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TECH CHECK: Can Facebook Really Use My Content?

by Jeremy Lesniak From time to time I see people post some status on Facebook claiming copyright over their Facebook “property.” The current one begins “Due to the fact that Facebook has chosen to involve software that will allow the theft of my personal information, I do declare the following:” These posts spread quickly, as […]

Tech Check: Update Your Website, People, It’s Not 1997 Any More! Tips for Website Owners

by Jeremy Lesniak I’ve worked on hundreds of websites over the years, including building full websites from the ground up to making smaller changes.Through all that time I’ve found that many businesses know they need a website, but don’t quite understand how to make it more than a web-based, budget-draining business card. I haven’t spent […]

The State of Security

by Jeremy Lesniak It seems that I’m always writing about technology security. My articles are often full of advice about backups and infections. Unfortunately, as time has passed, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the frequency and severity of infections. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and creative as users are becoming savvier. Let’s look […]

Tech Check: Building from the Ground Up 9.11.14

by Jeremy Lesniak I often recall the scenario of a client from years gone by. We repurposed some old hardware in multiple locations, yielding not one, not two, but nine copies of the client’s mission-critical data. I apply the same strategy with many clients today, never relying on a single physical location for backup. I can’t […]

Tech Check: The Case Against Technology

by Jeremy Lesniak What’s this? The technology columnist is writing a piece against technology? Surely that’s a typo. No, it isn’t. In my role as consultant on all things that plug into other things, I’m constantly looking for places that technology can make lives better, easier or less expensive. My job is not to find […]

Tech Check: Make the Most of Your Mobile Device

by Jeremy Lesniak A few weeks ago I gave a class with the Small Business Development Center on mobile technology and how to use it more effectively. The response was quite positive, so I thought I’d share some of those tips with you here. I don’t have the space to give you the whole course, […]

Tech Check: Everything You Need to Know About Heartbleed

by Jeremy Lesniak On April 7, 2014, security researchers announced the discovery of a substantial Internet vulnerability. Dubbed “Heartbleed,” this vulnerability threatened to affect a large portion of the Internet in a way we had not seen before. I’ve followed the incident closely and have put together a short explanation of the vulnerability and how […]