Hunger Mountain Co-op Supports Foodbank

The Vermont Foodbank, Vermont’s largest hunger relief organization, is the Hunger Mountain Co-op’s featured community partner for June. Since 1986, the Foodbank has been responding to the problems of food insecurity and the need for supplemental food assistance among food-insecure households throughout Vermont. Through their wide range of programs, they provide nutritious food and promote […]

OPINION: Supporting Sanctuary City Status

By Ashley Hill In May 2019, the Montpelier City Council unanimously reaffirmed the Capital City’s designation as a “sanctuary city,” a policy it crafted in 2016 that states “federal government and federal agencies have no legal authority to require local enforcement of immigration policy.” Here, City Councilor Ashley Hill discusses the motivations and reasons for […]

A STATE OF MIND: Keep Illegal Emigrants in Vermont

By Larry Floersch Over the years we’ve tried a number of tactics to keep young Vermonters, especially college graduates, from leaving the state. In 2014, for example, Gov. Peter Shumlin offered to reimburse graduates for a full year of tuition if they would stay and work in areas of the state that needed them. That […]

LETTERS: 6.12.19

Human Trafficking Problem To the Editor, Human trafficking is a worldwide problem. Human trafficking is important because so many people are getting sexually abused and are being forced into working without pay. People are trying to help this problem, but they are not doing enough to help with the awful situation. Human trafficking victims are […]

WGDR Launches Annual Fundraising Campaign

WGDR is the soundtrack of social justice, environmentalism, multiculturalism, and responsible community action in Central Vermont. By being a listener, and contributing to this courageous broadcast, you become part of this transformative action. WGDR gives voice to cultures of rigorous inquiry, collaboration, and life-long learning. When you invest in WGDR, you become a community educator. […]

Read the June 12, 2019 Issue

Read the June 12, 2019 Issue

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VIDEO: Bridge Gala – A Celebration of Local, Independent Journalism

The Friends of The Bridge and Bridge Community Media with the Help of the Vermont College of Fine Arts presented – “A Celebration of Local, Independent Journalism.” The Gala, held Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at  Vermont College of Fine Arts, drew more than 150 people who share a passion for community journalism. We are so grateful to live in […]

Wayfinding Signs Coming to Montpelier

Wayfinding Signs Coming to Montpelier

By Mike Dunphy While travel publications may invite visitors to “get lost in Vermont,” Montpelier does not actually want that to happen in a literal sense. In fact, it’s ensuring just the opposite with the installation this year of new “wayfinding” signage, a project years in the making. Not only does the signage hope to […]


Yes, They’re Adorable, but Try to Ignore Ivy-eating Goats The city is bringing back goats to help eradicate poison ivy along the bike bath near Montpelier High School. However, the goat owners said the animals received a little too much love (and attention from dogs) to do their work last season. Pedestrians and dog walkers […]



Artwork and Words By Nona Estrin Black flies starting, birds returning, many  passing through, maples still flowering and joined by wild plum, apples, and ornamentals.  Spotted and Jefferson salamander eggs  growing in the semi-permanant pond. I scramble to keep up with the scantest notes and sketches. Adelaide Tyrol and I will  be co-leading a two-day […]