May 2, 2013

OPINION: Is the Empire Imploding?

by Margaret Blanchard Over the last 58 years, the United States has been at war for 32 years, leaving only 26 relatively peaceful years. An American born in this century has known no peace. The wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have each lasted longer than any other American war, including the longest preceding war, […]

SunCommon One-year Anniversary

SunCommon of Waterbury celebrated its one-year anniversary at the home of Liberty Street resident Johannes Otter (left) Monday. Speakers included (left to right) SunCommon copresident Duane Peterson, Central Vermont Economic Development chairman Peter Hood, Governor Peter Shumlin, Peck Electric president Jeff Peck and South Burlington homeowner Joanne Heidkamp. SunCommon installed 248 residential solar systems its […]

Letters 5.2.13

Increasing Gas/Diesel Taxes Does Not Solve Infrastructure Needs To the Editor: Transportation infrastructure is the foundation for the continued vitality of Vermont’s economy and the state as a whole. It is evident that Vermont’s transportation infrastructure should not be neglected, nor should the state insufficiently fund its other obligations to address it. Today, the House […]

Editorial 5.2.13

An Answer to Confusion Turn on the radio, watch TV, read a newspaper, go online. Sometimes it almost looks like the world-at-large and America itself is coming apart, imploding from the weapons and wars we can’t seem to get away from—from gun running, gun violence, human trafficking, hunger and famine to the Boston marathon bombings […]

Growing Your Business 5.2.13

Five Crucial Communication Concepts Have you ever considered developing a strategy for your leadership communications? I’ll bet that you are already an effective communicator. You are probably experienced in knowing your audience, setting goals, developing rational arguments and speaking in front of groups. When you do speak in front of a group, I expect that […]

Simply Music: A New Way to Play Piano

by Nat Frothingham East Montpelier piano teacher Nicholas Mortimer is introducing a dramatically different option for learning to play the piano. Mortimer’s teaching method, called Simply Music, was originally developed by Australian Neil Moore in 1998.  Since 1998, over 700 piano instructors have used Moore’s approach in teaching thousands of students of all ages in […]

Musical Ransom Communicates Hardships of Civil War

by Max Shenk Lost Nation Theater opened its 25th season at the Montpelier City Hall Arts Center last weekend with performances of the dramatic musical Ransom, including a gala reception on Friday night, hosted by Vermont Civil War historian Howard Coffin. Ransom artfully explores the Civil War as it impacted the home-front state of Vermont. […]

The Search for the Enchanted Valley

The Search for the Enchanted Valley

by Michael T. Jermyn A few years ago while cruising around in my battered Volvo looking for interesting relics to photograph, I discovered a beautiful valley. A place so magnificent and untouched I couldn’t believe that I had never found it before as it was relatively close to home. It was just a narrow valley, yet […]

Driving in Mud Season

Driving in Mud Season   by Colette Kelly This spring I discovered the sensation of feeling the bottom of my car (OK, my mom’s car) scrape against ridges in the road, as the wheels slithered deeper and deeper into deep, squishy ruts. For the first time, I felt the inevitable slip and slide of a […]

Elliot Morse: Fire Engines Sunk in the Mud

Elliot Morse: Fire Engines Sunk in the Mud

by Nat Frothingham Not May this year but May 2014, Elliot Morse will have served for 50 years as a volunteer with the East Montpelier Fire Department According to Morse, 1964 was a momentous year in his life. “There were three big things that happened in that year,” he said. “We got married,” said Morse […]