Hands On Gardener: Feed Me and I’ll Feed You!

by Miriam Hansen So far this has been a banner gardening year. We’ve had the perfect amount of rain and sun, and plenty of heat to encourage vegetables to grow and produce quickly. Pests have been minimal, though we have sprayed BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) a couple of times to combat cabbage moths and other caterpillars […]

Tech Check: The Case Against Technology

by Jeremy Lesniak What’s this? The technology columnist is writing a piece against technology? Surely that’s a typo. No, it isn’t. In my role as consultant on all things that plug into other things, I’m constantly looking for places that technology can make lives better, easier or less expensive. My job is not to find […]

The Barre Beat

The Barre Beat

by Emily Kaminsky The Barre Heritage Festival (July 23–July 27) is just around the corner and promises to be full of a family-friendly variety of danceable live music, delicious food and other fun. Organizers continue to look for volunteers, as well as parade entries and dessert submissions for La Soirée Sucrée (The Sweet Evening) at […]

Nature Watch

Is there any other time of year when I want to sit on a rock in the middle of, say, the Shady Rill, at 5 p.m.—water sounds all around me, the sun making its last visit to the brook—and space out? No, there is not. But today, returning from a sad visit to the veterinarian, […]

Bridge Bites: Melon Head

by Mark Frano I have been offered a lot of advice over the years. Some of it has been useful and some—not so much. A cowboy in Wyoming once told me to “never squat with your spurs on.” I am not sure where those sage words fall on the spectrum, but the best advice I […]

John’s Column: Ruminant Wayfarers

by J. O’Brien One Saturday, not too long ago, Kathi Terami was making waffles. “Everytime I make waffles,” Kathi told me with a laugh, “I burn the last one.” This morning, while pouring the last of the batter onto the griddle, something out the kitchen window caught Kathi’s eye: “There were two large figures on […]

The Barre Beat

by Emily Kaminsky There is so much happening in Barre that The Bridge has decided to devote a column every issue just to Barre. What better way to launch the “Barre Beat” than with community gatherings and celebrations! Celebrations start on Friday, June 27 with the Capstone Community Action Block Party from 3:30 p.m. to […]

Sparge: Lawn Mower Beer

Sparge: Lawn Mower Beer

    Sparge: /spärj/ verb. A brewing technique that extracts the sugar from the grains by exposing the grains to water. by Jerry Carter Summertime is officially upon us and as temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to find that perfect beer to cool your palate. The picture plastered on the bottle of Smuttynose IPA may […]

Tech Check: Make the Most of Your Mobile Device

by Jeremy Lesniak A few weeks ago I gave a class with the Small Business Development Center on mobile technology and how to use it more effectively. The response was quite positive, so I thought I’d share some of those tips with you here. I don’t have the space to give you the whole course, […]

Hands on Gardener: To Weed or Not to Weed

by Miriam Hansen Now that we’ve planted our gardens, it’s time to do the first weeding. I do one thorough weeding in the spring and another mid-season. By then, the vegetables shade out the weeds that threatened their growth when they were small. My approach to weed control is fivefold. Well, maybe six. First, we […]