Feb 1 – Feb 14


March Mania at the Adamant Coop The Adamant Co-op is launching a new contest in March. It’s pretty simple: whoever has the highest shopping total in dollars for the month of March wins. First prize is $100 in the form of a Co-op gift card or store credit. Second prize is a lovely Adamant Co-op […]

Nature Watch

Nature Watch

by Nora Estrin Days Lengthen Gray, icy weather hides the approach of spring. But by February 1 the crow flocks break up into family units, migrating birds start moving north, and days lengthen. The sun comes out, the wind dies, and fora moment, its rays almost feel hot. It’s no accident that Valentine’s Day is […]

Opinion – On Healing

by Dr. Brian Ricca, Montpelier Superintendent of Schools It was a tremendously difficult week in Montpelier Public Schools. A life was lost on the campus of Montpelier High School. Nate Giffin was a student in our school system and his mother and father are established members of the Montpelier and greater Vermont community. Many in […]

Opinion – Super Risky Bowl

by Walt Amses While the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have been practicing for a game that may very well eventually kill them, millions of Americans have been preparing to consume enough calories, cholesterol, sodium, and alcohol to contribute to their own untimely deaths as well. Fair is fair after all, and it’s heartening […]

Folk Concert to Benefit Open Hands Café

Folk Concert to Benefit Open Hands Café

by Nat Frothingham When it comes to feeding Montpelier’s homeless and hungry people, George Estes is doing a lot more than talking the talk—he’s walking the walk. On January 12, Estes opened his new “Open Hands Café” in the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal Church, across the street from the post office in Montpelier. The […]

Talking Consent with the Owners of Plainfield’s Rocket Erotic

by Suzanne Podhaizer In 2014, Jan Lloyd of Plainfield decided that it was time for somebody in Central Vermont to offer high quality sex toys and gear. She also wanted to provide an opportunity to dig into questions about bodies, pleasure, and power: topics that can be difficult to broach in a culture in which […]

Impress your Partner at these Valentine’s Day Events in Vermont

Impress your Partner at these Valentine’s Day Events in Vermont

by Adam Blachly The Valentine’s clock is ticking. Are you ready? Are you still racking your brain for just the right way to make a memorable splash this year and earn bonus relationship points? Fortunately, Vermont is full of romantic hearts and opportunities abound this year throughout the state to woo and win that special […]

Add Spice (literally) to your Valentine’s Day with these Six Aphrodisiacs

by Mike Dunphy Cleopatra used to bathe in saffron to increase her sexual pleasure; Casanova started each day with a breakfast of 50 oysters, and ancient Aztec ruler Montezuma legendarily consumed more than 50 cups of chocolate before visiting his harem. So long as human shave gotten down by the fire, aphrodisiacs have been used […]

City of Montpelier Budget Asks for $9.3 Million for FY 2019

by Nat Frothingham When voters in Montpelier go to the polls for City Meeting on Tuesday, March 6,the part of the proposed budget that will fund City of Montpelier (not school)expenses will be increased at a rate roughly on track with the 2 percent rise in the federal consumer price index. To be exact, according […]

Women’s March Returns to Montpelier One Year Later

by Sarah Davin January 20 was the anniversary of the 2017 Women’s March, which drew out millions of people across the country to protest and support women’s rights among a host of other causes, including reproductive and LGBTQ rights, racial equality, immigration, and worker protections. Nearly 500,000 descended on Washington D.C., while in Vermont, around […]