Food Industry Scrambles to Adopt Vermont’s GMO Labeling

by Carl Etnier With a little over two months until Vermont’s genetically modified organism labeling law takes effect on July 1, corporations in the food business are scrambling to comply. It’s not just billion-dollar food conglomerates that must change their labels, but also little general stores that make and package egg salad and other food. […]

The Future of Farming

by John O’Brien Last Thursday, at lunchtime, there was a tractor and a very large manure spreader, fully loaded, parked at the Tunbridge Elementary School. Gary Mullen, an organic dairy farmer, had timed it just right; he was hauling manure from his farm to a field 2.5 miles away, a trip that led him down […]

A Pie Is Born: How Carlo Rovetto Created Positive Pie

A Pie Is Born: How Carlo Rovetto Created Positive Pie

by Nat Frothingham As a boy growing up in Little Falls, New York, Carlo Rovetto remembers food — fresh food — at the center of family life. Talking about his mother’s cooking, he said, “We grew up in a culture where food was made from scratch and fresh. My mom had four or five spices. […]

Local Harvest: A Month by Month Guide

by Garrett Heaney Back in the fall, I wrote an article about apple season in Vermont and readers were rightfully impressed with our little state’s ability to produce such a diverse crop — something in the neighborhood of 70 varieties of apple pass through Hunger Mountain Coop alone every year. Now that winter has passed, […]

Coffee Beans, Tattoos  and Candy for Bernie

Coffee Beans, Tattoos and Candy for Bernie

by Nat Frothingham MONTPELIER — The Bernie Sanders campaign for President has sparked a cottage industry of sorts here in Vermont and elsewhere. Local businesses inspired by Sanders’ presidential bid are selling bumper stickers, hats, tee shirts and mugs. You can also buy “Feel the Bern” underwear (at Capitol Stationers). Did the candidate disclose his […]

Capstone Welcomes Chef David Eyler to Community Kitchen Academy!

Capstone Welcomes Chef David Eyler to Community Kitchen Academy!

BARRE — The Community Economic Development department is pleased to announce the recent hire of Chef David Eyler who came on board in January to Capstone’s Community Kitchen Academy. “Chef Dave” replaces Chef Jamie Eisenberg who left in December to devote her time to her successful pie-making business in Underhill. Chef Dave was trained at the New England […]

Indigenous Wabanaki Harvest School To Be Held

MONTPELIER — The Center for Integrative Herbalism, in collaboration with the Seeds of Renewal Project; will present on a full day of educational activities Nov. 7.  They include a virtual tour of ancient domesticated and wild crops used by the Abenakis and their neighbors; drying and storing the harvest; heritage seeds and native-style seed saving, […]

BOOK REVIEW: From Red Flannel Hash to Bean Hole Beans: New Cookbook Dishes Out Village Secrets

BOOK REVIEW: From Red Flannel Hash to Bean Hole Beans: New Cookbook Dishes Out Village Secrets

by Carla Occaso “The Adamant Co-op Cookbook” contains recipes, original art by Janet MacLeod and more from the “oldest cooperative food store in Vermont and the United States,” according to its cover. This treasure trove of food, art and essays was compiled by volunteers and staff of the Adamant Cooperative and serves as a fundraiser. […]

A Southern Take on a Southern Restaurant

by Barbara Floersch When I first heard that a new restaurant was going to take the place of Rivendell Books on the corner of Main and Langdon streets in Montpelier, I was excited. Montpelier has lost a number of good restaurants in the past few years: Cognoscenti’s (later Phoebe), The Black Door, Finkerman’s Barbeque (later […]

Adamant Co-op Commemorates 80th Anniversary with Cookbook

ADAMANT — The Adamant Cooperative Store, Inc., the nation’s oldest, continuously operating food cooperative, celebrated its 80th birthday August 1. The co-op is marking its 80th anniversary with the publication of The Adamant Co-op Cookbook, a love letter to the rural community that has supported the Co-op’s operation since the Great Depression. The cookbook combines […]