Cooking with Cassandra

Cooking with Cassandra: Rediscovering Duck Eggs

by Cassandra Hemenway Brush Growing up on a Yankee homestead, we ate chicken, duck and goose eggs daily. They were all terrific, and I don’t remember noticing a difference, except duck eggs come bigger than chicken eggs, and goose eggs are even bigger than ducks’. It’s been over 30 years since I had unlimited access […]

Cooking with Cassandra: Angolan Shrimp and a Change of Perspective

by Cassandra Hemenway Brush André Loumingou needed a bus to St. Johnsbury, which at first he thought might be late and then later we realized did not exist. I’d met him because he greeted me, as I walked past, with a dark and grinning face, telling me (not asking) to help him. I could not […]