March 7, 2013

Town Meeting Day: School Budget Part B and Firefighter Appropriation Pass Narrowly

Town Meeting Day: School Budget Part B and Firefighter Appropriation Pass Narrowly

by Richard Sheir On the surface, Town Meeting Day in Montpelier was very much as it always has been. Many of the races went uncontested. All of the bond measures passed, as did the operating measures. The Kellogg-Hubbard Library passed in Montpelier handily (losing in Berlin), as did the recreation department and the city budget. […]

Town of Cabot Votes to Keep High School Open

by Nat Frothingham Shall the Cabot School Board be directed to close the Cabot High School prior to July 1, 2013 and to provide for the high school education of the high school pupils (grades 9 through 12) residing in the District by paying tuition in accordance with law to one or more public high […]

Cabot High School Closure Vote Sparks Controversy

by Bob Nuner Deeply felt controversy surrounded the Cabot High School closure proposal voted last Monday, March 4. Before the vote, The Bridge reached Hardwick Gazette correspondent William Walters, Cabot resident and former selectman, to ask about it. Asked about the role Cabot High plays, Walters said, “It’s probably the biggest draw for bringing people […]

FEMA Funding Still Pending for Waterbury State Offices

by Bob Nuner By late February, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) funds for renovating the Waterbury State Office Complex (WSOC), damaged by Tropical Storm Irene, were still unavailable. Although schedules are slipping, officials seem sanguine that their plans will materialize sufficiently quickly. FEMA’s Vermont federal coordinating officer, Mark Landry, argued that a thorough understanding of […]

District Heat Project Hits Contract Snag

by Max Shenk The Montpelier District Heat project is currently at an impasse, which state and city officials hope will not delay the project’s completion beyond the October start of next winter’s heating season. The project contract stipulates that the state will build the heat plant itself (a woodchip-burning steam plant behind the Department of […]

Washington County Legislators Look at the Session

by Bob Nuner Without offering much time, The Bridge asked area legislators if their thinking had evolved during the first part of the session, particularly in the context of their committee work and in what, for many readers, continue to be challenging economic times. Here are some responses legislators were able to offer on short […]

City Council Establishes Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Discusses Upcoming Sewer-Line Project

by Nat Frothingham Mayor John Hollar called the City Council meeting to order shortly after 6:30 p.m., Wednesday evening, February 27. (The council is meeting in the library at Montpelier High School temporarily until an elevator is repaired at city hall.) Barre District Health Department Presentation Sasha Bianchi (district director) and Bonnie Alexander (public health […]

Montpelier Voters Pass Entire School Budget

by Zachary Beechler Despite the proposed school budget representing a nearly 8 percent increase from the previous fiscal year, spending increases driven mainly by rising labor, health care, and special education costs, voters approved on Town Meeting Day the entirety of the $17,359,522 operating budget requested by the Montpelier school district. State law required the […]

Midsummer in Mud Season

Midsummer in Mud Season

by Robbie Harold What could be a better antidote to cabin fever than a romantic summer night’s romp? Especially one you can—and should—take the kids to. For many of us, A Midsummer Night’s Dream was our joyful introduction to Shakespeare. It drops us into a magical world in which everybody makes crazy fools of themselves […]

Write Mondays: Immersion Writing for High School Students

Write Mondays: Immersion Writing for High School Students

Deb Fleischman and Gary Miller started their Write Mondays program to offer high-school-age pupils the dynamics of professional writing not available through the strictures of the school essay. They saw that there were students ready to interface with the professional world of writing and who would be interested in independent programs. Much like a musician […]