OPINION: Net Zero Montpelier after the First Year

by Dan Jones It’s now been a year since the Montpelier City Council made the unanimous commitment for the city to become “net zero” in fossil fuel use by 2030. This big goal — to meet all of the energy needs of the city and its residents through renewable supplies in 15 years — is […]

OPINION: Public Service Board Hearing Process a Sham

by  Walter Amses Throughout history,  from the Greek city-states to 19th century union busting, “divide and conquer” has been employed as a strategy for concentrating and maintaining power. The theory is simple yet highly effective: Isolate small factions of the opposing force and crush them individually with overwhelming force. The tactic becomes even more torturous […]

OPINION: Co-op Reaches Labor Pact Ponders Workplace Gains

by  Kari Bradley, general manager Hunger Mountain Cooperative I am proud to work for Hunger Mountain Cooperative, a retail business with a powerful mission. For our nearly 43 years, a key element of that mission has been providing meaningful employment: good jobs that help people in our community meet their financial and professional development goals. […]

EDITORIAL: Thanking Our Many Friends

by Nat Frothingham I am writing this note on behalf of our staff and board of directors at The Bridge to express our thanks to the many people who came together to give us a great benefit shindig at the world famous Charlie O’s in downtown Montpelier on July 10. Charlie O’s is a place where […]

LETTERS: 7.16.15

Do You Know Your Council Members? Editor: Why do Montpelier’s taxes keep rising? Consider the main issues discussed at council meetings and who comprises the council: NetZero and energy sources, parking in regards to emissions and the impact of increasing numbers of vehicles downtown and in residential neighborhoods, enticing businesses, except when another lodging concern is […]

EDITORIAL: More Housing Now!

by Nat Frothingham Is there ever general agreement on anything in Montpelier? Not often — because Montpelier is a state capital and a very political town. That being the case, I was astonished after talking with four local housing experts to discover a general agreement about the housing situation in Montpelier. Last week, I talked […]

OPINION: Stop Spraying Herbicides Along Train Tracks

by John Snell, Montpelier MONTPELIER — Over a year ago a small group of us got wind that the stretch of railroad tracks that runs through Montpelier was about to be sprayed with herbicides to control the vegetation.  I’d seen this happen in the past, an annual event, but had never known it was coming […]

OPINION: Vermont Does Right By Women

by Angela Smith, Happiness Resources Manager at SunCommon Vermont is a great place to live and work. The state receives numerous accolades each year. WalletHub recently released a study which names Vermont the best state for working moms. The study included an analysis of 12 key metrics, including accessibility and affordability of reliable child care, […]

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

EDITORIAL: Come Together to Our Beatles-Themed Party: A Magical Mystery Tour of Fun

by Nat Frothingham One of the surprising outcomes of our fabulously successful (February to March) 30 day-Kickstarter campaign that raised an essential $12,000+ to benefit The Bridge was the Internet itself and the range of old and sometimes distant friends who saw the campaign online. Some responded with donations. Others phoned with excitement. I was […]

LETTERS: 6.18.15      

Council Member Olson to Constituents: Feel Free to Call Editor: I am honored and excited to be appointed to the Montpelier City Council to represent District Two. I just attended my first council meeting and I look forward to working collaboratively with the other council members and Mayor Hollar on the pressing issues facing Montpelier. […]