May 21 – Jun 3

OPINION: Stop Workplace Bullying Now

by Sherrill Gilbert, State coordinator for the Healthy Workplace Bill   The fight for human rights continues. There is a war going on and like every war there are casualties. In this country the numbers continue to grow each day. Workers in the workplace are targeted. The numbers of families that have been impacted by […]

Echo Valley Offers Shakespeare Camps for Area Youth

Echo Valley Offers Shakespeare Camps for Area Youth

by Nat Frothingham   “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” – from William Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet EAST MONTPELIER/PLAINFIELD — Imagine summer. Now imagine Shakespeare and youth. Now add […]

2015 Real Estate Market Off To Strong Start

by Phil Dodd Despite a cold winter, the local real estate market is off to a better start this year than during the same time period last year, figures from the Multiple Listing Service show. Low interest rates, a slowly improving economy and pent-up demand appear to be behind the improvement. “The market is strong,” […]

Who Is Moving To Montpelier, And Why?

Who Is Moving To Montpelier, And Why?

by Phil Dodd (This is part one of a two-part series. Part two will cover residents who are leaving Montpelier.) It didn’t take Kate Belcher long to decide she wanted to return to Montpelier after having moved away last year to help take care of her granddaughter. After six months away, “I missed Montpelier a […]

Uncommon Doorway:  (New) Historic Entrance  Installed at 1 School Street

Uncommon Doorway: (New) Historic Entrance Installed at 1 School Street

by Nat Frothingham   MONTPELIER — After graduating from high school in his late teens, Matt Dwire was all set to leave Vermont. “I was signed up to go into the Air Force,” he told The Bridge.  But instead of joining the U.S. Air Force, Dwire’s life took a different direction and he stayed in […]



by Miriam Hansen   This is one of those years when spring has really passed in the blink of an eye. My prediction that we’d have to wait until late May to plant warm weather crops has proved utterly wrong. We’ve been frost-free in East Montpelier since the beginning of May. Despite a brutal winter […]

GRANITE CITY GROOVE: Behind the Scenes with Seasoned Realtors

by Joshua Jerome   For many Americans, purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction they’ll make in their lifetime and it’s not just a home, but an investment. And for many, this investment will be the largest investment in their lives and a decision that will have lasting implications for years to come. Because […]

Support the Ice Rink

by Kim McKee, Nate Hausman and Mariah Quinn, Montpelier   Picture this: An ice rink sparkling under the January sky. Skaters practicing figure eights and small children slowly finding their skating legs, wobbly but happy. Couples bundled up in the cold, thrilled to be outside enjoying the conviviality. After they finish skating, they stay downtown […]

OPINION: Precious Lives are No Laughing Matter

by Morgan W. Brown, Montpelier   Apparently there are those who appear to continue to believe that it is perfectly alright to jest about taking one’s own life or otherwise suicide in general. Sadly, up until only recently, Gov. Peter Shumlin had been among those repeatedly doing so. For those of us who have lost […]

OPINION: Math Problem in the House: Too many Dems

by Rep. Don Turner, House Republican leader, Milton Last November, Vermonters sent a clear message that the status quo no longer worked for them.  Vermonters told us that we needed to get to work to return the state to a sound and sustainable fiscal path, work to make Vermont a more affordable place to live […]