An Open Letter from Nat Frothingham to Readers and Friends of The Bridge

Dear Friend of The Bridge, As a kid growing up I don’t think I ever imagined I would ever want to raise money for anything. But then — later on — I discovered a few enthusiasms and these enthusiasms took hold of me. Discovering Shakespeare One of my early and continuous enthusiasms has been theater […]

OPINION: Give Thanks — And Give it Away!

by Jon M. Sweeney and Rabbi Michal Woll Thanksgiving may just be the most universally cherished and observed of American holidays. We share it without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, geography or sexual orientation. The two of us have really dear, although different, memories of the day from childhood. For Jon, it was a festive […]

OPINION: What’s Happening To Berlin Pond, Anyway?

by Jed and Page Guertin What’s changed now that people are swimming, boating, fishing and hunting on our drinking water source, Berlin Pond? The obvious change is an increase in turbidity — suspended particles kicked up by people launching boats at the south end of the pond and boating in the shallows. This requires Montpelier’s […]

LETTERS: 11.19.15

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders Editor: As an American and a Vermonter, I am aware of the local politics as the foreground of the humanitarian movement as an intrinsic backbone of our politics. Vermont was instrumental in the movement to abolish slavery, and Vermont has always served as an example to the country […]

OPINION: Think Twice Before Cutting Medicaid

The 400 richest Americans now make as much money as the poorest 150 million by Peter Sterling To paraphrase Mark Twain, tales of Medicaid’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Recent news reports tell us that the state will have to find $38 million to cover a deficit in Medicaid costs this year and another $58 […]

OPINION: Hunger Mountain Bylaws Change Was Cobbled Together

by Carl Etnier Members of Hunger Mountain Coop will vote at the November 15 annual meeting on changing the co-op’s bylaws. It’s a proposal from a highly divided co-op council, which voted 5 to 4 for the proposal. Like the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 “Bush v. Gore” decision, the council vote was the […]

EDITORIAL: The City and Montpelier Discount Beverage: Hammering Out a Needed Compromise

by Nat Frothingham Here is my thinking about the proposed bike and walking path and the City of Montpelier’s just-begun action to exercise its power of eminent domain and take the private property occupied right now by Montpelier Discount Beverage and owned by the Mowatt Trust. First, yes — I do see a public benefit […]

EDITORIAL: Helping Young Adults Learn Money Management

by Nat Frothingham Help appears to be on the way for schoolchildren, college students and young adults struggling to manage their money. During the last session of the Vermont Legislature a bill was passed in both House and Senate and signed into law by Gov. Shumlin to establish a Vermont Financial Literacy Commission. “Why yet […]

LETTERS: 11.5.15

Attend Member-Owner Meeting Editor: The council of the Hunger Mountain Cooperative would like to invite all member-owners to the co-op’s annual meeting Sunday, November 15. At this meeting, member-owners will vote on a proposed change to the co-op’s bylaws. By a 5 to 4 vote, the co-op council recommends a change to bylaws that will […]

OPINION: Vote ‘No’ On Hunger Mountain Coop Bylaw Change

by Billy Donovan   At their upcoming annual meeting November 15, The Hunger Mountain Coop will be asking members to vote on a bylaw change that would alter the current system of “voting through deliberation at a meeting,” to an “online system of voting.” As an active member-owner, it is my belief that the current […]