June 27, 2013

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Vermont  at Gettysburg

Vermont at Gettysburg

by Max Shenk THE BRIDGE acknowledges with sincere thanks the advertising support of the National Life Group in making possible this special supplement to commemorate the role of Vermonters in the Battle of Gettysburg. That battle took place in and around Gettysburg from July 1 to July 3, 1863. America is currently marking the 150th […]

Vermont at Gettysburg A Field Guide for Battlefield Visitors

Vermont at Gettysburg A Field Guide for Battlefield Visitors

by Max Shenk Here’s a guide to finding battlefield sites described in the main article. First shot of the battle. Marked by an obelisk on Chambersburg Road (Route 30) west of town. Drive west on Route 30 three miles from the town square. The monument is in the west side of a yard on the […]

The Questions of Gettysburg

The Questions of Gettysburg

by Max Shenk A visitor to Gettysburg will notice that there are two distinctly different destinations within the same town. Gettysburg is a place where the site of one of the bloodiest, most futile battlefield maneuvers in U.S. history—Pickett’s Charge—sits less than a half mile from a restaurant called General Pickett’s Buffets. It’s home to […]

Independence Day Parades

Independence Day Parades

Friday, June 28, to Saturday, June 29 Waterbury June 28 6 p.m.    Concert with Jimmy T & The Rattlers  (Dac Rowe Field) 6–10 p.m.    Carnival and amusements June 29 11 a.m.    PARADE: Happy Birthday theme (Main Street closed 10:30 a.m.–1 p.m.) In the Entertainment Tent 1 p.m.    Berry pie baking contest 2:30–4 p.m.    Tammy Fletcher […]

How to Reduce Your Impact This Independence Day

by Colleen Whitcomb Celebrate your independence from landfills this July 3 as we bring Montpelier’s Independence Day festival toward zero waste. Montpelier Alive has partnered with Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District to make the event zero waste for the first time. Festival-goers are invited to visit the stations in lieu of trash cans and […]

Heard on the Street

District Heat and the State’s Thermal Power Plant Upgrade Information about the state’s heat plant improvement project, which is separate from Montpelier’s district heat distribution piping system, can be found at  http://montpelier districtheatplant.weebly.com. Included on the site are illustrations of the new building and information about parking lot closures. The heat plant upgrade received Act […]

Nature Watch

We are just finishing the time of the Queen Anne’s lace lookalikes. They are thick along roadsides, certain fields, gardens and woodland edges, a month before Queen Anne’s Lace, and they are terribly invasive. One, bishop’s weed, completely crowds out native plants and their host of associated bird-food-type insects. The other, wild chervil, does the […]

Parklets Enhancing the Downtown or Compromising Businesses?

by Richard Sheir At a recent meeting, the Montpelier City Council authorized Montpelier Alive to test pilot two to four parklets this summer. A parklet is a temporary use of a parking spot in front of a business for public use or for use by patrons of the business. Montpelier Alive has a deadline of […]

Lawyer and Ultrarunner  Dot Helling Leaves for the Philippines

Lawyer and Ultrarunner Dot Helling Leaves for the Philippines

by Ivan Shadis After 30-plus years of living and working in Montpelier, Dot Helling is closing her law practice and embarking on a two-year assignment with the U.S. Peace Corps in the Philippines to work with youth in need. “A perfect transition into retirement,” said Helling, who will be leaving Montpelier on July 5. As […]