Nov 2 – Nov 15

Anne Watson Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Montpelier

At a Montpelier City Hall press conference at about 12 noon today, City councilor and Montpelier High School teacher Anne Watson announced her candidacy for Mayor of Montpelier at City Meeting on the first Tuesday of March 2018. Watson was introduced to the local media by former Montpelier Mayor and current state legislator Mary Hooper and by longtime Montpelier […]

Hunger in Central Vermont: Problem or Emergency?

an analysis by our Publisher Nat Frothingham Vermont Public Radio ran a breaking news story on September 27 about a sharp spike in the demand for food at the Montpelier Food Pantry. The story suggested a dramatic increase in the numbers of people visiting the capital city’s food pantry from a pretty steady number of […]

‘A Very Human Impulse’ Jason Serota-Winston and Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico

‘A Very Human Impulse’ Jason Serota-Winston and Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico

by Larry Floersch Jason Serota-Winston looks solemn. And maybe just a bit angry. He returned to Vermont on October 18 from a two-week stint as a relief worker in Puerto Rico helping with the recovery from Hurricane Maria. Maria struck the island on September 20 as a near-category-5 storm, and his work there in the […]

Be Visible: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Guide for Fall and Winter

by Corporal Michael Philbrick, Montpelier Police Department Living in New England has many benefits in the summer months, including long, warm days and cool evenings. The sun seems to fight off the night, illuminating warm weather activities into the late hours. We’re well into fall now, and the days are already growing shorter and shorter. […]

Vermont State Police Disarm Man in Washington

The Vermont State Police reported that on October 27, at approximately 1:23 pm, state troopers from the Middlesex barracks responded to a 911 call at 4133 Vt Route 110 in the Town of Washington. The caller was an excavating contractor who was doing work on the property for the owner (Jane Bedia, 80) at this […]

Bethany Church to Open a Homeless Shelter for Men

By Dianne Richardson Bethany Congregational Church in Montpelier has decided to host a 20-bed shelter in the basement of the church for homeless men. The program is temporary: it will begin on November 15, 2017 and will end on April 15, 2018. In the past Economic Services of the Department for Children and Families issued […]

U-32 Teens Run Middlesex Food Shelf

U-32 Teens Run Middlesex Food Shelf

MONTPELIER — In August of this year, Ethan Scharf and Cricket Liebermann volunteered to take over the coordination of the United Methodist Church (UMC) food shelf in Middlesex. The teens have known each other casually since seventh grade, but had not been close friends. Friendly and enthusiastic, the pair has been happily working together ever […]

On The Road

by Brent Curtis Just as you might expect this week, we want to make sure that you take extra caution on Halloween. Roaming city streets and country roads you will find packs of ghosts, goblins, superheroes and zombies. The excitement and joy surrounding the children is nothing short of electric. Do not forget the adults […]

‘All Walks of Life’ Need a Little Help from the Food Pantry

by Steven M. Cliche and Michael Bielawski MONTPELIER – From the front of the building the Trinity Methodist Church looks quiet on a Thursday morning, but in the back of the building and down in the basement, food pantry volunteers are bustling around and helping those in need gather items for their next several meals. Even […]

Senior Hunger Issues/Meals on Wheels/FEAST

by Steven M. Cliche  and Michael Bielawski According to Mary Hayden, the Director of Development and Communications for the Central Vermont Council On Aging (CVCOA), feeding Vermont’s seniors in need represents a variety of unique challenges. “The difficulty is you have someone who is 85 or older who isn’t able to travel to a meal […]