June 21–July 4, 2018

The Wayside Restaurant Turns 100 Years Old—and Aims for More

The Wayside Restaurant Turns 100 Years Old—and Aims for More

by Michael Bielawski When Effie Ballou opened the Wayside Diner in July of 1918, Horace F. Graham was governor of Vermont, the doughboys were fighting World War I in Europe, and a global pandemic of “Spanish Influenza” swept through the state, killing 1,772 Vermonters, with the most deaths occurring  in Washington County. It was also […]

The Only Wine I Ever Loved

The Only Wine I Ever Loved

by Mike Dunphy From August 2002 to June 2003, I taught English at a school in the city of Koper, in the coastal Primorska region of Slovenia. Here, they produce a very particular type of red wine called Refošk, which kept me warm and oiled through the year. Ever since, I have sought it out […]

SAGE ADVICE: Summer Heat Relief: Staying Cool with Herbs and Food

by Iris Gage Summer is often a joyous time for Vermonters, with the annual return of mellifluous song birds, sweet smelling blossoms, fifty shades of green, and, of course, the sun!  With all this excitement, we can easily forget the basics of caring for our bodies during the hot time of year. Luckily there are […]

EDITORIAL: The Labor Department Versus Small Business

by Nat Frothingham The Bridge is just coming out of what has been, for me, a disappointing and sobering experience. Here I’m referring to a two-year process of having been audited by the Vermont Department of Labor, with a first contact from the Department in April 2016 and a formal audit that began on August […]

Helping Friends and Family with Suicidal Thoughts

by Karen Kurle I have had the humble privilege of working in mental health emergency services for 20 years.  People frequently ask me, “How do you continue to do that work?  It must be so hard and sad.”  The truth is, sometimes it is hard and sad, but it is also filled with true hope.  […]

A Letter to Gov. Scott from COVE

Dear Governor Scott, On behalf of the Community of Vermont Elders (COVE), we write to encourage you to sign the Fiscal Year 2019 budget the Legislature has set forth during the special session. While COVE is not directly engaged in the discussions related to the tax bill and property tax rates, we firmly believe that […]

Read the June 21, 2018 Issue Online

Read the June 21, 2018 Issue Online

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LETTERS: 6.21.18

Letters to the paper are not fact-checked and do not necessarily represent the views of The Bridge.   Ban Single-use Plastic Bags Editor, As most of us now know, plastic is extremely versatile but highly problematic.  The problem is not so much with plastic products, but how to safely dispose of them.  The curious thing […]