Minter to Lead Capstone Community Action

Capstone Community Action has hired Sue Minter as executive director to lead the organization’s work of empowering families to rise out of poverty and advocating for economic justice in Vermont. Minter, most recently the president and CEO of Special Olympics Vermont, brings a depth of experience in organizational leadership, community and economic development, professional planning, […]

Read the November 15, 2018 Issue

Read the November 15, 2018 Issue

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Incumbents Thrive on Quiet Elections

By Tom Brown Whether it’s the lack of compelling races on the statewide ballot or Trump burnout, this year’s midterm election in Vermont seems to lack the energy one might expect, given the tumultuous national political atmosphere. That doesn’t mean turnout will be low, especially in Montpelier,  where two major bond issues and two proposed […]


Aubuchon Expands into Former Flower Shop Aubuchon Hardware is expanding into the former flower shop space next door, a change that will increase the store’s footprint by about 15 percent, according to Aubuchon store manager Henry Witte. The new space, which will be used primarily for housewares and kitchenware, had been left vacant when Petals […]

NATURE WATCH: Moving Farther from the Sun

NATURE WATCH: Moving Farther from the Sun

By Nona Estrin An ethereal and unexpected singing of fox sparrows, passing through from the Arctic Circle this morning, in a brief sunny moment of season reversal. These gray days highlight everything gold. Ginkgo leaves begin to turn and poplars, birch, tamarack, and beech hold center stage. Blueberry leaves burnish to peachy reds in the […]

Leasing Begins in January for French Block Apartments

Leasing Begins in January for French Block Apartments

By Phil Dodd The 18 one-bedroom and studio apartments being built in the French Block over Aubuchon Hardware are expected to be ready for leasing in January and should be filled by May, according to Liz Genge, director of property and asset management for Downstreet Housing and Community Development, which is developing the affordable housing […]

Will Montpelier’s Youngest Voters Turn Out?

By Mike Dunphy Just as with student participation in a classroom, voter participation during elections is essential to making democracy successful and beneficial to all. Unfortunately, the nation’s second-largest voting bloc (and soon to be largest)—Millennials and “Post-Millennials”—often participates the least, according to the data. In 2016, the Pew Research Center found that just 51 […]

OP-ED: Montpelier Mayor Urges ‘Yes’ Vote on Ballot Items

By Anne Watson Hey Montpelier, As November 6 approaches, friends of mine have been asking me what I think about the upcoming ballot items, so I thought I’d share with everyone my thoughts on each article, not including candidates running for office. Here’s what you’ll have the opportunity to vote on, and for what it’s […]

Charter Change Ballot Items Explained

If you’re like us, you have found yourself in the voting booth on Election Day being asked to decide yea or nay on a legalistically worded ballot question and discover you have no idea what it’s about. Well here are the two charter change proposals Montpelier voters will be asked to decide on November 6 […]

Vacant Seat Attracts Six Contenders in Northfield, Berlin

By Tom Brown Open House seats in Washington County are as rare as hen’s teeth, but voters in Northfield and Berlin will find one such cuspid on the November ballot. Six candidates are vying to fill two seats in the Washington-1 House district, including the one vacated by incumbent Republican Rep. Patti Lewis, who is […]