THE SOAPBOX: This American Tragedy

By Margaret Blanchard Our current national crisis feels tragic, but unlike classic tragedies, it lacks a flawed hero to embody the psyche of the whole. Instead we have a bully and fool at the center of our media stage. History is full of such “rulers,” from the Emperor with No Clothes to Nero fiddling while […]

THE SOAPBOX: The Vermont Cure

by Margaret Blanchard Given national disfunction and gridlock, let’s solve our problems locally with grassroots resources.  One countrywide issue is the troubling complex of youth underemployment, weakened unions, rising costs of higher education, student debt burdens, and shortages of affordable housing—during an era of excessive income inequality.  Overloading the next generation puts our collective future […]

SOAPBOX: Eclipsed

by Margaret Blanchard “It’s impossible to struggle for… equal rights for blacks, without including whites. Because … fair play, justice, are like the air: we all have it, or none of us has it.”  Maya Angelou Recently I was moved by a key question proposed by civil rights activist Ruby Sales: “Where does it hurt?”  […]

*NEW COLUMN!* SOAPBOX: Redefining America’s Greatness

by Margaret Blanchard What we Americans are on the cusp of experiencing is akin to what white folks felt when the Civil Rights Movement rose up, what men experienced when the Women’s Movement progressed, maybe even what some straight folks felt when gay people asserted their rights. Suddenly one’s identity is not exclusively privileged, one’s […]