ESSAY: The Coming of  Green

ESSAY: The Coming of Green

Below is an essay about the annual march of spring as the whites, browns and grays are overtaken by green. by Daniel  A.  Neary Jr. Between the whites of the melting  snows and  the whites of blooming apple blossoms, the green comes to Vermont. Usually in early May, it rolls northward and upward saturating  the […]

Cold Weather, Hard State

by Peter Miller Editor’s Note: The following opinion piece was first released to Vermont Digger on March 27, 2014. As released, Peter Miller’s opinion piece opened with a few paragraphs that described the punishing, relentless winter just passed. As we publish Peter Miller’s piece for our April 17 issue, the hardest part of the 2013-2014 […]

Love and Constancy in Montpelier

Al and Phyllis Merritt on Their 66-Year Marriage by Jerry Carter The other day, I had the privilege to sit down with Al and Phyllis Merritt at their lovely home in Westview Meadows to talk about love, marriage and growing old together. Al and Phyllis have been married 66 years, and in a time when […]

Helping Hands Feed Hungry Hearts: Radio Diaries

Helping Hands Feed Hungry Hearts: Radio Diaries

The Hungry Heart Radio Diaries Courtesy of Kingdom County Productions Photos by Carley Stevens-McLaughlin Radio Diaries Courtesy of Kingdom County Productions Addiction Is Illness An interview with two mothers of addicts on how communities help and hinder the process of recovery. Mother 1: There’s a lot of people who look down on addicts. It’s not […]

The Hungry Heart: A Talk with Director Bess O’Brien

Nearly a year and a half ago, Director Bess O’Brien released The Hungry Heart to a packed auditorium in Saint Albans. Since then, the movie has taken the state by storm. It had such an effect on Governor Shumlin that he devoted nearly his entire State of the State Address this year to the issue […]

Remembering Pete Seeger: His Vision Lives On

by Katie Trautz In 2007, when our community music school began under the leadership of Rebecca Singer and myself, we had envisioned a gathering place for folks interested in traditional music: a place to share the joy of making music together and the joy of learning about it as well. We felt confident that this […]

Vermont Team Competes in Superbowl of Birding

 by Larry Clarfeld   In this Superbowl, the players wear binoculars rather than shoulder pads, and it isn’t footballs flying, but birds. On January 24 to 25, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., teams of bird-watchers looked high and low for as many different species of birds as they could find along the Massachusetts coast. […]

Gossip or God’s Lip? Sum Thoughtes on the Vagaries of Englysshe Spellings

by Cora Brooks I am not a good speller. I am a writer who loves to play with words. I have made my living by teaching writing in schools and universities. I have also tutored students. Forty years ago, I bought myself a 12-volume edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The dictionary gives old […]

Pete and Toshi Seeger So Long, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh

by David Kelley In 1955, when Hollywood stars were groveling in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee, more concerned about their careers than the First Amendment, Pete Seeger had the courage and dignity to refuse to testify about his beliefs or to name others who had been members of the Communist Party with him. […]

Municipal ADA Committee Needs New Members

by Kim Brittenham Having lived in Montpelier for 25 years and having a family member who now uses a wheelchair to navigate the downtown, accessibility is very important to me. Using a wheelchair in a northern city with historic stepped-entrance buildings is not easy and at times impossible. Luckily, I am not alone in my […]