September 19, 2013

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Grünhaus-Nordic Street Eats Serving up Lefse and Lingonberry Lemonade

Grünhaus-Nordic Street Eats Serving up Lefse and Lingonberry Lemonade

by Joyce Kahn Grünhaus-Nordic Street Eats is a mouthful of a title for a small Montpelier food cart serving quality, almost Scandinavian fast food. Their wraps, cupcakes and beverages are all invented, and you won’t find them on the streets in Scandinavia. The cart is the brainchild of Doug and Jennifer Haugen, who left New […]

Heard On The Street

Heard On The Street

More Parking in the Offing at VCFA One part of a much larger Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) revised master plan, currently under review by the Montpelier Development Review Board (DRB), proposes converting a portion of its tennis courts, located on the west side of College Hall, into an on-campus, off-street parking space for […]

What’s In: reusing inner tubes to oxygen tanks

What’s In: reusing inner tubes to oxygen tanks


VAM Holds Community Meeting About City and School Budgets

by Richard Sheir On the evening of Tuesday, September 17, 2013, Vibrant and Affordable Montpelier (VAM) held a community meeting to discuss the city and school budgets before they are prepared. Here is some of what was heard at the meeting.   John Hollar, Mayor of Montpelier City Council and I share a couple of […]

Montpelier High School Unplugged

by Amy Brooks Thornton Recess for high schoolers? Twenty minutes off the highly scheduled high school day for students and teachers to play four-square or Ultimate Frisbee, meditate, knit, rock climb, guitar jam, dance or simply read for the fun of it? With Bill Laidlaw, MHS special educator, coordinating the experiment, MHS Unplugged—aka recess—was launched […]

Funding for Transportation Alternatives Approved and and a New Housing Development Discussed

by Ivan Shadis As part of the consent agenda, City Council signed a grant agreement with VTrans for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Alternatives Planning Grant, wherein the city agreed to match $12,000 given by the state. Councilors also considered a request for a proposal regarding group-net-metered photovoltaic electricity generation on city properties—a move that […]

An Interview with Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott

by Richard Sheir Vermont lieutenant governor Phil Scott is the second highest ranking elected Republican public official in New England, after Maine governor Paul LePage. The Bridge caught up with Scott to talk policy and Republican Party politics in Vermont. Running for Governor. I am perfectly content being lieutenant governor at this point. I in […]

Claire’s Restaurant and Bar Building Community with Innovative, Affordable Cuisine

by Joyce Kahn A trip down Route 14 to Claire’s in Hardwick is well worth the ride. For a bit of time and gas, you will have advanced foliage viewing followed by a meal that is guaranteed to please your palate. Owner Linda Ramsdell, who grew up in Craftsbury and lives there today, opened Claire’s Restaurant […]

Hestia Espresso Bar: A Plainfield Family-Run Treasure

by Nat Frothingham Late last December (on December 26, 2012 to be precise), Cabot resident Jackie Scribner and her two daughters, Aedan and Stanzi, opened a coffee and espresso bar at 20 School Street in Plainfield. They decided to name their coffee shop after Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth and of balance, thus […]