Michael T. Jermyn Wins Tammie Award for Album, “Aristocratic Peasants Unite”

We don’t often toot our own horn at The Bridge, but we wish to extend a hearty congratulations to our photographer Michael T. Jermyn, who won the The Times Argus’ “Tammie Award” for best singer-songwriter album of the year.

Jermyn discusses what inspired the album:

I had this auntie who lived in New York’s Greenwich Village. She was a whiskey-guzzling, jazz singing bohemian, and one of the original “village characters.” She and I were very close, and when she would come up to Vermont to visit my family, we would always end up singing and having a blast.

When she died I felt I had to memorialize her in a song, so I wrote this song called ”Rosalita,”with “aristocratic peasant” in one of the verses. That kind of morphed through the years into a complete, serious album (Aristocratic Peasants Unite), which I finally finished last year in a studio in Randolph. I think she would have liked it.

One of the songs on the album, ”Such a Long and Winding Road” (She and I would sing Beatles songs together on my porch in the summer), which my daughter Lucy sings with me, came about in an amazingly vivid dream. “John Lennon was singing “Imagine” to me. We were hanging out alongside a lazy river under a massive willow tree like two old chums. When I woke up, I grabbed my bedside pencil and started writing down whatever I could remember as fast as I could.

“Most folks in town know it because I sing it every Tuesday night at Sweet Melissa’s in Montpelier. When I hear the crowd singing the lyrics along with me, it totally makes my whole day.”.

Join in the sing-along at Jermyn’s next show at Sweet Melissa’s on Wednesday Jan 31 at 8 pm

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