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by John Hollar, Mayor of Montpelier Nat Frothingham and Jake Brown could scarcely have imagined the changes that were about to begin in the world of communication when they created The Bridge 21 years ago.  Soon after their first publication came an explosion of media outlets on cable and the Internet, and not long thereafter […]

Letters – 12.4.14

Mayor Hollar: Gimme Shelter! Dear Mayor Hollar: Today is not too bad a day to be outdoors waiting for the bus. The past week, though, with rain, snow, wind … who would not appreciate having some shelter from all of it? Please discuss the temporary two-year shelter for those poor people shivering on the cold […]

LETTERS: 11.20.14

Cemetery Commission Seeks Candidate to Fill Vacancy Dear Editor, We are lucky to have such an engaged, community-spirited population in Montpelier. Those of us serving on the Green Mount Cemetery Commission hope we can tap into that energy. The commission is seeking a Montpelier resident to fill a vacancy. The appointed individual would serve until March […]

OPINION: What Happened to Peter Shumlin in the Governor’s Race

by David Kelley Columnists, historians and sociologists lead easy lives. They are beachcombers who dally in the shallows. They never venture very far from land, but they get to sit in judgment of those who do. Politicians are a different breed. In Marge Piercy’s words, “They strain in the mud and the muck to move […]

OPINION: Hubbard Park A Healthy Parcel of Land: Bike Trails Welcome

by Peter Sterling I have to strongly disagree with several statements in Brent Ehrlich’s recent piece in The Bridge titled “Say ‘No’ to Regular Mountain Biking in Hubbard Park.” Mr Ehrlich states that “Hubbard Park is a fragile, special piece of land that has been protected for years.” One can always say that “special” is in […]

OPINION: Say “No” to Regular Mountain Biking in Hubbard Park

In response to Tim Shea’s “A Thank You and Plea” letter requesting that Hubbard Park be opened up to mountain biking: I also took my kids to one of the bike events at Hubbard Park, but my experience and perception was very different than Tim’s. I assumed these were one-off events to teach kids about […]

Brandenburg Concerto Scheduled for Nov. 22  Featuring Trumpeter

Brandenburg Concerto Scheduled for Nov. 22 Featuring Trumpeter

Capital City Concerts will feature the music of Johann Sebastian Bach Saturday, Nov. 22, 7:30 p.m. at the St. Augustine Church in Montpelier. On the program is Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F major. “Each of the six concertos requires a different combination of instruments,” according to the article written by Lisa Simeone for […]

OPINION: Say “No” to Electronic Voting at Hunger Mountain Coop

by Steven Farnham Members of the Hunger Mountain Co-operative have received the warning for the Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014, annual meeting containing the council’s proposed change to the bylaws, which if approved, will enable members to vote changes to the bylaws electronically. With all due respect, in the enthusiastic promotion of what we’re purported to […]

Letters – 11.6.14

In Remembrance of Joey M. Laquerre  November 26, 1996 – October 25, 2014 Thank You The Laquerre and Garand family has been deeply touched by the outpouring of love, support and kindness from so many people in Vermont and beyond, during this time of our loss. We want to thank everyone who embraced Lil Joey […]

Letters to the Editor – 10.23.14

Goddard’s Choice an Act of Courage To the editor: As a WGDR programmer at Goddard College, I would like to comment on my community’s intentions. Hosting Mumia Abu-Jamal as a speaker on behalf of the 2014 graduating class has little to do with the Daniel Faulkner murder case and more to do with incarcerated citizens having […]