Feb 5 – Feb 18

City Promotes McArdle to Serve as Public Works Director

MONTPELIER — City Manager William Fraser announced Feb. 12 that he has appointed Thomas J. McArdle, 55, of Calais to position of public works director effective immediately. McArdle has served as the acting public works director for Montpelier since November. He has been the assistant public works director for the city since 2000 and previously worked […]

Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day: The Wig Goddess Can Help You  Find Your Fabulous

Love Yourself for Valentine’s Day: The Wig Goddess Can Help You Find Your Fabulous

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — “Tell someone they are fabulous today,” said Clare McAfee at the end of a late January interview in her professional wig studio on the outskirts of town. McAfee, known professionally as the Wig Goddess, has eyes that twinkle, a sweet smile reminiscent of the actress Shirley MacLaine and an explosion […]

Heard on the Street: 2.5.15

First in Fitness to Hold Indoor Benefit for Bicycle Trail Bridge MONTPELIER — First in Fitness is holding a Ride for the Bridge event to benefit the Cross Vermont Trail bridge. The event will be held on March 8 at First in Fitness, Pitkin Court, Montpelier (behind City Hall). Deadline to register is Feb. 16. […]

A Love Letter to Barre — Our Sister City

A Love Letter to Barre — Our Sister City

by Carla Occaso on behalf of The Bridge Dear Sister City Barre, We love you. We thought we should tell you this just before Valentine’s Day. Those of us who come to the Bridge office every day (Publisher Nat Frothingham, Managing Editor Carla Occaso, calendar editor and Graphic Designer Marichel Vaught and Advertising Manager Michael […]

Montpelier Police Beat

Montpelier Police Beat

Jan. 19-25 Police took an intoxicated male from City Center on Main Street to a detox facility. An intoxicated male on State Street was taken into protective custody. A small amount of suspected marijuana was seized from a person. An extremely intoxicated male was reported to be in the area of State and Elm streets. […]

OPINION: Why We Should Fix the Medicaid Cost Shift

by Gov. Peter Shumlin It wouldn’t make much sense if you were charged $1.40 for a cup of coffee only to find the person in line behind you was charged 60 cents for the same order. Yet that’s how medical services are paid for in Vermont and around the country. It’s not only nonsensical; it’s […]

A Chance to Ride Again

MSAC Writer’s Corner: A venue for the Montpelier Senior Activity Center writers by Daniel A. Neary Jr. Years and years ago, I got  the hankering to buy a horse. We  lived in a relatively unsettled area of East Montpelier, and there was enough hay in the fields to winter one riding horse. As I recall, the […]

The Legislature Looks at Internal Rules

by Ed Sutherland MONTPELIER — Rules are capturing the attention of some in the Legislature this session. Some are obscure and rarely used, such as House Rule 75 governing the ethics of whether or not a representative has too much direct interest in an issue to influence it. Some are new, such as a rule […]

BOOK REVIEW: A Review of “Stunned by Illumination”  by Jeanne Weston Cook

BOOK REVIEW: A Review of “Stunned by Illumination” by Jeanne Weston Cook

by Lindsey Grutchfield Jeanne Weston Cook’s new book of poetry, “Stunned By   Illumination,” is a deeply personal work, oftentimes overtly reflecting the inner monologue of the author. Where it really shines, however, is when the author shifts her attention outside of herself, outside of her own opinions, to the starkly beautiful world around her. […]

Meet Dahria Messina — Storyteller, Writer, Filmmaker

Meet Dahria Messina — Storyteller, Writer, Filmmaker

by Carla Occaso MONTPELIER — Dahria Messina most likely does not fit the mold of any high school student you’ve ever met. She is 17, has written a screenplay that she is in the process of producing, knows where she plans to go to college and has a career mapped out. Much of this clarity […]