February 16, 2012

Team Health: Group Practices Work for Affordable, Efficient, Quality Care

by Bob Nuner In this issue, we profile two local health centers, one in Montpelier and one in Plainfield, that are taking a group approach to care, including many types of services under one roof. Sharing Knowledge: Plainfield Health Center Take a tour of the Health Center in Plainfield with its founder, Dr. John Matthew, […]

Questions for City of Montpelier Candidates

In this year’s city elections, two races are drawing Montpelier’s attention. John Hollar is running unopposed for the mayorship, as current mayor Mary Hooper is stepping down. In District 2, Thierry Guerlain is challenging incumbent Nancy Sherman. The Bridge asked all three candidates about themselves and their views on Montpelier’s current issues. Why are you […]

Calais Man Campaigns Against Wireless Radiation

by Bob Nuner Ray Pealer says a book in a shop window called to him when he was young: The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker. Its theme: electromagnetic waves’ effect on bodies. He was struck by Becker’s description of amphibians regrowing appendages after application of electricity. Now Pealer campaigns about electromagnetic radiation, invisible and […]

Vermont Embraces Community Acupuncture

by Chris Hollis Over the last few years the United States has seen an explosion of acupuncture clinics that embrace a novel approach to health care. Vermont has adopted this trend with the opening of community acupuncture clinics in Randolph, Montpelier, Burlington, Thetford Center, and Chester. The model is based on what normally occurs in […]

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids

by Sylvia Fagin With everyone from the family doctor to Michelle Obama encouraging parents to improve their kids’ eating habits, the message of good nutrition for a healthy childhood is ringing loud and clear. What isn’t always so clear is how. Whether deserved or not, kids have a reputation as picky eaters. The Bridge contacted […]

Book Review: The Mindful Carnivore

Local Author Examines His Relationship to the Edible by Marisa Keller In his new book, The Mindful Carnivore, Marshfield resident Tovar Cerulli relates his search for “the path of least harm” to the planet and its living beings. The search has led him from a boyhood love of fishing to veganism and back again, then […]

Book Review: Depth-of-Field

Cross-Cultural Experiences Add to a Novel of Artistic Awakening by Bob Nuner Vermont author and former Montpelier resident Susan Spencer Smith’s novel Depth-of-Field traverses geographic, cultural and chronological terrain, describing a life growing up middle class, struggling with the need to become an artist while incorporating demands of motherhood and care-giving. The narrator is a […]

Colors and Our Moods

by Sherry Rhynard It is another gray day in central Vermont.  Blink. It is another gray day in central Vermont. Blink. What do you do with a gray day in central Vermont? How does it affect your day and your moods? January’s grayness has settled into February. There is still a noticeable lack of sun, […]

Wellness Camp Leads Teens to Authenticity and Healthy Expression

by Dani Bois, Katie Sereika, Jen Taylor and Jeff Mandell “I believe that there are an infinite number of activities, practices, perspectives, and experiences that can bring wellness to everyone.”  —Gabe, VIHW counselor The sun is setting over Ninja Hill in the small town of Starksboro, the crickets are chirping their summertime symphony and the […]

Heard on the Street 2.16.12

Occupy Conference Goddard College’s March 10 academic conference on the Occupy Wall Street movement, is shaping up to be a big deal. Les Leopold, author of The Looting of America, is scheduled to be the keynote speaker, and an Occupy-style general assembly will be facilitated by Amin Husain, facilitator of the first general assembly in […]