December 18, 2014

Montpelier High School Closes Due to Burst Pipe

MONTPELIER – The students had a day off Jan. 8, the coldest day of 2015 so far, due to a burst pipe in a classroom near the cafeteria. Principal Adam Bunting issued notice at 9:41 a.m., then followed up later with an explanation that the burst pipe was discovered around 8 a.m., then a “we […]

Shumlin Wins 110-69

Shumlin Wins 110-69

MONTPELIER – Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, R-Middlesex named the winner of a joint assembly vote to elect the next governor of Vermont Jan. 8. After the results were announced there was little audible reaction from those crowding the House chamber but for a slight ruffling of movement. There were three names on the ballot: Dan Feliciano, […]

Shumlin Expects a Challenging Legislative Session, Needs to Close $100 Million Budget Gap

Shumlin Expects a Challenging Legislative Session, Needs to Close $100 Million Budget Gap

by Carla Occaso   MONTPELIER – Creating a budget for the year 2016 is expected to be one of the toughest jobs this upcoming legislative session, as well as assuaging the ever-increasing money appetites of education and health care. “Our spending is rising faster than our economy,” Gov. Peter Shumlin told a room full of […]

Washington County Gas Prices Consistently Higher Than Caledonia

EAST MONTPELIER/LYNDONVILLE – The price of gas is going down throughout the country in recent weeks. However, some areas in Vermont – such as Washington County – are slower to adjust to the price decreases than others, as evidenced by a recent tour of neighboring counties. The price per gallon of gas in Lyndonville (Caledonia […]

Vermont Unemployment Rate Decreases to 4.3 Percent

The Vermont Department of Labor announced Dec. 19 the seasonally-adjusted statewide unemployment rate for November 2014 was 4.3 percent. This represents a decrease of one-tenth of a percent from the revised October rate (4.4 percent). The equivalent national average was 5.8 percent, which experienced no change from the previous month’s estimate. Commissioner’s Message: “Private sector […]

Milne Won’t Back Down

Milne Won’t Back Down

by Carla Occaso It is one thing to interview a political candidate as part of a press conference — diving in front of TV cameras to get a clear photo and crouching down to take notes — but it is another thing to have a nice long talk with a man who is on what […]

Keep it Real. Support The Bridge. By Regularly Involving Young People, The Bridge Makes Youth Care

by Lindsey Grutchfield When my generation is mentioned in conversation, we tend to be described as tech-obsessed, culturally shallow, emotionally vacant and utterly disinterested in anything outside of ourselves and our favorite celebrities. I can say firsthand that this diagnosis could not be more false. True, we are the most technologically savvy generation, being the […]

Scott Milne: Up Close  and Personal Q&A

Scott Milne: Up Close and Personal Q&A

by Nat Frothingham Why Didn’t Milne Concede? Nat Frothingham: You took some time between the election and your announcement at the Statehouse just a few days ago. How did that decision get made? Were people pressuring you or did you just come up with the decision on your own not to concede? Scott Milne: I […]

By The Numbers: Milne versus Shumlin

by Ivan Shadis   Overall Vermont population (this includes children): 626,146 Statewide voter turnout, 2014 midterm election: 193,500 (43.7 percent of about 443,000 registered voters) Statewide voter turnout, 2010 midterms: 243,453 (54 percent of about 453,180 voters) Total votes for Democrat Peter Shumlin on Nov. 4 2014: 89,509 Total votes for Republican Scott Milne on […]

Heard on the Street 12.18.14

A New Arvads Opens in Waterbury WATERBURY — A local fixture since 1989, Arvads Grill re-opened Dec. 15, unveiling a new menu, chef, decor, logo, website, name and tagline—“It’s Fresh. It’s Local. It’s Arvads.” This major renovation comes right before the 25th anniversary, which staff and customers will celebrate Jan. 15. With the addition of […]