April 19–May 2, 2018

Recollections of a Dairy Farm Wife

by Mimi Clark Fifty years ago, my father was a career soldier in the US Army, and when he left for Vietnam, we moved to Vermont. Back then there were more cows than people living in the Fourteenth Star, and most of those cows were black and white. Green is the midpoint on the light […]

Cultivating Gardens, Family, and Community in Montpelier

by Melisa Oliva I was born in El Salvador, Central America. After I started to travel, I learned that I could not go back to live in El Salvador and adapt myself again to the social paranoia, which one has to normalize when you live amidst violence, extreme poverty, and a macho culture that can […]

CBD Brings AroMed New Success—and New Space

CBD Brings AroMed New Success—and New Space

by Mike Dunphy Just as the breath of life involves contraction and expansion, so too does Montpelier’s downtown business community. Adding a sweeter fragrance to that air is Lauren Andrews, owner of AroMed, who has expanded her business thanks to rapid growth and a loyal customer base here and in the flatlands. While the retail […]

Gardening for Pollinators, Birds, and Beauty

by Erin O’Hara Science shows us that biodiversity leads to a more productive ecosystem in which more oxygen is produced, more carbon dioxide stored, more water purified, and more energy from the sun transformed into food and biomass. The key to maximizing biodiversity in our gardens and landscapes is native plants. If we focus on […]

An Excerpt on the Myth of the Small Farm from  Daniel Hecht’s New Novel, “On Brassard’s Farm”

An Excerpt on the Myth of the Small Farm from Daniel Hecht’s New Novel, “On Brassard’s Farm”

Just as I’d had imbecilic notions of the forest, I had childlike misconceptions about farms, farming, and farmers. I had an imaginary “farm” in my mind. I knew that most of our food is grown on factory farms run by giant corporations. I knew that growing lots of a single crop or raising lots of […]

Remembering Daniel A. Neary (1940–2018)

Remembering Daniel A. Neary (1940–2018)

Remembering Dan Neary as a Friend of The Bridge by Nat Frothingham In the past few weeks, I have been working closely with Carla Occaso to assemble a spread to remember and honor her father Dan Neary. Neary; who had a career as a writer, journalist and photographer; died on March 9. We remember and […]

North Branch Nature Center Expands Programs

by Sean Beckett The warm spring winds mark the return of eastern bluebirds, the emergence of spring wildflowers, and exciting new growth at the North Branch Nature Center. Since the unveiling of our new community room in October, the Nature Center has already become a regional hub for dozens of partner organizations and a place […]

LETTERS: 4.19.18

Letters to the paper are not fact-checked and do not necessarily represent the views of The Bridge.   Complete Streets Committee Working to Make City Safer Editor, Readers of The Bridge might like to know: * Citizen volunteers are working to make Montpelier a friendlier, safer city for pedestrians and bicyclists. * Some of these […]

Read the April 19, 2018 Issue (Food & Farming)

Read the April 19, 2018 Issue (Food & Farming)

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