‘Smart Meter’ Trials Planned

‘Smart Meter’ Trials Planned

by Ed Sutherland MONTPELIER — Aside from finding a parking place in downtown Montpelier, the biggest hassle for motorists can be dealing with the parking meter. Since the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City back in 1935, the ‘no-armed bandit’ has changed little. Now, however, Montpelier officials are looking to update parking control […]

Berlin Pond Group Changes Name, Sets Sights Statewide

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — The group formerly known as Citizens to Protect Berlin Pond has changed its name to the Vermont Clean Water Coalition and is now getting ready to focus its efforts on protecting drinking water sources statewide. “We are going to be strategizing in the Legislature,” said Montpelier City Council member Dona […]

Fundraising Begins for Foot Bridge and Trails

MONTPELIER — When it comes to building a 90-mile community greenway across Vermont from Lake Champlain to the Connecticut River, the Cross Vermont Trail Association (CVTA) faces many obstacles, including how to provide trails that keep walkers and cyclists off busy highways. In central Vermont, that problem has prompted an ambitious solution: a plan for […]

Thousands of Sock  Fans Flock to Cabot  Hosiery Mills

Thousands of Sock Fans Flock to Cabot Hosiery Mills

by Carla Occaso When are socks more than socks? When they become a regional attraction. Which explains why, at 6:30 a.m. — just before sunrise — on Saturday, Nov. 15, employee Tony Harris arrived at the Cabot Hosiery Mills in Northfield to tend to the 35th annual sock sale only to find around 50 to […]

Vermont College of Fine Arts Sign Provokes Comment

Vermont College of Fine Arts Sign Provokes Comment

by Carla Occaso “Yuk!” wrote Kimberly Cheney, chairman of the Montpelier planning commission in a one-word email response attached to a digital communication string concerning the new sign at the Vermont College of Fine Arts on College Street dated October 21. The opinion was addressed to Mike Miller, director of planning and community development, and […]

Granite Street Bridge Finally Open

by Ed Sutherland One of Montpelier’s most trafficked arteries has opened after having been closed for repairs for over two months. And, like friends checking into the health of a loved one, area motorists have looked on with interest as the Granite Street Bridge steadily suffered delay after delay. The truss bridge was opened on […]

Bridge Update: White oak plank installation wraps up  project

Bridge Update: White oak plank installation wraps up project

by Carla Occaso The decision to install imported white oak planks on the walkway held up the final step in the Granite Street Bridge renovation, according to acting Department of Public Works Director Tom McArdle on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Replacing the old planks was not part of the original plan, McArdle explained to The Bridge […]

Montpelier School Board Meets with Opposition Upon Asking for a 0 Percent Increase on 2014-15 Budget

by Page Guertin Montpelier School Board members recently tasked the administration with proposing a zero percent increase in the next year’s budget, but the request met with opposition from both parents and administrators. After intense discussion at their meeting Oct. 15, the board voted on three top priorities to forward to the school administrators for […]

Senate Candidates on Keeping Youth in Vermont

by Joyce Kahn On November 4, Washington County voters will elect three state senators. Incumbents Bill Doyle (R), Anthony Pollina (P-D) and Ann Cummings (D) will appear on the ballot along with challengers Sandra Gaffney (P-D), Pat McDonald (R) and Dexter Lefavour (R). The Bridge posed three questions to the candidates on critical issues. Candidate […]

Washington County Politicians Face Off for November Elections

by Ed Sutherland Washington County voters are set to cast ballots in more than a dozen state and local political races come Election Day, Tuesday, November 4. Among the most closely watched races are spots in the Vermont Legislature including three open seats for the Vermont Senate from Washington County and seven seats in various […]