POETRY: The Breeze, July 2017

The Black Lagoon Lives On The Moon

The black lagoon lives on the moon

The moon has cheese spilling on its knees

The moon likes peas but can only eat cheese

The moon is white but is not very light

The black lagoon lives on the moon

—Leonie Fournier, age 8, Union Elementary School, Montpelier


The Chicken Hawk

In the vast,

Deep blue skies

There is a hawk that is relentless

In his pursuit of farm fowl

He swoops down

Upon his prey

And just when the chicken’s feathers

Brush his sharp talons,

A gun goes off

Scaring the hawk away

He vanishes

Back into the dark,

Mysterious skies

Seeking prey once more.

—Ben Parker, age 13, South Burlington, Oak Meadow homeschool


Love Forever

Love is a circle

Round and round

Love stays forever

In everyone around

—Merjeme Lane-Karnas, age 7, Calais, unschooled

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen, queen, Queen Anne’s Lace,

You are a beautiful queen;

Though you have a drop of blood,

You are a beautiful queen.

—Merjeme Lane-Karnas, age 7, Calais, unschooled

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