Aug 20 — Sep 2

A STATE OF MIND: Background Checks: Selfie Nuts Take Over Manhattan

by Larry Floersch As we all know from high school, one of the basic tenets of quantum physics is that the very act of observing can alter the result. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Lare, that only has relevance when you’re talking about quarks, Higgs bosons, and the Large Hadron Collider.” Don’t be […]

IN MEMORIUM: Honoring Lara Sobel

IN MEMORIUM: Honoring Lara Sobel

by Rabbi Shana Margolin   Since August 7 and the several days that have followed, here locally and across Vermont — many people have been shaken by a spate of slayings that have claimed the lives of four women. On Friday afternoon, August 7 — Lara Sobel, a longtime social worker with the Vermont Department […]

OPINION: ‘Healthcare is a Human Right’ Campaign Condemns 2016 Insurance Rate Hikes

by Keith Brunner The Green Mountain Care Board approved 5.9 percent and 2.4 percent average annual rate hikes for 2016 Vermont Health Connect plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP, respectively. While these numbers are lower than the staggering 8.6 percent increase initially proposed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, they represent a failure by […]

OPINION: Rift Growing Between Hunger Mountain Coop Staff, Management

by Ellie Bayer We are proud to work at Hunger Mountain Cooperative — a business that defines itself as “a member-owned, community based natural market, committed to building a dynamic community of healthy individuals, sustainable local food systems, and thriving cooperative commerce.” Hunger Mountain is a cooperative business — a co-operation — a coming together […]

OPINION: The Grange Can Help Berlin and Berlin Can Help the Grange!

by Jeremy Hansen Starting on Town Meeting Day, I conducted a survey of Berlin residents using Internet and paper surveys. I received 29 responses to a variety of questions, such as residents’ thoughts about the quality of life in Berlin (90 percent rated it as “good” or “excellent”), the town’s overall reputation (55 percent “good” […]

OPINION: Whistleblower: Center For Disease Control Data Linking Vaccines and Autism Destroyed

by Jennifer Stella Leaked scientific data has been disclosed showing that links between autism and vaccines were covered up by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the nation’s leading public health agency. In his July 29 statement on the House floor, Congressman Bill Posey, R-Florida, reported that CDC vaccine safety researcher […]

LETTERS: 8.20.15

Solar Sells Editor: I was disappointed when I learned that solar wasn’t a fit for my home. Here in Montpelier, the city has launched a Net Zero initiative — meaning we will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy. I wanted to be a part of that movement. I wanted to […]

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