June 7–June 20, 2018

Students Shine at Montpelier High School Graduation

by Sarah Davin Graduation gowns are surprisingly uncomfortable to wear outside. They usually come in dark colors, meaning that on that beautiful summer day, these human-enveloping tarps absorb the heat of the sun and hold it close to the human body. Over the course of the long ceremony, as the principal reads through all of […]


12th Annual Carolan Festival June 16 marks the 12th annual Carolan Festival, held at Mallery Farm in Worcester. The day-long tribute to the famed blind Irish harper, Turlough Carolan (1670-1738), features open sessions, workshops, and participatory dance and performances in English and Scottish country, Irish step and Ceili, Morris, waltzing. There will also be performances […]

NATURE WATCH: Time for Babies

NATURE WATCH: Time for Babies

by Nona Estrin Birds catch my eye; a robin, beak-full, flies by; great crested flycatchers are active in the canopy, “Wrrreeep! Wrrreep!” It’s baby bird month! Baby animals too! Everywhere, the business is raising young, be it birds or foxes, and with birds, the ratio of success is tough. Our phoebes raise two broods—eight young, […]

Taylor Street Breaks New Ground

Taylor Street Breaks New Ground

by Lené Gary May 29, 2018 marked the end of a decades-long proverbial winter. Under bluebird skies, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Gov. Phil Scott joined Montpelier Mayor Anne Watson and many others in a jubilant groundbreaking celebration at the future site of the 1 Taylor Street Project. Laughter and smiles came easily as community […]

Thanking Our Readers and Friends Who Have Been in Touch

by Nat Frothingham As part of our April 19 issue, I wrote a few words about the rather remarkable grassroots history of The Bridge. Then I went on to describe what I’m feeling as I leave the paper. Now, 40 to 50 days after I wrote about the paper and why we felt we needed […]

WRITING WORKSHOP: Clearing the Hurdles: Overcome the 15 Stumbling Blocks that Threaten Writing Careers

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 7 pm at Kellogg-Hubbard Library With Mike Dunphy, Editor in Chief of The Bridge and writing instructor at the Gotham Writers Workshop. For many aspiring writers, it’s not a lack of talent that keeps careers from getting off the ground, but a series of stumbling blocks that inexperienced writers inevitably trip […]

Parklets or Parking? Which Brings More to Montpelier?

Parklets or Parking? Which Brings More to Montpelier?

by Mike Dunphy When the first planks for a new parklet were laid down outside Down Home Kitchen on Langdon Street, Montpelier began to buzz over the wisdom of such a venture. While critics chafed at the loss of parking spaces, alleged minimal notification, and traffic issues, others cheered the move as something new and […]

DOT’S BEAT: One Step Forward at a Time

by Dot Helling Each spring runners, joggers and walkers take to our roads to train for events like the Corporate Cup and the Vermont City Marathon.  Are you one of them? If not, why not? I hear many reasons for not getting out there:  “The weather is bad. My knees are bad. I’m too busy.”  […]

EDITORIAL: Insisting on a Safe, Accessible, 24-Hour Transit Center

by Nat Frothingham Here’s a good idea. What about a taking a moment of total relaxation followed by a deep breath of satisfaction? Now, let’s acknowledge all the players, the meetings, work, grit, patience, and follow-through with the One Taylor Street project—a project that includes a long-awaited and much-needed downtown Montpelier transit center, with a […]

Why I Love My (Reel) Mower

by Charles W. Johnson Now that it’s getting close to the dreaded mowing season, when folks spend much precious free time tending their patch of lawn, I’d like to pass on some thoughts about the benefit and joy (well, maybe not “joy” exactly, let’s say “satisfaction”) of using an old-fashioned reel mower—you know, the one […]