April 3 2014

It’s Elementary Art

by Michelle A.L. Singer “It’s explicit and exquisite.” That’s how artist and art teacher Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss describes children’s art. “You can feel that it’s an amazing expression when a child picks up a pencil and draws. It’s exquisite, exciting and even sacred.” Holmes-Heiss has been teaching art for fourteen years and is currently the art […]

Carr Lot: Visions and Revisions

Carr Lot: Visions and Revisions

by C.B. Hall The mills of the gods grind slow, the saying goes, but they grind exceedingly fine. A civic committee began in the mid-1990s to investigate possible public acquisition of the so-called “Carr Lot,” also known as 1 Taylor Street, for redevelopment as a transit center. However, it was only last week that the […]

Efficiency VT and Suncommon: Energy Solutions for Vermonters

by Joyce Kahn Did you know that the energy efficiency charge on your electric bill every month helps to fund Efficiency Vermont, the first statewide energy efficiency utility in the United States? I discovered this when I shadowed Kate Stephenson, a local volunteer trained by Efficiency Vermont, on a visit to the home of a […]

Taking a Closer Look

by Michelle A.L. Singer The Montpelier School Board, at its March 19 meeting, unanimously voted not to put forth the same budget voted down on Town Meeting Day. With a $158,266 reduction, the revised budget will go up for vote on April 15, 2014, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee ballots are already available […]

City Council Report

by Ron Merkin Should the construction of a new hotel be part of the One Taylor Street plan to build a bus terminal in downtown Montpelier? This question was discussed more than any other for nearly two and a half hours during the Montpelier City Council’s 3/26 meeting. Along with other issues, opinions about its […]

City to Explore a Local Development Corporation

by Ivan Shadis At the Feb. 19 Montpelier City Council meeting, councilor Thierry Guerlain said he had been meeting with City Manager William Fraser and others to “explore the concept of a Local Development Corporation (LDC)…as an alternative to having the city’s economic development efforts fall within a city department.” Guerlain suggests such economic development […]

Upper Valley Press Hands the Reins to Employees

by Nat Frothingham In almost all of the 20-plus years that The Bridge has published a newspaper, its printer has been Upper Valley Press, Inc. in North Haverhill, New Hampshire—a pretty typical (Chapter S) corporation. But in a recent phone call with The Bridge, Upper Valley’s  Senior Vice President Dennis DeVaux discussed the background of […]

Natural Joinery: Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School Announce New Partnership

Natural Joinery: Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School Announce New Partnership

by Jerry Carter It is often remarked that Vermonters do things differently. Part of that perception stems from institutions like Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School. These two schools, for decades now, have taught scores of students how to be environmental stewards, to live more sustainably and to value community. Until now, these two institutions […]

Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan

by Phil Dodd What does it take to qualify for a loan to buy a house in Vermont today? Start by having a credit score above 620, which is the minimum level required by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s automated underwriting model, according to Kathy Simanskas of Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU). That credit […]

John’s Column

by John O’Brien Tomorrow, I run out of firewood. I am not alone. Almost everybody I know who burns wood has either run out or is about to run out. Last November, I stuffed eight cords of “seasoned” (somewhere between green and dry) firewood into the crawlspace in my cellar. After completing this annual chore, […]