Oct 5 – Oct 18

“All Things LGBTQ” Celebrates First Year of Broadcast.

“All Things LGBTQ” Celebrates First Year of Broadcast.

All Things LGBTQ will celebrate its first year of broadcast with its 26th episode scheduled to air on Comcast/ORCA channel 15 at 8pm Saturday, October 14th.  All Things LGBTQ, a news and interview format program featuring reportage of events regarding Central Vermont’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and HIV communities, tapes and airs a new episode in the […]

Creative Carpentry: Building Houses that are Energy-Efficient and Affordable

Creative Carpentry: Building Houses that are Energy-Efficient and Affordable

by Nat Frothingham Need something built? Not just anything – but something smart, efficient and — here’s a word — “affordable.” Well, consider Myron Dorfman and his experienced team of builders at Creative Carpentry & Construction. And the projects they’ve taken on and completed include the following: design and build, energy-efficient homes, timber frames, remodeling […]


Vermont Big Game Reporting Stations MONTPELIER – Vermont hunters who take deer, bears or turkeys must bring them to a reporting station within 48 hours. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department keeps an updated list of big game reporting stations on their website (www.vtfishandwildlife.com) with a map showing their locations.  Here is a direct link […]


by Nona Estrin What happened to the leaves while we were away? Opposite-branched ash trees, which turn colors from yellow to peach to deep mahogany,  stand bare against the blue, blue sky. Many sugar maples are in disarray, either bare, covered only by a few brassy samaras or seeds, or sporting a variety of dead […]

Attention Bikers and Walkers: New Pocket Park

Attention Bikers and Walkers: New Pocket Park

by Nat Frothingham Anyone who’s on a bike or on foot on the Montpelier recreation path along the Winooski River will have noticed a new pocket park. That park is on the north (or downtown) side of what is called officially the West Winooski Bike Path Bridge. That bridge doesn’t carry motorized traffic. It is […]

Preventing Chimney Fires

by Glennis Drew “Vermont ranks first in the nation for its per-capita use of wood for heat. According to the US Census, one in six Vermont households use wood products as their primary heating source. In an effort to save money many Vermonters use alternative heating sources that may not be safe. An improperly installed […]

Should I Use Wood Ashes in My Garden?

by Glennis Drew According to Heather Rhoades of the website, Gardening Know How, the short answer is “Yes! (but only once the ashes have been allowed to cool completely in a metal container with a lid, on the ground, away from your house.) Wood ashes are an excellent source of lime and potassium for your […]

The Wood Art Gallery: Callan Offers Fresh Leadership

by Nat Frothingham The Wood Today: Celebrate Art Many, many people both in Montpelier and beyond know, remember, like and admire Ginny Callan, the creative and spirited woman and entrepreneur who started the Horn of the Moon Café in the late 1970s and kept it going for more than a dozen years — an amazing […]

A STATE OF MIND: Moving Right Along?

by Larry Floersch I am here to say we need more food movements. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Lare, don’t we have enough food movements already? Like the Farm-to-Table Movement and the Slow Food Movement?” First of all, the Farm-to-Table Movement should not be confused with the Slow Food Movement, which is similar to […]

A Vermont Moment

by Glennis Drew WILLISTON—If you search for I-89 rest areas in Vermont, a website appears for the architecture firm (Wagner Hodgston) that designed the spacious, welcoming stop.  A good description of the space appears on the website, along with a diagram of the layout of buildings, picnic tables, walkways, parking, and trees: Extending the presence […]