Nature Watch

Nature Watch: 11.20.14

by Nona Estrin On Monday an icy blast brought bad roads and storm. When dusk began to fall only a bit after 3:30 p.m., my spirits sank. I knew winter was coming but some part of me was clearly not prepared. This feeling had been creeping up on me at end of day since time […]

Nature Watch – 11.6.14

by Nona Estrin I returned this week to find tamaracks in full brassy yellow, and the following report, from Barb Baird, in my inbox. She lives next to the huge ginkgo tree on Barre Street and sends out the word when the old tree begins its dramatic two-hour shed of leaves: “Weird year for the tree […]

Nature Watch 8.28.14

By Nona Estrin-

Nature Watch 8.7.14

By Nona Estrin   Today summer is taking a nap. Berries are ripening; chanterelles are popping up overnight—sun and rain, just right for them this year. The shrubby power line near us is silent, but I know the common yellowthroat warblers and the black-billed cuckoo are feeding fledglings there. If I stand quiet, I hear […]

Nature Watch

Is there any other time of year when I want to sit on a rock in the middle of, say, the Shady Rill, at 5 p.m.—water sounds all around me, the sun making its last visit to the brook—and space out? No, there is not. But today, returning from a sad visit to the veterinarian, […]

Nature Watch 4.17.14

We finally made it into the woods to check the vernal ponds, and a semi-permanent pond used each year by countless Jefferson and spotted salamanders and wood frogs. Well, guess what? For the first time in 30 years, that pond was frozen right down to the bottom and although it has melted on top and […]

Nature Watch 4.3.14

Went downtown around 6 p.m. tonight on March 31 just to look at our rivers. The temperature was 37 degrees, no rain in the forecast. In the forty-five minutes it took me to do the rounds, channels were opening in the flat ice, and the river was moving along everywhere without a jam in sight, […]

Nature Watch 3.20.14

Nature Watch 3.20.14

Tonight the Full Crow Moon rose majestically over the eastern mountains, gleaming on the snow and casting shadows on the night landscape. And sure enough, this afternoon we saw, sitting peacefully in a tree not far from the house, two crows side by side, a sure sign that the large flocks of winter are breaking […]

Nature Watch 3-6-14

This time of year everyone knows someone who either is, or was just, or is about to leave on vacation. It’s always to escape the unpredictable, the cold, those last storms, or to stow away a bit of vitamin D before the skin and bones deteriorate any further! Our human family in the far north […]

Nature Watch: 2-20-14

by Nona Estrin March already, just ahead. Looking at the snow, I would never know it. It’s not the relatively hard, freeze-thaw snowpack of late winter, with it’s big separate diamond-like crystals, but the relatively low-moisture, fluffy stuff of earlier winter storms. It’s hard to imagine it now, but one or two sunny, warm days, […]