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New Authority’s Board Seeks Members The governing board of the Central Vermont Public Safety Authority is seeking applications from persons interested in filling three open, at-large positions on the board. The newly established authority, an inter-municipal agency of the cities of Barre and Montpelier, is charged with coordinating emergency services in the two municipalities. An […]

New Farm, Old Roots: Bringing Organic Produce to Barre and Beyond

New Farm, Old Roots: Bringing Organic Produce to Barre and Beyond

by Emily Kaminsky The old Watt Farm, on Snowbridge Road in Barre Town, got a new lease on life last year when owners Ted Russell and Josie Ritter worked with the Farmland Access Program at the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) to conserve and sell the 87-acre farm to Jon Wagner and Karin Bellemare. This was […]

1 Taylor Street Plan Gets Council Nod

1 Taylor Street Plan Gets Council Nod

by Page Guertin At its September 10 meeting, the Montpelier City Council voted unanimously to support residential use of the new building to be constructed and managed by Burlington’s Redstone Commercial Group. Redstone controls the privately owned portion of the 1 Taylor St. redevelopment project. The council had delayed its vote on the use of […]

Vermont a Bit Player in Weapons Transfers

by Richard Sheir The recent confrontation between police and demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri, has turned a national spotlight on the huge transfer of military equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense to police departments across the country. To be specific, tens of thousands of machine guns, nearly 200,000 ammunitions magazines, thousands of pieces of camouflage […]

True Colors Marks 25 Years

by Nat Frothingham Montpelier’s True Colors Home Decorating is celebrating an event not every entrepreneurial newbie can expect to see: 25 years in business. Owner Bill McQuiggan took the occasion recently to tell The Bridge what those years have wrought. A native of Rockland, Massachusetts, McQuiggan started in business “the old-fashioned way,” to use his […]

Unitarians to Celebrate 150th Anniversary: Steeplejacks Apply Finishing Touches

 By Carla Occaso If you’ve gone up Main Street in Montpelier recently, you’ve likely noticed towering scaffolds around the Unitarian Church. On Tuesdays through Fridays, you most likely would have seen workers from Websterville’s Southgate Steeplejacks dangling from rigging anchored at the apex of the spire. So what’s going on? The steeplejacks have been painting […]

Students Confront Stereotypes 

by Ivan Shadis “I’ve been to rougher schools than Spaulding,” says Ryan Tran. The 17-year-old is a new student at Barre Technical Center, which shares a campus and many facilities with Spaulding High School.  He says that Spaulding students have good personalities and that teachers are kind and loving. He expresses an uncomplicated affection for […]

Dollar General: Blessing  or Curse?

Dollar General: Blessing or Curse?

 by Ed Sutherland Dollar General. The discounter’s name elicits either excitement or terror, depending on your point of view. The company has called Vermont an ideal market: rural, many small towns with low-income residents.  In 2007, there were just seven Dollar General locations in the state. Today, the chain has 23 stores here, with five […]

Amber Plots of Grain

by Bob Nuner As locavore and sustainable agriculture movements continue to spread, grain- and commodity-growing have re-established themselves in the Northeast. The Northern Grain Growers Association (NGGA), with strong support from the University of Vermont Extension Service’s St. Albans-based Crops and Soils Group, is boosting efforts to re-establish grain and oilseed production in Vermont. The […]

A Different Model of Community Gardening

A Different Model of Community Gardening

by Joyce Kahn How does a quarter-acre of lawn get transformed in two months into gardens that  not only can feed the gardeners but also provide food for local agencies that feed people? Driving by The Garden at 485 Elm, as the new community garden is called, I snatched glimpses this spring and summer of […]