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Inside Design: Home Is Where the Hearth Is

by Alisa Darmstadt As the weather turns colder, I have been thinking of our wood-burning stove more often. Standing cold and alone all summer, the black hunk of metal is ready to warm my home, both physically and emotionally. Whether you have a traditional fireplace or a wood-burning stove, piped-in gas or carted-in logs, this […]

Inside Design: Renovation Survival Kit

by Alisa Darmstadt The past few months I have been forced to walk in my own shoes, as we have been renovating our second floor. As many times as I have ushered people through their renovations, it is another thing entirely to live though my own. This is not my first renovation, but how easily […]

Inside Design: Satisfying Small Spaces

by Alisa Darmstadt Everyone who has too much room at home, raise your hand! That’s what I thought—most people have the opposite problem of not enough space. While feeling cramped at home is no fun, there are advantages to small-space living. There is less to clean and maintain, you are forced to reduce your belongings […]



by Alisa Darmstadt Tile stores are like candy stores for me. I love all the colors, patterns, textures, shapes and materials. I drool equally over a large slab of natural stone and a tiny piece of colorful glass. Tile is a wonderful addition to any home, but in our climate, with cool to cold temperatures […]

Inside Design: Marketing Your Home

by Alisa Darmstadt When we decorate our homes, we do it largely for ourselves. We want it to suit our tastes and our lifestyle, and it does not matter what anybody else thinks of it. However, when we choose to sell our home, what other people think is critical to a quick and high-priced sale. […]