Mar 2 — Mar15

Jessie Baker Heads For Winooski

Jessie Baker Heads For Winooski

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — Assistant City Manager Jessie Baker is taking another step up the municipal management ladder. Baker has been hired away from Montpelier to become the next city manager of Winooski in Chittenden County. In a recent interview with The Bridge, Baker said that she has learned a lot from City Manager […]

Meet New Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman

Meet New Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman

by Nat Frothingham MONTPELIER — In the two months or so since Jan. 5, when he was sworn in as Vermont’s newest lieutenant governor, The Bridge has been in touch with David Zuckerman three times. Just as the 2017 legislative session was getting underway, Zuckerman talked with The Bridge by phone and listed — in […]

Two Flee Police In Brook, One Still Missing

PLAINFIELD — A Morrisville woman has been missing since February 25 after leaving the scene of a single car crash. Vermont State Police, local fire departments and many other emergency response teams from multiple counties have been searching for her ever since, with the suspicion she got swept down the brook and to the Winooski […]

GRANITE CITY GROOVE: Barre Efficiency Plan Saves Energy

GRANITE CITY GROOVE: Barre Efficiency Plan Saves Energy

by Joshua Jerome BARRE — After a six month pilot period, Barre City’s energy efficiency effort is showing results. State officials set the goal of reaching 90 percent of Vermont’s energy needs from renewable resources by 2050 and Barre is doing its part to get on board with these lofty goals.At a recent meeting, Mayor […]

New Owner James O’Hanlon Likes What He Sees at  The Savoy

New Owner James O’Hanlon Likes What He Sees at The Savoy

by  Nat Frothingham MONTPELIER — On March 15, it will be six months since James O’Hanlon took ownership of The Savoy Theater from Terry Youk. Since its founding in 1981 by Rick Winston and Gary Ireland, The Savoy Theater has been true to its roots in the art house cinema tradition of bringing (in the […]

ESSAY: Looking to the Past

ESSAY: Looking to the Past

by Thomas Christopher Greene As a novelist, I am fascinated by how small events, a chance meeting, an illness, can change the course of an entire life. The grandmother I never knew, Marie Foley, died five years before I was born. She was only 63 years old and had had a hard life. When she […]

LETTERS: 3.2.17

Wind Power Too Loud To the Vermont Public Interest Research Group: You asked for comments on the wind sound rules you would like to see in place. Since this is such a important issue to all Vermonters and your website wouldn’t receive comments, I had to seek other avenues to comment. These are statements you […]

Five Students To Compete in the  Poetry Out Loud Competition

Five Students To Compete in the Poetry Out Loud Competition

BARRE – Five students from Washington County will travel to the Barre Opera House on March 8 to compete in the 2017 Vermont Poetry Out Loud State Competition. They will join students from 34 high schools representing 11 counties to vie for the state championship in the national poetry recitation competition. The winner will compete […]

ESSAY: Makin’ Sugar Through Climate Change

by Burr Morse EAST MONTPELIER — Whoaa…I’m standing here freezing to death on this pre-Christmas day, and they’re tellin’ me the planet is warmin’ up…What’s going on here? That’s right, our world these days is as wacky as the weather and that’s the way I’ll choose to describe both… wacky! First of all, I’m not […]

OPINION: Strengthen The Local Economy with Time Banking

by Dan Towle and Edisa Muller Onion River Exchange, Central Vermont’s community timebank, is ready for the tumultuous times ahead. What is a timebank? It’s a complementary currency in which the currency is time. It’s a currency that everyone possesses. Timebank members earn time-credit for the skills, services and talents they offer to others. They […]