June 7, 2012

What’s Next? Interviews with Area High-School Grads

What’s Next? Interviews with Area High-School Grads

by Bob Nuner and Cassandra Hemenway Brush Most Vermont high-school students go on to college after graduation, but not all. Others go into the trades, take a gap year or join the military. The Vermont Department of Education reports that in 2009, 67.8  percent of Montpelier High School (MHS) students went on to higher education; […]

Peter Evans: 10 Years of Engagement at MHS

Peter Evans: 10 Years of Engagement at MHS

by Nat Frothingham “What a good match this has been,” said Peter Evans, reflecting on 10 years as Montpelier High School principal. Evans leaves this June. “I had plenty of time to reflect on this,” he said. “I made the decision pretty much over last summer, and I announced it in November.” Evan remembers when […]

The Waiting Game: Top Colleges Fill Their Wait Lists but Don’t Use Them

by Colette Kelly The college admission wait list put Carl Vitzthum in limbo: he was not in, but he hadn’t been rejected, either. He was simply on hold. But May proved a disappointment for Carl and every other high-school senior wait-listed at four elite colleges. Princeton University, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) […]

Council Discusses Consequences of Recreational Use of Berlin Pond

by Steven M. Cliche Tensions ran high at the May 23 city council meeting as a packed house of both Montpelier and Berlin residents gathered to hear what they hoped would be an answer to the concerns raised by the Vermont Supreme Court’s decision that Montpelier does not have the authority to restrict recreational activity […]

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Opens at Lost Nation Theater

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Opens at Lost Nation Theater

by Bob Nuner Turning from history to comedy, Lost Nation Theater’s second production of the season previews Thursday, June 7, and opens Friday, June 8, with a reception, and runs for three weekends, Thursdays to Sundays. The show’s cast of four actor/singer/dancers is directed by Tim Tavcar and comprises Lost Nation veteran Shawn Sturdevant, Vermont […]

Book Review: What is a Thought?

by Cassandra Hemenway Brush In the children’s book What is a Thought?,  by local authors Amy Kahofer and Jack Pransky, PhD, of Moretown, the authors use rhyme and colorful illustrations (by T.M. DuSablon) to introduce to young children the concept that thoughts are “a lot” and that we can control them but they can also […]

Heard on the Street 6.7.12

Carr Lot Progress Excavators and workers have been busy at the Carr lot in downtown Montpelier over the last few weeks remediating soil contamination at the site. Contaminants include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hydrocarbons, and metals, including lead and mercury. Much of the contaminated soil was first mixed with calcium sulfate, which stabilizes the lead, preventing […]

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Nature Watch 6.7.12

Such a year for butterflies! The bumper crop of red admirals are still flying, and tiger swallowtails and others are on the wing. Some of these butterflies are just in time for phoebes and other birds desperately trying to keep up with hungry mouths, in a year scarce of black flies and mosquitos. At night, […]

Inside Design: Satisfying Small Spaces

by Alisa Darmstadt Everyone who has too much room at home, raise your hand! That’s what I thought—most people have the opposite problem of not enough space. While feeling cramped at home is no fun, there are advantages to small-space living. There is less to clean and maintain, you are forced to reduce your belongings […]