Money Matters

Money Matters: Election Needed for We, the People

by Peggy Munro I have to admit, it’s taken me a while to connect all the dots regarding the machinations of the Republican Party’s current political campaigns; the momentary cessation of hostilities due to Hurricane Sandy has not changed my opinion. At first, I was upset about the party’s positions on women’s health issues. And I […]

Money Matters: The Current Election Cycle

by Peggy Munro I suspect I am not the only one who is sickened by this election cycle. I am tired of the scathing partisanship, with its charges, its countercharges, and the smooth and unblushable habit of lying to the voters. I want to bang heads together; I want to play mother; I want to shout, […]

Money Matters: Student Loans

by Peggy Munro Student loans, that lynchpin of college financing that so many students—and their parents—access, are poised to become the next chapter in this country’s history of financial mismanagement. The same factors that led to the subprime mortgage meltdown four years ago are now at play in the student-loan market: prices soaring far in […]

Money Matters: The War on the Sisters

by Peggy Munro Recently, my mother, my two sisters and I spent an evening explaining gender politics and the economic realities of womanhood to my 21-year-old niece. I don’t know what was most distressing, her lack of knowledge or her seeming disinterest. Regardless, I can safely say she caught an earful from two generations of […]

Money Matters: Embezzlement in Vermont

by Peggy Munro Vermont is exceptional in so many ways, we’ve trademarked the brand: we have Vermont cheddar, Vermont maple syrup and Vermont teddy bears, not to mention Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the ski slopes, the ridge lines and the billboard-free scenery. Burlington has been rated one of the best places to live in and […]