Nature Watch 4.17.14

We finally made it into the woods to check the vernal ponds, and a semi-permanent pond used each year by countless Jefferson and spotted salamanders and wood frogs. Well, guess what? For the first time in 30 years, that pond was frozen right down to the bottom and although it has melted on top and […]

SPARGE: Montbeerlier

SPARGE: Montbeerlier

Sparge: /spärj/ verb. A brewing technique that extracts the sugar from the grains by exposing the grains to water. by Jerry Carter The sun is shining, temperatures are rising and the snow is melting. While the sap might be drying up, the beer is running. Spring is here at last and it’s time to enjoy the […]

City Council Report: 4.9.14

by Ron Merkin Which of two competing development firms should the city of Montpelier choose as a partner to collaborate on plans for the One Taylor Street bus terminal construction project? Readers of my last column may have assumed that the nearly two-and-a-half-hour discussion resulting in a vote for Redstone during the March 26 City […]

Bridge Bites: Lessons from the Lagoon

by Mark Frano Antica Locanda Montin is a tiny, burnished trattoria in a mysterious part of Venice. It is roughly a hundred bridges away from Saint Mark’s Cathedral, down a canal that is too narrow for even the most skilled gondolier to navigate. Tourists like us are not supposed to find places like this. It […]

John’s Column

by John O’Brien Tomorrow, I run out of firewood. I am not alone. Almost everybody I know who burns wood has either run out or is about to run out. Last November, I stuffed eight cords of “seasoned” (somewhere between green and dry) firewood into the crawlspace in my cellar. After completing this annual chore, […]

Hands-On Gardener: Can You Grow a Radish?

by Miriam Hansen It’s been challenging to get super excited about starting seeds with this much snow on the ground. Still, April is the month to plant most of the seeds that need to be started indoors. With the exception of the squash family, I’ll be starting all the flowers and annual herbs, brassicas, tomatoes, […]

Nature Watch 4.3.14

Went downtown around 6 p.m. tonight on March 31 just to look at our rivers. The temperature was 37 degrees, no rain in the forecast. In the forty-five minutes it took me to do the rounds, channels were opening in the flat ice, and the river was moving along everywhere without a jam in sight, […]

Nature Watch 3.20.14

Nature Watch 3.20.14

Tonight the Full Crow Moon rose majestically over the eastern mountains, gleaming on the snow and casting shadows on the night landscape. And sure enough, this afternoon we saw, sitting peacefully in a tree not far from the house, two crows side by side, a sure sign that the large flocks of winter are breaking […]

BRIDGE BITES: Tacos Caliente con PBR

by Mark Frano Mark Frano is a serious eater, a toque-less chef and a wannabe writer who gets out of bed each morning only because it means three more chances to play with his food. His new column “Bridge Bites” is intended to share his passion, obsession and fascination with gastronomy as it collides with […]

SPARGE: A Conversation About Beer with the Brothers Kerner

Sparge: /spärj/ verb. A brewing technique that extracts the sugar from the grains by exposing the grains to water. by Jerry Carter with reporting from Jen Sciarrotta There is no glass half empty or half full for the Kerner brothers, Kevin and Scott. For these two aficionados of fine brews, the glass is always full. Scott […]