Earth Day Compost Tote Recycling

by Cassandra Hemenway, Outreach Manager, Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District MONTPELIER — Help save the life of a tote and show us your creative genius while you’re at it! Join the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District in Project Tote, in which we invite schools and community members to participate in a reuse and […]

“Bound for Zero” — Net Zero Montpelier Progress Report

by Scott Muller As an informed Bridge reader, you are hopefully aware that Montpelier has a city goal to transform to a “Net Zero” energy community by 2030. But did you also know that Montpelier was honored to be designated by the U.S. White House as one of only 13 U.S. Climate Action Champions? The […]

Razing Mountains Won’t Stop Climate Change

by Steve Wright Nearly 50 years ago, Governor Deane Davis had a problem. Vermont was in the midst of a full-blown crisis over unregulated development. Davis, elected to his first term in the late 60s had watched, as the ski industry, including its partner, overnight lodging, had burst upon the scene following a ‘string of […]

Do What You Can with the Power You Have

by Jesse Scarlato The Paris Climate Talks produced a non-binding agreement under which participating countries voluntarily set goals to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement purposely excluded indigenous rights, and the United States prevented the inclusion of any language on climate reparations (the responsibility of wealthier, developed countries to assist poorer, less developed countries […]

Personal Divestment in 2017

by Deborah Messing Divestment: the removal of investment assets including stocks, bonds and investment funds from companies — is a proven strategy for change. When citizens wanted to challenge the tobacco industry’s false health claims, end the genocide in Darfur and shut down apartheid in South Africa, they called on people to remove their money […]

Pipeline Struggle Continues in Hinesburg

by Rachel Smolker Back in February of 2016, Vermont Gas Systems’ fracked gas pipeline construction was passing through the towns of Williston and St. George and approaching the border of Hinesburg. Even as equipment was parked at the edge of town, it was not clear that there was any plan or agreement between Hinesburg and […]

A Good Start for Governor Scott

by Tom Hughes On Jan. 5 Governor Phil Scott took the oath of office and issued his first executive order. It’s a good one. He directed every state agency and department to focus on three strategic priorities: strengthening the economy; making Vermont more affordable; and protecting the most vulnerable. That’s exactly what cutting carbon pollution […]

Lyndon State College Launches Climate Change Science Degree

In 2016, the Earth reached its warmest year on record — for the third consecutive year. With higher temperatures around the globe, climate change is indisputable. Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, more frequent weather disasters — the impacts of global warming are pervasive and growing. Lyndon State College recognizes a crucial need for trained professionals […]

Vermont’s Power Grid the Key to More Renewable Energy

by Heather Calderwood Vermont’s power grid, the network that brings power from in-state generators, regional generators, and across borders, is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced grid systems in the country. Significant investments and innovations have been made within the past decade that have transformed Vermont’s power grid into a “smart grid.” […]

Singing for the Whole: The Power of Song

by Beth Champagne Heidi Wilson, at 35, does the best Pippi Longstocking imitation in Plainfield village: Striding erect, long braids down her back, and a short, flouncy skirt layered over warm trousers, she radiates joie de vivre. Pippi, Astrid Lindgren’s fictional heroine, being a Swedish lass of exceptional gifts, carried her horse into the shed […]