Mar 2 — Mar15

VIDEO: Under The Golden Dome 2017 Week 9

Ninth week of the 2017 Vermont legislative session March 1, 2017. State House Info – Senate Chamber chandelier. Interview segments with Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mitzi Johnson, Rep. Matt Hill, Sen. Dick McCormack, Rep. Tristan Toleno, Rep. Martin LaLonde, Rep. Brian Savage. View at: Share this:

CORRECTION: Remarks Wrongly Attributed to Montpelier Planning Chief Mike Miller

As part of an editorial statement on pages 22 and 23 of the February 16 (2017) issue of The Bridge entitled “A Taxpayer’s Message to City Hall: Clean Up the Econo Lodge Mess,” writer Nat Frothingham wrongly attributed remarks to Montpelier Planning Chief Mike Miller. These remarks or the sense of these remarks were actually […]

Krueger District 1, Watson District 2 — Town Meeting Day Election Results for Montpelier

(From City Clerk John Odum) GREEN MOUNT CEMETERY COMMSSION: Jake Brown 1896 PARKS COMMISSION: Daniel Dickerson 1790 SCHOOL COMMISSION: Becky Bowen 1108 Bridget Asay 1354 Ira Black Shadis 668 COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 Thomas Gram 87 Joseph R. Kiernan 145 Alex Aldrich 204 Mary Rose “Rosie” Krueger 258 COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 Alison Soccodato 216 Anne Watson […]

Remembering The Heyday of the  Brown Derby Supper Club

Remembering The Heyday of the Brown Derby Supper Club

by Irene Racz It’s difficult to imagine, given the eyesore it has become, that the building housing the former Brown Derby Supper Club was once an important political and social hub in Montpelier. The restaurant, and the accompanying motel units sitting behind and adjacent to it, held a special place in the hearts of many […]


City Clerk’s Office Open March 4 for Early Voting MONTPELIER — City Clerk John Odum announced that his office will be open again for early voting on Saturday, March 4 for four hours (from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) to accommodate residents who would like to cast their March 7 annual city meeting election ballots […]

NATURE WATCH: Life Re-Emerges

The yard is full of red-winged blackbirds and their song. By noon the brooks are tumbling along to join the Winooski. It’s a tender time, with life returning. Re-emerging, this year three weeks early. A quick trip to the feed stores reminds me that we live in a time of great danger to all life, […]

Statement from Mayor John Hollar

I want to acknowledge that some people are upset about the statement I wrote recently about the city manager contract renewal process. This has been a difficult time for the city, the council, the city manager and me, and I understand that many in Montpelier are ready to move on. I regret causing any offense. […]

City Council Responds to the Mayor’s Message

by Carla Occaso Read Mayor Hollar’s statement clarifying council process on the manager’s contract. The Bridge reached out by email (with short notice prior to publishing) to all city council members and the city manager referenced in Hollar’s written piece. Two of the six councilors responded in time for publication. From Councilor Dona Bate: “I […]

OPINION: Mayor Clarifies Council Process on Manager’s Contract

by Mayor John Hollar, Montpelier There appears to be a great deal of misunderstanding about the Montpelier City Council’s deliberations regarding the city manager’s employment contract. I have been reluctant to comment in detail, since issues related to the manager’s performance are fundamentally a personnel matter. The role of the City Council is to set […]

MHS Recruiting Outside Students To Up Enrollment

MHS Recruiting Outside Students To Up Enrollment

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — Some schools are grumbling about dwindling student numbers and upwardly spiralling costs, while others are actively working to increase enrollment. One such school is our own Montpelier High School thanks to the work of science and engineering teacher Anne Watson. Watson spoke at a recent Rotary Club of Montpelier meeting […]