Sage Advice

SAGE ADVICE: Natural Energy Management

by Iris Gage Dear Iris, I have the hardest time falling asleep at night. I just can’t stop thinking. What’s worse is that I then rely on stimulants like coffee throughout the day to give me the energy I need. How can I manage my energy better without relying on coffee? – M. Wills You’re […]

SAGE ADVICE: Repelling Insects the Natural Way

by Iris Gage Dear Iris, I enjoy spending time outside but I find myself unable to deal with the insects. The mosquitoes, flies, and ticks are constantly bothering me and giving me anxiety. What can I do to repel them naturally so that I don’t have to resort to products with DEET? Imagine yourself lying […]

SAGE ADVICE: Summer Heat Relief: Staying Cool with Herbs and Food

by Iris Gage Summer is often a joyous time for Vermonters, with the annual return of mellifluous song birds, sweet smelling blossoms, fifty shades of green, and, of course, the sun!  With all this excitement, we can easily forget the basics of caring for our bodies during the hot time of year. Luckily there are […]