September 6–September 19

Will Climate Refugees Be Heading to Vermont in the Future?

by Phil Dodd If the global climate continues to warm, as many scientists expect, Vermont will face several challenges of its own during this century, including longer-lasting storms and consequent flooding. But some parts of the country, and many places on the globe, may become uninhabitable due to hotter temperatures, higher sea levels, and desertification. […]


Montpelier Restaurants Continue to Disappear It’s a tough time to be a restaurant in Montpelier, it appears. After just four months of wowing local palates, Banchan—run by An Na, her mother Jin Suk, and sister, Jin An—closed its doors in August after Suk decided to retire and return to California. This comes after the closing […]

NATURE WATCH: Birds on the Move

NATURE WATCH: Birds on the Move

by Nona Estrin Quietly, without much notice, a great tide of birds has started moving south. As early as the heat and drought at the end of July, thrushes started to move, a couple of weeks early, eating alternate-leaved dogwood berries as they went. Young warblers now are showing up at our bird-bath, and we […]

Fighting Climate Change with the Law

Fighting Climate Change with the Law

by Mike Dunphy “This is a fight,” says Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan, as if on the stump, rather than the well-worn sofa in his office on the third floor of the Pavilion Building in Montpelier. At stake is Vermont’s legacy of placing environmental protection ahead of industrial profit, a value that is under increasing […]

8 Questions about Climate Change for Meteorologist Roger Hill

Compiled by Mike Dunphy and Larry Floersch Since 2000, meteorologist Roger Hill has been forecasting the weather for the listeners of Radio Vermont (WDEV, WLVB, WCVT). He also contracts with Vermont Electric Power Company, the company that provides the backbone for all Vermont electrical utilities, and freelances for local municipalities, schools, outdoor event organizers, and […]

Electric Vehicles: An Emerging Marketplace Offers New Choices for Getting Around

Electric Vehicles: An Emerging Marketplace Offers New Choices for Getting Around

by Jake Brown You may have noticed a little bump over the past couple of years in the number of electric or plug-in electric cars (EVs) humming around town. Well, you are onto something. Across Vermont in the past year there has been a 50 percent jump in the number of registered EVs. As of […]

How Green Are Our Green Mountains?

by Sarah Davin “Let us live to protect her beauty,” sings our state anthem, “These Green Mountains” by Diane Martin. Just like the lyric, Vermonters love to boast about our natural beauty, and gazing at the forested mountains, listening to the dense chatter of wildlife, dipping our toes in cool swimming holes, and taking deep […]

DOT’S BEAT: To Save our Ash Trees, Cut or Treat?

by Dot Helling Shortly after I wrote a piece this spring warning about the threat of the emerald ash borer, borers were found in Montpelier near National Life. Since then our tree board and tree warden have been tirelessly working on an emerald ash borer management plan. With the help of many volunteers, their recent […]

TIF District Approved for Montpelier

City and State officials celebrated a decision by the Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC) board to approve Montpelier’s application for a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district that includes the Capital City’s core downtown and Barre Street corridor. The VEPC board voted unanimously on Thursday, August 30 to approve Montpelier’s application, opening the door for the […]

Living a Car-free Life in Montpelier

by Elizabeth Parker Many Montpelier residents are choosing to become “car-liberated.” According to the 2016 American Community Survey, 530 households, or about 15 percent of Montpelier, are car free. They live side by side with those who rely on one, if not two, single-occupancy vehicles. As many seek to become more green and more carbon-neutral, […]