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NEW ECONOMY: Getting Outta the Box: The New Economy

Brought to you by the steering committee of Vermonters for a New Economy: Tom Barefoot, Richard Czaplinski, Gary Flomenhoft, Paula Francis, Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Debbie Ingram, Dan Jones and Amy Kirchener A fish has no concept of water because it is simply the medium in which it lives. —Marshall McLuhan What is the economy? It mystifies […]

NEW ECONOMY: Reversing Privatization for a Real New Economy

by Gary Flomenhoft Vermonters are leading the way to the new economy we are describing here, but we are doing it in an environment that is full of challenge. National and international trends toward privatization and austerity have set the stage for a very different but still “new” economy in which the private sector would […]

NEW ECONOMY: The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

by Tom Barefoot and Paula Francis Nobel economist, Joseph Stiglitz likes to say, “What you measure is what you get.” If we measure happiness and well-being, we begin to measure what is important to us, creating feedback loops to turn the curve on making real progress on what we truly desire: happiness and well-being.  Gross […]

NEW ECONOMY: Vermont’s Genuine Progress Indicator

by Eric Zencey Last spring, Vermont became the second state to officially endorse the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and the first to do so by statute. (In Maryland, the GPI research was authorized by an executive order of the governor.) The GPI is an alternative to Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, which simply measures the […]

NEW ECONOMY: Building the New Economy in Vermont with Local Money

by Amy Kirschner “That’s a great idea! If only I had the money to do it.” That’s a statement you’ve likely heard before and maybe even thought yourself at one time or another. It seems like the main reason people don’t take action is not lack of motivation but lack of resources. In our old […]

NEW ECONOMY: How a State Bank Can Solve the State Budget Crisis

by Ellen Brown and Gwendolyn Hallsmith As the state legislature struggles through one budget crisis after another, it is becoming increasingly evident that austerity doesn’t work. We cannot possibly continue to run state government by tightening our belts, slashing public services and raising taxes. Compounding the problem, history shows that when the budget is reduced, […]

NEW ECONOMY: A New Bank to Build a New Economy

by Anthony Pollina, Washington County senator Building a new economy has to include new ways to access capital to invest in new priorities. The best way to do it? Establish a Vermont state partnership bank, a publicly owned bank that would help us with our public finance needs and strengthen local economic development. A state […]

NEW ECONOMY: The Food Energy Challenge

by Richard Czaplinski One of the many challenges of the new economy will be to clearly understand how our fossil fuel energy consumption and the resulting climate change impact the food we eat.  It seems food prices are increasing with the price of oil and gas, and there is a reason for this, as was […]

NEW ECONOMY: A Farmer’s Plea for a State-Owned Bank in Vermont

by Ignatio Villa In Vermont, we have all been thinking outside the box. Let’s keep doing it and create a new economy. I moved to Vermont three years ago to work on an exciting piece of that new economy: a small dairy farm starting to add value to its milk by making cheese. I added […]

NEW ECONOMY: The Onion River Exchange: Your Central Vermont Time Bank

by Heather Kralik and Chloe Budnick Time banking is not a grand, new idea; it is a common-sense approach of using what we have, sharing our social capital—our time, skills and talents—to provide a vibrant, healthy community for all. All through history, people have traded their time with each other as a way to build […]