February 20 2014

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The State of Town Meeting

The State of Town Meeting

An Interview with Frank Bryan by Nat Frothingham   It’s fair to say that Frank Bryan’s longtime study and contemplation of town meeting makes him a “town meeting expert.” His scholarly fascination with the town meeting idea, what he now calls “his life’s work,” began in 1969 with the help of college students at St. […]

Nature Watch: 2-20-14

by Nona Estrin March already, just ahead. Looking at the snow, I would never know it. It’s not the relatively hard, freeze-thaw snowpack of late winter, with it’s big separate diamond-like crystals, but the relatively low-moisture, fluffy stuff of earlier winter storms. It’s hard to imagine it now, but one or two sunny, warm days, […]

Heard On The Street: 2-20-14

Become a Tree Steward The Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program is offering a course to prepare interested Vermonters on how to identify and care for trees. The course runs from March 19 through April 26 and will be held at the UVM extension classroom in Berlin. To register and for more information, please contact […]

The Bottom Line on School Spending

by Jerry Carter “The trends aren’t good,” said Lowell VanDerlip, of the Montpelier school board, after hearing remarks from panelists at a February 11 meeting. The meeting, hosted by Vibrant and Affordable Montpelier (VAM), focused on state education financing. During an hour-and-a-half discussion, the panelists explained to the audience the implications of state education financing […]

Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Education Rebecca Holcombe Speaks Out

Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Education Rebecca Holcombe Speaks Out

by Joyce Kahn with Nat Frothingham The Goal of the Agency of Education “Our goal at the agency is to improve the learning of every student, and we say ‘student’ because some of our students are adult learners and some of our students are in nontraditional classrooms. But we are committed to ensuring that every child […]

Barre Prepares to Vote

by Michelle A. L. Singer “Hopefully, it’s a straightforward and simple ballot this year,” says Barre city manager Stephen Mackenzie. On March 4, Barre City residents will vote by Australian ballot on a general fund budget of $11,187,972; voter assistance requests, like Project Independence and Green Mountain Transit; and a special ballot item for the […]

City Council Report: February 12, 2014

Net Zero Montpelier, Repair of Cummings Street Bridge by Nat Frothingham   The council’s first major agenda item was an update of the activities, accomplishments and future plans of the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee. Advisory committee chair Dan Jones explained that the Energy Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the council on energy matters, priorities […]

Opinion: The Race Continues

A Progressive Vision for Montpelier by Gwendolyn Hallsmith What’s your vision for Montpelier? I see a city that still feels like a small town, where people have good work they’ve created from the lifelong education opportunities here. We have a vibrant, historic downtown, healthy ecosystems, safe neighborhoods and affordable housing; we run on renewable energy. […]

Parks Commissioner Race

Bill Johnson Montpelier has a number of wonderful assets, and one of the greatest is our park system. To maintain and strengthen our park system, I believe we need to keep the following objectives in mind: • The park system must serve a diversity of uses. • We must respect and preserve the park’s natural […]