April 3 2014

It’s Elementary Art

by Michelle A.L. Singer “It’s explicit and exquisite.” That’s how artist and art teacher Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss describes children’s art. “You can feel that it’s an amazing expression when a child picks up a pencil and draws. It’s exquisite, exciting and even sacred.” Holmes-Heiss has been teaching art for fourteen years and is currently the art […]

Carr Lot: Visions and Revisions

Carr Lot: Visions and Revisions

by C.B. Hall The mills of the gods grind slow, the saying goes, but they grind exceedingly fine. A civic committee began in the mid-1990s to investigate possible public acquisition of the so-called “Carr Lot,” also known as 1 Taylor Street, for redevelopment as a transit center. However, it was only last week that the […]

Efficiency VT and Suncommon: Energy Solutions for Vermonters

by Joyce Kahn Did you know that the energy efficiency charge on your electric bill every month helps to fund Efficiency Vermont, the first statewide energy efficiency utility in the United States? I discovered this when I shadowed Kate Stephenson, a local volunteer trained by Efficiency Vermont, on a visit to the home of a […]

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