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District Heat Project Moving to Next Phase

by Bob Nuner Assistant city manager Jessie Baker says Montpelier’s district heat project is, for now, sold out of energy capacity. The project contracted with the state for a fixed supply of heat back in 2012. The project temporarily supplied City Hall, Union Elementary School, Fairpoint Communications, Union Mutual Mutual of Vermont, and the police […]

Heard on the Street 7.17.14

Health Care Costs Leveling Out? The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB), which exercises authority over budgets at Vermont’s 14 hospitals, has announced that preliminary 2015 budgets submitted by the hospitals reflect only a 2.6 percent increase in net patient revenue in the coming year. Final budgetary figures will be resolved by the end of September, […]

Book Review: A Barre Stonecutter’s Story

Book Review: A Barre Stonecutter’s Story

Book review by Lindsey Grutchfield Barre, Vermont has a long, storied history as a working-class town, playing host to legions of men and women who upheld the local economy by working the local stone. This granite has served not only as the building material for the Vermont State Capitol, but also for countless buildings and […]

Bear Pond to Create a “Pop-Up Museum” to Celebrate Gary Lee Miller’s New Book

by Nat Frothingham On Friday evening, August 1, at 7:00 p.m., at Montpelier’s Bear Pond Books, Montpelier writer Gary Lee  Miller will be reading from his new book of short stories, Museum of the Americas. “These are stories that I have written over a number of years,” Miller said, describing his new opus. “Most of […]

Middlesex Vehicle Charging Station Inaugurated

by C.B. Hall On July 7, dignitaries including Governor Peter Shumlin and Senator Patrick Leahy came to Middlesex for the official inauguration of Vermont’s 33rd electric vehicle charging station, located at the MiddleGround complex on Route 2. The station will include both level 2 and level 3 chargers; the former provides 20 miles of charge […]

Decision on 1 Taylor Street’s Upper Floors Still a Ways Off

by The Bridge staff Plans for the transit-oriented development at 1 Taylor Street, Montpelier, remain half-formed in the wake of the City Council’s July 9 decision to delay a final decision on the use of the transit center’s upper floors, as developer Redstone Commercial Properties has yet to complete an analysis of the relative feasibility […]

Fostering Transition, Creating Jobs, Saving Money

by Bob Nuner Sarah Galbraith manages the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative (VBI) of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF), known for sustainable agriculture programs such as “Farm to Plate.” The initiative was funded through a United States Department of Energy appropriation, secured by Senator Patrick Leahy in 2005. It expires at the end of 2015. Its […]

From Many Lands, One Community: Celebrating Barre’s Ethnic Heritage

by Emily Kaminsky For four years between 1978 and 1982 and again in 1984, Barre celebrated its rich ethnic heritage with a festival full of live music and dance performances, crafts, games, a parade and food. Dubbed the Barre Ethnic Heritage Festival, it drew thousands of visitors to Barre each year but was discontinued when […]

Air Source Heat Pumps: A Viable Heating and Cooling Option for Vermonters

Air Source Heat Pumps: A Viable Heating and Cooling Option for Vermonters

by Emily Kaminsky Air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient and effective home heating and cooling technologies on the market. Based on the same simple heat exchange system that has cooled refrigerators and freezers for years, air source heat pump technology has improved to the point that the pumps can now effectively […]

City of Barre Implementing Energy Efficiency Projects

by Emily Kaminsky With its newly approved 2015 master plan in hand, the city of Barre already has several energy efficiency projects underway and one completed. “The city has been very proactive in terms of energy efficiency projects,” says City Manager Steve Mackenzie. “We’re regularly conducting energy audits on municipal buildings, we’ve relamped the B.O.R. […]