May 17, 2012

Heating Up: City Revises District Heat Plan, Hears Citizen Input

Heating Up: City Revises District Heat Plan, Hears Citizen Input

by Cassandra Hemenway Brush The Montpelier City Council has been looking at a variety of options for pursuing its end of the $20 million, joint-run city/state district heating system to which Montpelier taxpayers pledged $2 million last year. Faced with a large upfront cost for hooking up to the elementary school, having to cut the […]

Council Discusses District Heat, Goals and Radiation

by Bob Nuner At the May 9 city council meeting, Mayor John Hollar requested that a senior-center dues policy be extracted from the “consent agenda” of routine approvals; council member Tom Golonka moved that the discussion be tabled until the next meeting, and council member Sarah Jarvis seconded. Montpelier resident Joseph Keane offered observations on […]

What’s Real and What’s True: Proof in Plainfield

What’s Real and What’s True: Proof in Plainfield

by Robbie Harold Ever wonder if you’re going crazy? If you haven’t wondered that about yourself, you probably have about someone you love. Catherine, the young math-nerd heroine of David Auburn’s award-winning play Proof, worries that she may have inherited her father’s madness along with his mathematical genius. Her worry is shared by her sister, […]

News Bites 5.17.12

News Bites 5.17.12

The Art of Creative Aging Central Vermont Council on Aging (CVCOA) has mounted its third annual juried show of works by older (70-plus) visual artists living in Washington, Lamoille and Orange Counties. The 26-piece show graces the upstairs front room at Kellogg-Hubbard Library until Tuesday, May 29. The show’s jurors, Linda Mirabile, David Schutz and […]

Heard on the Street 5.17.12

Court: Montpelier Can’t Prohibit Rec Use of Berlin Pond Montpelier has lost an appeal before Vermont’s Supreme Court regarding its authority to regulate recreational use of Berlin Pond, its water supply. The city owns all but 85 feet of pond shoreline but does not own the 256-acre pond itself, which is state property. The court, […]

Money Matters: The War on the Sisters

by Peggy Munro Recently, my mother, my two sisters and I spent an evening explaining gender politics and the economic realities of womanhood to my 21-year-old niece. I don’t know what was most distressing, her lack of knowledge or her seeming disinterest. Regardless, I can safely say she caught an earful from two generations of […]

Hands-On Gardener: Successes and Failures

by Miriam Hansen This has been a humbling month in some respects. All but one of the cucumbers I planted in the greenhouse in April died. I was sure they had cucumber wilt, a bacterial disease passed along by cucumber beetles, until my neighbor explained he’d had greenhouse cucumbers do just that when they got […]

Tech Check: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

by Jeremy Lesniak You might have read recently about the fate of hundreds of thousands of computers that are infected with something being called “DNSChanger.” This infection isn’t a virus but a spyware infection. As the stories go (yes, I am choosing that word carefully) these computers will stop working on July 9, 2012, when […]

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A Message from City Hall: Updates from City Hall

This page was paid for by the City of Montpelier. From the Mayor by John Hollar, mayor Having served as mayor of Montpelier for only two months, I have been struck by how much is happening just below the surface. This is a thriving, dynamic place with amazing residents who are volunteering to make this […]