August 2–August 15, 2018

DOT’S BEAT: Food Minstrels of Montpelier

DOT’S BEAT: Food Minstrels of Montpelier

by Dot Helling The traditional definition of a “minstrel” is a traveling medieval musician. The expanded definition includes entertainers, servants, workers, and poets.  As I walked in downtown Montpelier one day taking in the aromas and sights of our portable food carts, it came to me that these traveling Epicurean meisters are also minstrels.  They […]

Washington County Senate Democratic Candidates Answer your Questions

compiled by Mike Dunphy For the past two weeks, The Bridge has been calling for questions from the community to put to the six Democratic candidates running for three spots on the ticket in the August primary. We have selected 10 questions and put them to the candidates, whose responses are below. Some response have […]

Meet Ryan Heraty, Union Elementary School’s New Principal

Meet Ryan Heraty, Union Elementary School’s New Principal

by Nat Frothingham As the new principal of Montpelier’s Union Elementary School, Ryan Heraty has only been on the job for about three weeks–a short time by any measure. But in a recent interview with The Bridge he came across as very much in charge, and very much at ease. Heraty, who succeeded former Union […]


Salaam Moves, Rebel Heart to Open, Vacant Storefront Filled The fashion boutique, Salaam, vacated one store front on State Street and moved a few doors down into the space which housed Vermont Trading Company for 25 years. Salaam is fully open for business at the new location and will hold a grand opening on August […]

NATURE WATCH: The Great Ash Sphinx Moth

NATURE WATCH: The Great Ash Sphinx Moth

by Nona Estrin By day, butterflies, by night, Great Ash Sphinx Moths hover like nocturnal humming birds amongst the fragrant tobacco. For these magical night-fliers and 44 other insects, ash is the primary host. What will become of them, the birds, and other life that feed on them? And what will we do to counter […]

Montpelier Selected to Host Major Regional Creative Economy Conference

Montpelier Alive announced today that Montpelier will host the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) Creative Communities Exchange (CCX) on June 6 and 7, 2019. Montpelier was selected in a competitive application process to host the event, which will bring nearly 300 leaders to Montpelier to discuss the interplay between the creative economy and […]

Raising Voter Turnout

by John Odum There are a lot of ways you can judge the health of a democracy. One of them–the simplest and most straightforward one–is to look at citizen participation. Turnout can be considered a measure of voter engagement, voter interest, and–I would argue–voter’s sense of futility. A certain percentage of those who don’t vote […]

Where is the Cleanest Water for  Swimming in the Capital Area?

Where is the Cleanest Water for Swimming in the Capital Area?

Friends of the Winooski River is a group dedicated to the health and restoration of the river, its tributaries, and watersheds. In pursuit of this, volunteers collect hundreds of water samples from 39 sites in the capital area and the headwaters (Cabot, Marshfield, Plainfield) on six dates each summer. Of all the capital area sampling […]

Democratic House Canididate John Stevens responds to The Bridge

In the July 19 issue, The Bridge reached out to the four Northfield candidates—Gordon Bock, Denise MacMartin, John Stevens, and Jeremy Hansen—vying for the two positions on the November ballot. John Stevens was unable to respond to our questions in the  previous issue but has sent them along now. What is one of your top […]

The Barber Todd Brings Vision and  Symmetry to Haircutting in Montpelier

The Barber Todd Brings Vision and Symmetry to Haircutting in Montpelier

by Dot Helling It’s time to go back to school. Preparation includes last minute vacations, buying clothes and school supplies, and coiffing for the big first day. Thankfully, we have many talented barbers and stylists in downtown Montpelier. In June, Todd Wheeler, who worked for the past three years at Myles Court Barbershop, opened his […]