Growing Your Business

5.2.13 Growing Your Business: Three Key Business Communication Strategies

by Lindel James Communication is a crucial process for all businesses. Having a business communication strategy is imperative. Your communication strategy is as important as your manufacturing, research and development, and marketing. We all have different preferred receptors of information, therefore multiple strategies are important to ensure that your messages are truly heard and understood. […]

Growing Your Business 5.2.13

Five Crucial Communication Concepts Have you ever considered developing a strategy for your leadership communications? I’ll bet that you are already an effective communicator. You are probably experienced in knowing your audience, setting goals, developing rational arguments and speaking in front of groups. When you do speak in front of a group, I expect that […]

Growing Your Business: What Do Basketball and Business Growth Have in Common?

by Lindel James Far be it from me to proclaim myself a basketball expert, but I can proclaim that I am a business growth expert. Because so many of us are entrenched at some level in the NCAA basketball games of the past few weeks, I would like to draw an analogy between the strategies […]

Growing Your Business: Can You Take Your Business by the Horns?

by Lindel James Can you be very honest with yourself? It’s not always easy. However, as a business owner, you must have the capacity to do just that. You must be able to truly assess your strengths and weaknesses and be able to determine your opportunities and threats. You must be able to get “under […]

Growing Your Business: From Frustrated to Enthusiastic: How to Inspire Others to Motivate Themselves in the Workplace

by Lindel James Recently, more people are asking me how they can motivate their staff to do more—take more responsibility, care more about the end results they produce, take more initiative and so on. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t motivate others. Motivation comes from within. As an executive […]

Growing Your Business: Consider a Business ‘Dashboard’ to Set You Up for Success

by Lindel James If you are not using a “dashboard” to drive your business, I urge you to start using one this new year. “What is a dashboard?” you ask. Well, a dashboard is a tool that will help you stay grounded in your business. It becomes the focal point you can count on and […]

Growing Your Business: Seven Reasons to Consider Leadership Development for Your Company

by Lindel James It is expensive to bring in outside consultants or initiate a leadership development program. This can be back breaking for small or midsize businesses. The question to ask is whether the results of instituting such a program is worth the expense. The short answer is yes! The advantages of leadership development will […]

Growing Your Business: Leadership and Business Development

by Lindel James Being a competent leader is a strategic skill one must have to grow a successful business, large or small. Some of the most important leadership skills that business owners or managers must possess are visioning, goal setting and planning. So many entrepreneurs I meet have great products or services to offer, but […]

Growing Your Business: What is Your Business’s Competitive Edge?

by Lindel James You know you have to have one, so what is that “edge” for your business? This is the key that draws people to your (virtual or physical) door. Without that edge clearly stated, people will never know why they should turn to you for your product or service. Are you the price […]

Growing Your Business: Why Do Your Customers Purchase Your Service?

by Lindel James Are you selling to people’s needs? Do you understand the difference? Are you looking to satisfy your clients’ needs, or are you looking to increase your own profits? Are you really solution driven and working to solve your client’s problems? I can’t advise you strongly enough to become a solution-driven business. Here […]