failure of USA Gymnastics to report suspicion of child sexual abuse by many different coaches over many years. Their failure has resulted in the abuse of some victims over many years as well […]

OPINION: Teachers Unions — Myth Busting

by Walt Amses With the culture’s ascension to post-factual political discourse, it becomes vital to clarify myths masquerading as truth because when they go unchallenged, or are endlessly repeated, an inordinate number of people believe they’re true. One such fantasy is the conservative-fueled assertion that teacher’s unions protect bad teachers, consequently lowering the quality of […]

LETTERS: 8.4.16

Letter to Dot Helling To Dot Helling: I was reading your article in The Bridge regarding Toy Town which was originally owned by Marina (my father’s sister) and her husband Joe Angulo. I remember as a little girl visiting Toy Town with my family and was always intrigued by the miniature Capitol building which they […]

OPINION: How Do You Foster Peace?

by Richard Czaplinski, Warren I’m a veteran with nearly six years of service (1964 to 1969). I’m also a member of the Will Miller Green Mountain Veterans for Peace, Chapter 57. As an organization we try to foster peace. Over the years I must admit that I have been more than a bit frustrated as […]