Feb 15 – Feb 28

Opinion – Higher Education: A Necessity Not a Privilege

by Joyce Judy, President of (CCV) the Community College of Vermont In this time of heightened dialogue about the future of higher education in Vermont, I am compelled to reflect on the narratives that inform and affect our students and their families. I am reminded that our responsibility to Vermont’s students is a collective one, […]

Opinion – Leave the Chains Unbroken

by Larry Floersch As part of immigration reform, there’s a push to ban “chain migration.” According to the Washington Post, Trump has said ending “horrible chain migration” will be a condition of any deal that may protect those facing deportation after the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program expires. According to the White House, […]

Opinion – The Tiny State with a Big Heart

by Mary Alice Proffitt Every day when I wake up and look out my window, I feel grateful that I live in Vermont. Not only do I love the landscape here, the rural way of life, and the old-fashioned, common sense values, I truly feel inspired by the kindness of the people I meet out […]

Opinion – Restore Cooperative Principles at Hunger Mountain

by Billy Donovan A recent article in The Bridge about the Hunger Mountain Co-op connected the challenges of being a modern co-op, with member criticism of the co-op’s leadership over the past few years. The extent and severity of the problems are complex and difficult to succinctly convey, but this overview of the basics is […]

Sue Higby Runs for Mayor of Barre

One of downtown Barre’s true success stories can be found at Studio Place Arts, and Sue Higby, who’s served as executive director for more than 15 years, is largely the reason. In addition, she’s a member of the Barre City Council, representing Ward1, and Barre Promise Community, a group of local organizations that collaborate regularly […]

Back to the Land: 13 Years of EarthWalking

Back to the Land: 13 Years of EarthWalking

by Adam Blachly While poised in front of a camera, I was asked the question, “How did EarthWalk complement your educational experience?” That was a difficult question to answer, not because I couldn’t think of a response, but because I could think of so many. Where to start? I began attending EarthWalk in 2005, its […]

Local Refugee Action Network Supports and Advocates for Refugees and Immigrants

by Pamela Walker This is a time when the plight of refugees trying to enter the United States, and those who have arrived on our shores and have settled in Vermont, is very much on our minds. The Central Vermont Refugee Action Network (CVRAN) is a young organization striving to do its part to resist […]

Increasing Refugee Awareness at Stage Reading of Que Nochebuena

by Nat Frothingham Two local organizations—Central Vermont Refugee Action Network and the Social Responsibility Committee of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier—are teaming up to sponsor a stage reading of a play entitled “Qué Nochebuena” (What a Christmas Eve) by Inez Martinez. The stage reading will be presented on Saturday February 24 at 2 pm at […]

Nature Watch – Closer to Spring

Nature Watch – Closer to Spring

by Nona Estrin Ready for sap runs and red winged blackbirds! Mating starts for the tiny pointed nosed shrew, perhaps the only venomous mammal. I see their delicate tracks, under an inch in diameter, or sometimes, while late winter skiing I encounter the little creature its self-running across the snow. I guess eating only protein […]


Vermont Foodbank Receives Annual TD Charitable Foundation Food Bank Grant The TD Charitable Foundation, the charitable giving arm of TD Bank, announced that it has provided $800,000 in grants to 36 food banks across the bank’s Maine-to-Florida footprint to help provide meals locally to families and individuals in need. The grants focus on food stability, […]